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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty
Sun 2nd Oct 2022 - Orroral area
Booroomba Rocks South Buttress Integral face
20 Integral Crack

Rpt, not as focused as on lead, but still great

Trad 48m Mega Classic
22 No Beans for Bonzo

Really nice slab and super grippy rock. Not sure about lead on spaced bolts

Mixed trad 45m, 6 Very Good
14 Roy's Crack

Rpt, fun and amazingly not wet

Trad 50m Good
Tue 20th Sep 2022 - Blue Mountains
Mount Victoria Area Ikara, Victorialand, Odin Head, Thor Head Wade's World
20 Sleepwalking

Pretty hot in the afternoon sun, called it a day

Mixed trad 33m, 9 Very Good
22 Pulling Punches

Apart from the start, a nice route but with spaced bolting post crux when you are getting pumped

Mixed trad 32m, 6 Very Good
19 A Walk Across the Rooftops

Pretty easy up the start but needs rebolting urgently. Second bolt sticks out and third moves. Bolt plates also hard to fit, had to put on from underneath and twist each

Mixed trad 30m, 6 Good
Mon 19th Sep 2022 - Blue Mountains
Blackheath Area Hat Hill Crag
23 Swallow the Fly

Fell off 3 moves from the anchor, should have omitted clipping last bolt that was a bit of a diversion for me. Fell back to the hands free kneebar and went to finish from there

Sport 20m, 9 Very Good
24 Hat Trick

Gave up at third bolt, sun had disappeared and the sharp rock was chewing up my fingers. Will try on a warmer day.

Sport 18m, 9 Good
21 Cat in the Hat

Some cool sequences. The bolts are a bit spaced but I didn’t really notice it.

Sport 15m, 5 Good
20 Dinosaur Train

Rpt as warm up

Sport 13m, 5 Good
Sun 11th Sep 2022 - Umina
Lake View
16 Quick links ahoy


Sport 11m, 4 Average
18 Excalibur

Good moves in the middle

Sport 8m, 2 Average
19 Hieroglyphics of Luxor

Looks dirty but climbs well with interesting sequence

Sport 8m, 3
24 Dick Cranium

Third go, had to figure the crux reach. Crack gloves both hands helped and taped right index finger for brutal finger lock

Sport 11m Very Good
Thu 8th Sep 2022 - Glenrock Lagoon
The Fish Bowl
23 Bed Swerver

3 laps, really sharp on the fingers. Totally forgotten the crux move sequence, but it’s been a decade. Pleasant jugging to there

Sport 11m, 4 Good
19 I'm not gunna lie to you.....Nice

Rpt. Careful of rope bag placement today

Sport 14m Good
Wed 7th Sep 2022 - Tomaree Head
The Back End Northern Wall
23 Guardian Angel

All clean with lots of microbeta remembered- except one move of crux sequence.

Mixed trad 45m, 3 Very Good
23 Fat Head

Climbed out. Fell off move to arete and ended back at starting ledge.

Mixed trad 60m, 2 Classic
Mon 5th Sep 2022 - Berrys Head
The Anvil
V6 Gossy Good Times

I think this was some type of hybrid diagonally across honeycomb pockets. Got clean to lip at about v3. Fun enough but Lots of crap rock in this area.

Mon 5th Sep 2022 - Berrys Head
Ben's Backyard
V3 Cupcake

Retreated upwards

V3 Indi

Enjoyed this, felt at limit of my span

Boulder Good
Thu 1st Sep 2022 - Glenrock Lagoon
Middle Earth
19 Gimli's Gripe

Setting up a system for the hobbits to inspect the petrified wood in the half way break.

Sport 12m, 5 Good
24 Grimy Wormtongue

Two laps to set up a rope swing and take it down.

Sport 12m, 5 Average
15 Hobbits Pockets

Setting it up for our own visiting hobbits.

Sport 7m, 2 Good
Mon 29th Aug 2022 - Tomaree Head
The Back End Northern Wall
23 Zorro

Combined this with Drayton ( mainly because I abseiled too far). Tricky technical climbing

1 23 25
Mixed trad 25m, 26 Classic
23 Drayton

Another great tricky and technical stemming route. Finishes at second sharks Fin belay via hand crack. Starts level with SF start at single bolt, where Zorro heads right. Linking Zorro start into this is an awesome 45 m route

Trad 60m Classic
Sun 28th Aug 2022 - Glenrock Lagoon
Middle Earth
24 Grimy Wormtongue

End of day lap placing draws.

