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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Climber Date
7b+ Sex Pistols
1 5c+ 15m lead by The Brave King
2 7b+ 20m lead by The Brave King
Sport 35m, 7 Geyikbayırı
The Brave King
Mon 31st Dec 2018
7b+ Life

Hold broke and generally wet.

1 6a 15m
2 7b+ 20m
Sport 35m Alpstein Good
Andreas Aachen
Mon 14th Sep 2020
6c+ Dry Season

Rope solo. I used the training anchor at ground level as my ground anchor. Linked the first two pitches to save effort. At the 3rd anchor I could just not work out how to get to the second of tufa above the cave to get to the next bolt. Looked like a few pretty exposed moves with a potentially very nasty fall swinging left, decided discretion was the better part of valour. Really enjoyed the 3rd pitch and the rest looks fun too, but probably better with a belayer. Next time hopefully.

1 6c 15m
2 6b 5m
3 6c 15m
4 6c+ 15m
5 10m
Sport 60m Batu Caves
Sun 1st Dec 2019
5+ Hvorfor ikke?
1 3 30m lead by Craig Aaen-Stockdale
2 4+
3 5+
Sport 30m Vardåsen
Craig Aaen-Stockdale
Wed 13th Jun 2018
5+ Hvis det er lett
1 3 30m lead by Craig Aaen-Stockdale
2 4+
3 5+
Sport 30m Vardåsen
Craig Aaen-Stockdale
Wed 13th Jun 2018
3 Kurstrappa
1 3 50m lead by Craig Aaen-Stockdale
2 3
3 3
Sport 50m Vardåsen
Craig Aaen-Stockdale
Thu 28th Jun 2018
19 Stuck in the Middle with You - with Derek Lai
1 19 19m lead by Derek Lai
2 18 19m lead by David de Miguel
Sport 38m, 15 Blue Mountains Good
David de Miguel
Fri 24th Jul 2020
5a Reprendrez-vous de la salade? - with Anderl, Anika, Jarno, Nicky, Arvin
1 4c 35m
2 5a
Sport 35m, 12 Vosges du Sud
Sat 1st Aug 2020
6a+ Regina Del Lago
1 5c 18m
2 6a+ 15m
3 5c 15m
4 3a 15m
Sport 63m Regina del Lago Good
Fri 17th Jul 2020
8a+ Disbauxa

The second pitch is phenomenal power endurance on bad slopey holds!

1 7b+ 40m
2 8a+
Sport 40m Siurana Classic
Alex Hartshorne
Tue 24th Mar 2020
6c Le Noël de Léon
1 6c 22m
Sport 22m Marocaz
Andrea Roasio
Sat 8th Sep 2018
7c Une bite sur ma tête

Colo sympa et physique en attendant L2

1 7c 20m
Sport 20m Marocaz
Andrea Roasio
Sat 30th Jun 2018
5.10d Rain of Gold - with Alberto Sanchez
1 5.10d 18m lead by Luisa Ríos
Sport 18m El Potrero Chico
Luisa Ríos
Mon 11th Nov 2019
5.12a Mexican Guarantee (Mexican Guarantee P1)

Solo el primer largo.

- with Luisa Ríos
1 5.12a
Sport 40m El Potrero Chico
Alberto Sanchez
Sat 16th Nov 2019
17 Contact Neurosis

Recommended by Paul, beautiful 2 pitch multi behind waterfalls overlooking Fiordland. The crux of p1 is really flexible and I really liked it (not 17 though). Watch out for some moss at the belay, it's easy to slip.

1 17 25m
2 17 15m
Sport 40m The Chasm
Maria LC
Thu 2nd Jan 2020
7b Premiata falegnameria Ramò

Che dura! Come riscaldamento pensavo di essermi giocato la giornata, e invece.... Comunque dev'esserci un modo più semplice di scalarla.

1 7b 20m
Sport 20m Alpisella Very Good
Andrea Roasio
Wed 19th Aug 2020
29 Luminous Blue

Awesome day Will never forget 18 degrees no hotter Strong NW didn’t really effect 16 draws 5 extended P3 favourite pitch P6 was engaging 😂 12hrs car to car, taking it easy, no torches!!

- with lee cossey
1 23 40+ lead by Sausage
2 24 40+ lead by Sausage
3 28 20+ lead by lee cossey
4 27 30 lead by lee cossey
5 23 40+ lead by Sausage
6 23 40+ lead by lee cossey
7 26 20 lead by lee cossey
8 29 30 lead by lee cossey
9 20 30 lead by Sausage
Sport 290m, 99 Bungonia Gorge Mega Classic
Sun 30th Aug 2020
5.13b Mexican Guarantee

another afternoon & night-session at "Fin de Semana", fought with everything I had to onsight the first 12a pitch, really nice diagonal & pumpy crack. At the ledge I got motivated by the nice tufa starting from there and decided to try the moves of the 13b a bit, surprisingly all sequences worked out really fast and I'm sure that I can do it, now very psyched to come back to Potrero as soon as possible.

