Ascents as trad by Taraidh having distinctroute

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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
18 Aardvark - with artie gatt Trad 18m Arapiles Classic Wed 21st Oct 2015
18 Omaha Beach
Mixed trad 80m, 1 Arapiles Thu 23rd Apr 2015
18 Howling Wolf - with artie gatt Trad 28m Arapiles Thu 22nd Oct 2015
18 Skink

Great climb, belay stance is good and has medium cams and nut placement heaps of pro up crack, 1 bolt plate.

- with mattfrench
1 12 lead by Frenchy
2 18 lead by Taraidh
3 17 lead by Frenchy
Trad 110m Arapiles Mega Classic Wed 5th Apr 2017

Showing all 4 ascents.