Sport 12m, 5 Average
Sun 28th Aug 2022 - Glenrock Lagoon
Centennial Glen-rock
17 Mallampati

Not a bad addition for Glenrock

Sport 5 Good
19 Propofol

Had holds breaking everywhere at start(very reachy so trying to use intermediates)

Sport 4 Average
19 Code Blue

2 routes, 4 climbs

Sport 3 Average
19 Bag Valve Mask

Having done all the moves on the other routes….

Sport 8m, 3 Average
Thu 25th Aug 2022 - Tomaree Head
The Back End Northern Wall
24 23 Guardian Angel

Reacquainting myself with this beauty. Forgotten how I did the crux, the rest slowly came back to me.

Mixed trad 45m, 3 Classic
23 Fat Head

Piked at lateral dyno but did the rest.

Mixed trad 60m, 2 Classic
Wed 24th Aug 2022 - Glenrock Lagoon
The Fish Bowl
24 Cynical Bass

Better today with the cooler temps and the wall in shade.

Sport 10m, 4 Average
20 Trents Flake


Sport 14m Average
19 I'm not gunna lie to you.....Nice

Rpt. Unfortunately someone has crapped at the base of this route, covered by a thin layer of dirt and our rope bag suffered as did my stomach for the rest of the afternoon.

Sport 14m Good
Mon 22nd Aug 2022 - Berrys Head
Missed Opportunity Block
V1 Easy arete

Pretty easy if you are taller than me, but even so it wasn’t too bad.

Boulder 3m
V4 Monorails

If I just held onto minging seams and ignored the mono does that count?

Boulder 3m
V1 Left Diagonal

This was quite fun

Boulder 3m Good
V3 Slopers

Took me a while to commit to the top out

Boulder 3m Good
V0 Double mantle Boulder 4m
V2 Second chance

Pretty crozzly rock on the way up and had to be careful with mantle

V3 Seize the day

Couldn’t commit to the mantle without a spotter and down climbed

V3 The alcove

The exit right would require more commitment and spotters, I chickened out left which was still fun

Boulder 3m
V2 Flaked Boulder 3m
V2 Dishes

A nice positive top out

Boulder 3m
V0 Descent

About 15 times down, good up and down

Boulder 3m
V1 The Well Boulder 3m
Sun 21st Aug 2022 - Watagans
Dora Pinnacles Dark Side
8 D2 crack

Would be good if it was longer, an actual splitter hand crack that would repel many a sport climber…

Trad 8m Average
Sun 21st Aug 2022 - Watagans
Dora Pinnacles Rhinegold Wall
15 Rhinegold Direct

Would be good with traffic. The abseilers moved in and prevented further action on the wall

Sport 25m, 6 Average
Sun 21st Aug 2022 - Watagans
Dora Pinnacles Main Pinnacles
14 Avon

Rpt rope solo interesting on traverse

Mixed trad 10m, 1 Average
17 Battle of Rahmizies

The crack was pretty clean but the top needed a bit of brushing

Mixed trad 20m, 2 Good
21 Rabies

Totally blue sized jams- except for the chicken wing section. Not sure I will ever get this

Trad 17m Good
Thu 18th Aug 2022 - Tomaree Head
The Back End Northern Wall
26 Zorro

P3 only. Not sure if it’s the morning weeding or just decrepitude, but did quite abysmally. Had a police boat zip in to investigate for some reason. Will be falcon closure time soon, but no problems today.

1 26 95m
3 24 25m
Mixed trad 120m, 26 Classic
Tue 16th Aug 2022 - Forresters Beach
V2 The Gingerbread Man

Finally got to this area as sun went down. Great starting holds and a toe hook

Boulder Very Good
Tue 16th Aug 2022 - Glenrock Lagoon
The Fish Bowl
20 Trents Flake

Rpt, fig grown a bit

Sport 14m Average
19 I'm not gunna lie to you.....Nice

Rpt warm up

Sport 14m Good
24 Cynical Bass

Not much new climbing ( so I don’t know why I fell off) however there appears to be a broken crimp at the second bolt making life more difficult

Sport 10m, 4 Average
Mon 15th Aug 2022 - Forresters Beach
White Tower environs
V1 Just a Friend

Difficulty depends on how low you start

Boulder 3m
V2 Partners in Crime

May favour shorter people

Boulder 3m
V2 Both Ways

The easy slab is also good

Boulder 3m Good
V0 Him Him Him Boulder 2m
V0 Me Me Me Boulder 2m
Sun 14th Aug 2022 - Umina
Lake View
19 Fowl Mouth

For a change I found this easier than Dave, the undercling traverse may suit the short.

Trad 15m Average
14 V for Varroa

May have been done previously? Done by 6 people, and the other climbers at the crag thought it looked ok and were considering bringing a trad rack in to do it. #5 or #6 handy.