- with Alberto Sanchez
1 5.12a 24m lead by Matthias Lang
2 5.13b 16m lead by Matthias Lang
Sport 40m El Potrero Chico Classic
Matthias Lang
Mon 4th Jan 2021
7c+ Talibania

1th pitch, up to the quickdraw with sling is more like 7b+ and 2nd pitch feel like 7c+ HD

1 7b+ 30
2 7c+ 8
Sport 38m El Chorro Classic
Fri 22nd Jan 2021
7c+ Afterburner
1 6c+ 22m
2 7c+ 35m
Sport 57m, 8 Bukit Keteri, Perlis
Tue 24th Sep 2019
23 Marxism

only first pitch, not a great warm up

1 23 25m
Sport 25m, 22 Blue Mountains
Martin Cankov
Sat 30th May 2020
7a+ La clorofílica (La clorofílica P1)
1 7a+ 17m
Sport 17m Teverga
Iziar Martinez
Fri 19th Jul 2019
7a Blue Jean

Dur sur prises patinés et l'on a pas envie de tomber...

1 7a
Sport 23m Les Fontaines Average
Andrea Roasio
Sun 4th Oct 2020
6a Caibalismo vaginal (Caibalismo vaginal P1) - with Edi, lilami
1 6a 20
Sport 20m Mallorca Mega Classic
Gabriel Emm
Tue 25th Sep 2018
5.10d The Inquisition (The Inquisition P1)

Really fun!

- with Ethan
1 5.10d
Sport Lime Kiln Canyon Very Good
Gabe Grayum
Wed 21st Nov 2018
5a Molón lavé (Molon Lave P1)
1 5a 15
Sport 15m Iera Odos
Christos Kyriazopoulos
Sun 9th Dec 2018
6c Go and win - with Beat
1 6c 15m lead by Oli
Sport 15m, 8 Berner Jura Very Good
Sun 22nd Sep 2019
6b Bottom Feeder (Bottom Feeder P1)
1 6b 18m
Sport 18m, 8 Railay
Fri 21st Feb 2020
6b Bottom Feeder

Struggled to fit fingers in starting holds

1 6b 18m
Sport 18m, 8 Railay
Matt Langley
Thu 20th Feb 2020
7a Black Cat (Black Cat P1)
1 7a 30m
Sport 30m, 20 Ton Sai
Eizeman Kirill
Thu 12th Mar 2020
7c Il marchese del grillo

Peccato sia così corta

1 6b 12m
2 7c 10m
Sport 22m Grottone di Cornarea Very Good
Andrea Roasio
Wed 29th Aug 2018
7c Egosythèmes

Pénurie de points...

1 6b
2 7c
Sport 25m Les Fontaines Average
Andrea Roasio
Sun 4th Oct 2020
6c L'e magra la caora
1 6a+ 40m
2 6c
Sport 40m Brontallo
Noah Frick
Thu 11th Feb 2021
6c Flower power (Flower power P1)
1 6c 30m
Sport 30m Brontallo
Noah Frick
Thu 11th Feb 2021
6 Bayrisch Verdon
1 6 30m
Sport 30m Spitzsteinwand
Martin Busch
Sun 23rd Aug 2020
5.11a Raven nation (Raven nation P1)
1 5.11a
Sport 40 Lime Kiln Canyon Good
Gabe Grayum
Thu 22nd Mar 2018
26 Big Nose
1 21 lead by Alessandro Zen
2 26 lead by Mitchell
3 21 lead by Alessandro Zen
4 10 lead by Mitchell
5 20 lead by Alessandro Zen
6 20 lead by Mitchell
7 21 lead by Alessandro Zen
8 18 lead by Mitchell
Sport 250m Blue Mountains
Alessandro Zen
Wed 25th Apr 2018
24 Asteroids

Rapped in from the top of Air Malta to do the easier pitches.

- with Mike De Marco
1 220+
2 15
3 20
4 24
5 20
6 23
Sport 220m Bungonia Gorge
Gee Rad
Sun 12th Aug 2018
7b+ Midi les Zouzous

Pour les bons grimpeurs le défi est de gravir le pilier en 7c+ de l'avant-dernière longueur. De mon côté j'ai très été attiré par les cannelures de la variante de gauche Les cotations sont serrés mais toute la voie passe sans fautes. Bravo Antonin et Laurent pour l'ouverture !

