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Grade Route Gear style Quality
Tue 9th Apr 2013 - Manchester Climbing Centre
V0 Main Room

The Main Room at MCC is great to boulder in as you can pause halfway up a problem (if you can) and watch someone top roping across the way on the big walls.

- with Leigh
Boulder Good
Fri 5th Apr 2013 - Manchester Climbing Centre
V1 V0+ - 7 Attic

I found some of the V0-V1's in the Attic oddly difficult with far more dynamic moves than I would associate with these grades or perhaps I just didn't have my brain securely attached as I was rushing in the climb during my lunch hour.

Boulder 5m Good
5 4+ - 7 Traverse Corridor

because the traverse travels on both sides of the corridor you can find a nice long winding route although I believe some of the foot holds were missing because there was several metres between some of the colour routes holds.

Boulder 3m Good
Thu 4th Apr 2013 - Rock Over Climbing
V1 V0 - 5 Tunnel Boulder 6m Good
Mon 1st Apr 2013 - Rock Over Climbing
4 3 - 7 Traverse Boulder 3m Good
V1 V0 - 7 45/50 Boulder 5m Good

Showing all 6 ascents.