Trad 15m Average
15 Treasure Island

Good first lead for beginners. Not convinced by the anchor style, the glue in bolt is too extruded

Sport 12m, 4 Average
21 Forbes Fortune


Sport 15m Good
21 Broken drill bit


Sport 12m, 4 Good
18 Step across gap


Sport 13m, 5 Average
16 Quick links ahoy


Sport 11m, 4 Average
15 The Mirage

Moves past last bolt to anchors are a bit dicey due to ledge below.

Sport 13m, 5 Average
Wed 10th Aug 2022 - Kwiamble National Park
MacIntyre Falls Rock pool and the Beach Rockpool Wall
20 V groove to finger crack

Did I say I hate deep v grooves?

Trad 20m Good
12 The Gullet

An acquired taste, I thought the climbing was quite good despite the dirt, and enjoyed the horizontal chimney exit.

Trad 30m Good
23 Gunboat arete

We had to leave before we led this. Climbs quite nicely

Mixed trad 25m, 6 Good
24 Border Patrol

Great slab moves, through a Rooflet, a slab Dyno and then a nice finger crack.

Mixed trad 25m, 5 Very Good
20 Eddie the Laybacker

The prickly pear ( noxious weed) was removed leading to major dirt coverage, but should be good after the heavy rain

Trad 22m Very Good
24 Skeeta

Dave and I had quite different beta, esp for the top. Reachy but possible.

Mixed trad 20m, 3 Very Good
Wed 10th Aug 2022 - Kwiamble National Park
MacIntyre Falls Falls Walls Wilde Wall
24 Wilde slab

Did the bottom bouldery bit and all the sequences on the slab, but a few slips. Need to be in the shade

Sport 12m, 4 Very Good
21 Wilde Arete

Rpt to get the slab brain in gear

Mixed trad 12m, 4 Very Good
25 Wilde seam

Still shedding little flakes. Razors on the fingers

Sport 15m, 4 Average
Wed 10th Aug 2022 - Kwiamble National Park
MacIntyre Falls Falls Walls Falls River Left
23 Clean Slate

Need to try again. Could be a bold DWS, no bolts to be put on these walls

Top rope 20m Very Good
20 Medium Density

One for offwidth connoisseurs. Slippery as.

Trad 15m Average
17 Spiral Cyclone

A bit thrutchy but not too bad.

Trad 15m Good
Wed 10th Aug 2022 - Kwiamble National Park
MacIntyre Falls Goat crags Opposite Falls Lookout Level 3
15 High on a Hill

Amazing pocketed slabs, great for grade.

Sport 15m, 3 Very Good
21 Lonely Goatherd

More funky pockets in the bottom half, may feel easier with longer arms.

Sport 15m, 3 Very Good
17 Ledioley

Not as good as the others but some good moves. Finish a little exciting.

Sport 15m, 3 Good
Wed 10th Aug 2022 - Kwiamble National Park
MacIntyre Falls Goat crags Opposite Falls Lookout Level 1
21 Thylacine Crack

Good crack followed by unlikely finish on interesting pockets

Trad 17m Very Good
22 Alternative News

Thin start with marginal gear possible after a few metres. The left finish awaits

Top rope 17m Good
19 Flake News

Microcams and small wires useful. Nice climbing.

Trad 17m Very Good
Sun 7th Aug 2022 - Popran
21 Rock 'n' Roll Mr Creosote

2 laps today

Sport 25m, 10 Very Good
25 My mind is my monster

Tried this once before years ago, still feels outrageously hard and reachy. I can get to good hold under roof with effort. Seeing the 24 to the left is so straightforward this maybe should be 26? Way harder than 97%MF

Trad 25m
19 Little green slugs

2 laps for training the neighbours in top belay and multipitch technique

Sport 42m Good
17 Ethel the aardvark


Sport 15m Good
17 The Meaning of Liff


Sport 45m Good
Sat 6th Aug 2022 - Watagans
Gate Crag Central Buttress
21 Fat lipped


Sport 15m, 3 Good
20 Titania

Rpt x2.

Sport 18m, 9 Very Good
Tue 19th Jul 2022 - South West Rocks
Little Bay Mermaid Castle
20 Bosuns Chair

Nice horizontals, I thought the start on king Neptune was the hardest part

Trad 15m Good
18 King Neptune

Very awkward start, I always find deep V grooves hard

Trad 15m Good
25 Triple Overhead

Maybe only 24, but we weren’t placing gear on lead. Great fun. A direct start looks possible which would definitely be 25. Well protected but could feel fiddly on an onsight attempt.

Trad 20m Very Good
Sun 17th Jul 2022 - South West Rocks
Arakoon Mermaid Pools
V1 Great White Boulder

Showing 1 - 100 out of 9,255 ascents.