1 6c+ 30m
2 6c+ 35m
3 7a 40m
4 7a+ 30m
5 6c+ 45m
6 7b+ 30m
7 6b+ 40m
8 7a+ 40m
9 5 25m
Sport 320m Rocher du Midi Very Good
Andrea Roasio
Mon 13th Jul 2020
26 Asteroids

Nearly a dream send but it was not to be. After sitting below the crux pitch for quite some time as it rained and others bailed we decided we should at least have a crack at the steepness. And I somehow found myself all the way up there with the last bolt at my chest unable to clip it, looking around as rain hit my face, grabbing desperately at a horrid collection of damp non-holds one move away from the anchor ledge. Alas I finally succumbed to the pump, peeled backwards, and took quite the whip. I pulled back on, found the hold I had missed, slapped some chalk on it and that was that. In some ways I lament the onsight that could have been, but I'm also happy knowing that I fully emptied the tank and had absolutely nothing left to give, I could barely pull up the rope afterwards. Pretty rad either way. I lowered down, Dave flashed it, the absolute madman!! and we decided to bail from the rain upwards rather than to the ground for the sun had come out to celebrate Dave's glorious sendage. I jumarred up on a micro traxion and we were going to finish up Air Malta's final pitch but Dave was on his typical Bungonia crushing rampage and as the sun now shone and the sending breeze picked up it seemed only fitting to continue our quest despite losing two hours of day light. Some mild faff ensued including me getting hit by a largish rock but being miraculously totally fine, and Dave getting lost on the #DawnWallDownClimb but we managed and I only had to climb one pitch in the dark. The pitches that followed after the crux I rate accordingly: Shit, unpleasant, pleasant, inoffensive, good. All up a four star day on two star routes.

- with Dave Cook
1 26 30m lead by Will Vidler
2 15 35m lead by Dave Cook
3 20 30m lead by Will Vidler
4 24 25m lead by Dave Cook
5 20 15m lead by Will Vidler
6 23 45m lead by Dave Cook
Sport 180m Bungonia Gorge Very Good
Will Vidler
Sun 13th Sep 2020
7b+ Per Pier

Prima lunghezza di 6c uno spettacolo

1 6c 25m
2 7b+ 10m
Sport 35m Grottone di Cornarea Classic
Andrea Roasio
Fri 17th Aug 2018
26 Big Nose

What an epic! Despite aiding through the 26 crux (thanks Josh for taking one for the team and leading that), rest of the climb was exhilarating and testing. Kodak moments were for sure cutting feet through the roof of pitch 5 to feel that full exposure and that bloody ripper of a traverse pitch. Long run outs also got that heart rate up, but nothing that isn't manageable. 100% would do again!

- with Joshua Norris
1 21 25m lead by alyssa smirnov
2 26 45m lead by Joshua Norris
3 21 30m lead by alyssa smirnov
4 30m lead by Joshua Norris
5 20 30m lead by alyssa smirnov
6 20 30m lead by Joshua Norris
7 21 30m lead by alyssa smirnov
8 18 30m lead by Joshua Norris
Sport 250m Blue Mountains Classic
alyssa smirnov
Sat 10th Oct 2020
7b La guerre sainte/ Jihad
1 6c 400m lead by Elmo
2 6b+
3 6b lead by Elmo
4 6b+
5 7b lead by Elmo
6 6b
7 6c lead by Elmo
8 6c+
9 7b lead by Elmo
10 7b lead by Elmo
11 7b lead by Elmo
12 6a+
Sport 400m Wadi Rum
Sat 22nd Feb 2020
5.12c 新年快乐 Happy New Year


- with lollypop
1 5.10a 22m
2 5.12c 11m
Sport 33m 石鼓 Shigu Very Good
Sat 19th Dec 2020
25 Let Freedom Ring

Awesome new multipitch. P3-P5 only. Stella rock and awesome exposure. P4 is super sustained, rad moves. Stoked to onsight the P5 pitch.

3 22 14m
4 24 32m
5 20
6 25
Sport 46m Blue Mountains Classic
Jason McCarthy
Wed 4th Apr 2018
25 The Regular Route

