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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty
Mon 15th Nov 2021 - 阳朔 Yangshuo
高田镇 GaoTian 雷劈山 Lei Pi Shan
5.13d 闪电 Lightning (Lightning 闪电) Sport 36m, 21
5.14a 惊雷 Thunder Extension (Thunder Extension 惊雷) Sport 42m, 17
Mon 15th Nov 2021 - 阳朔 Yangshuo
白山地区 White Moutain Crags 白山 White Mountain
5.14a 中国攀岩 China Climb Sport 31m, 15
5.13d 蓝色魔法 Blue Magic / Torniquet Sport 30m, 8
Fri 2nd Oct 2020 - 石鼓 Shigu
The Cave 大洞
5.13a Cave #17 - with RoyXu Sport Very Good

Showing all 5 ascents.