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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
17 Veni Vidi Vici Trad 21m Werribee Gorge Good Sun 15th Sep 2019
17 Moby Dick - with Pauly G Trad 15m Arapiles Very Good Sun 7th Jun 2020
17 Preludes

First 17 at Arapiles

- with Pauly G
Trad 35m Arapiles Very Good Sun 19th Jan 2020
17 Hyperbola

Ran it out πŸ˜…

- with Pauly G
Trad 13m Arapiles Very Good Sat 27th Jun 2020
17 Vandal

One painful dislocated shoulder that came back into place on the final pitch while fighting it out to the end, all in one epic snorkel finding adventure 🀿πŸ₯³

- with Pauly G
1 17 50m lead by Nut Busting Unicorn
2 lead by Pauly G
Trad 50m Arapiles Very Good Sun 11th Oct 2020
17 Conscientious Pontius Trad 13m Werribee Gorge Good Sun 31st May 2020
17 Revelations

Rested on the 3rd move at beginning of crack

- with Pauly G
Trad 48m Arapiles Very Good Sun 19th Jan 2020
17 Mari - with Pauly G Trad 40m Arapiles Very Good Thu 20th Feb 2020
17 Can't Buy a Thrill Mixed trad 16m, 2 The You Yangs Good Tue 18th Jun 2019

Showing all 9 ascents.