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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
17 18 Arse About Face Sport 15m Hillwood (private land) Good Thu 17th May 2018
17 Bedside Manners are Extra Sport 18m Fruehauf Wed 24th Dec 2014
17 Overly Optimistic - with Matt Brooks Sport 12m, 7 GFC Very Good Fri 2nd Oct 2015
17 Zeds Dead

Was very wet

- with nathan brown
Sport 12m, 5 GFC Average Fri 1st May 2015
17 Dirty Bomb Sport 15m, 7 Grampians Very Good Sat 1st Apr 2017
17 Malice a Forethought - with mick Sport 12m, 6 The Hide Away Thu 29th Jan 2015

Showing all 6 ascents.