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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
18 Skink - with Pauly G
1 12 25m lead by Pauly G
2 18 40m lead by Nut Busting Unicorn
3 17 42m lead by Pauly G
Trad 110m Arapiles Mega Classic Mon 3rd Aug 2020
18 Claw

Jam in 🙃

- with Pauly G
Trad 20m Arapiles Very Good Mon 3rd Aug 2020
18 Entertainer

🙃 fun!

- with Pauly G
Trad 35m Arapiles Classic Sun 19th Jul 2020
18 16 Yo Yo

Linked pitch 2 into the 18 variant of pitch 3 then rapped off

- with Pauly G
Trad 90m Arapiles Very Good Sun 22nd Mar 2020
18 Sacred Site - with Pauly G Mixed trad 30m, 2 Fortescue Bay Classic Wed 1st Jan 2020
18 Golgotha

Such a awesome and intimidating climb! One rest in the very end after a big fight with the crux 👌🙃

- with Pauly G
Trad 30m Werribee Gorge Very Good Sun 20th Sep 2020
18 The Rack

Should have warmed up first

- with Pauly G
Trad 13m Arapiles Very Good Sat 21st Mar 2020
18 Jackal - with Pauly G Trad 25m Arapiles Very Good Sun 28th Jun 2020
18 Beowulf

Sandbaged Mt buffalo style might be slightly better when less moist

- with Pauly G
Trad 20m Mount Buffalo Good Mon 9th Mar 2020

Showing all 9 ascents.