Unbelievable!! A bit of a dream route ever since I first saw it in the 2015 guide and great to squeeze it in on my last day as a child. Pitch one was pretty cool with a couple of sequences of varying desperation depending on your height but it went down pretty quick. Pitch two was absolutely mega and one of the coolest pitches I've done. I took one proper fall and had two or three sits. I really enjoyed the bolting on this pitch generally. It was intimidating and committing but never actually scary and all together just a very fulfilling experience to get through each sequence and clip the next bolt. There were however two bolts that I struggled to clip from the presumably intended stances, but I think this is just because I'm very short and not because they are objectively poorly placed. A panic draw would probably alleviate this for any other small would be ascentionists and I would perhaps recommend it as it was enough of an issue that it may have cost me an onsight had that been on the cards. Pitch three was really cool but the bolting here was a tad scary for Pat I think and possibly a bit dangerous around the arete with weird rope-cutting-ledge-hitting fall potential. The climbing however with the newly scrubbed corner is definitely not hard at the grade though, especially if you have a bit of areting experience to get through the first bit. Really cool. Pitch four was easy, 18 at Piddo, and really fun if you love a layback as much as I do. The rock isn't quite as mega though. Pitch five was also great on rad rock. Again not too hard at the grade but if you are a mortal you are probably starting to feel tired at this stage and so the pump definitely chases you. Pitch six saw my wheels fall off a little bit as I just bungled a sequence and became immediately mega pumped and took a fairly big whip way up in the sky. Nice climbing in great position but not too special. Pitch seven is rad too on great rock. Super easy but I was absolutely shattered and really had to keep it together to stay on and get to the top. What a sweet day!!!

- with Pat
1 23 190m lead by Pat
2 25 lead by Will Vidler
3 24 lead by Pat
4 21 lead by Will Vidler
5 24 lead by Pat
6 22 lead by Will Vidler
7 23 lead by Pat
Sport 190m Blue Mountains Mega Classic
Will Vidler
Mon 21st May 2018
7b Brutalinsky
1 7a
2 7b
Sport Kanzianiberg Very Good
Thu 28th Jun 2018
25 The White Shield

Can run p1 and p2 together. P2 is great definitely not 21 is easier then purple pocket pincer puller, jugs. Cheers bolters. Did not do P3.

- with Nick Roach
1 16 15m lead by Nick Roach
2 21 25m lead by Dave Burt
3 25 15m
Sport 55m Eua Very Good
Dave Burt
Tue 31st Jul 2018
25 Air Malta

Pitch 4 is a heap of fun! Can't wait to get back on this.

- with Mike De Marco
1 23 240m lead by Mike De Marco
2 21 lead by Tom Collins
3 22 lead by Mike De Marco
4 25 lead by Tom Collins
5 23 lead by Mike De Marco
6 22 lead by Tom Collins
Sport 240m Bungonia Gorge Classic
Tom Collins
Wed 8th Aug 2018
25 Air Malta

Great route!

- with Mike De Marco
1 23 240m
2 21
3 22
4 25
5 23
6 22
Sport 240m Bungonia Gorge Classic
Gee Rad
Thu 9th Aug 2018
25 Soul Catcher

Onsight P1. Interesting climbing, but consists of actual disintegrating sand-choss for much of it.

Linked into P2 to try and climb it as a giant singlepitch, before getting scared of the rope grinding on the choss below and the alpine winds got the better of me. Reversed the crux and backjumped to the belay. Might be okay, but requires bolt plates, and probably a 0.5, 0.75 and 1 BD Cam to make it comfortable.

- with Will Vidler
1 20 20m
2 25 40m
Sport 60m Blue Mountains Good
Paul Thomson
Sun 29th Jul 2018
25 Rogue Erratic

Very good climbing but didn't let me take tick! First pitch solid in the grade

- with Andrew Powell
1 25 lead by Ludek Sykora
2 lead by Ludek Sykora
Sport 40m, 13 Hospital Flat Classic
Ludek Sykora
Fri 2nd Nov 2018
25 The Regular Route

Pitch 1: Makes you work straight off the deck! Pitch 2: Tom had a jazz first but couldn't find a beta through one of the upper cruxes. I hopped on, slipped off the start, lowered, then RP'd past the upper crux only to slip off on the slab! Next time Pitch 3: A heady lead by Tom, feels pretty intimidating even on the follow. Pitch 4: Great, airy jug-hauling Pitch 5: Arete slapping good times, great little power-balance climb Pitch 6: Amazing exposure, stepping up onto the high arete is super rad! Lost in space. Pitch 7: A dance up some great rock, 3 feet for one hand!

1 23 20m
2 25 30m
3 24 20m
4 21 20m
5 24 30m
6 22 30m
7 23 40m
Sport 190m Blue Mountains
Nick Miguel Ducker
Wed 27th Feb 2019
6a+ Lord of the Thais (Lord Of The Thais P1)
1 6a+ 25m lead by Oliver
Sport 25m, 46 Railay
Wed 6th Mar 2019
25 A0 Slackbladder
1 21 15m
2 25 A0 17m
3 25 A0 29m
4 23 25m
5 23
6 22
7 22
8 24
Sport 86m Blue Mountains Very Good
Lukas Hnc
Wed 20th Feb 2019
25 Neon God
1 22 25m
2 25 25m
Sport 50m Mount Wellington
Ashlee Hendy
Wed 16th Jan 2019
7b Ça glisse au pays des merveilles - with Milan Kaspar
1 6b 80m
2 7b
Sport 80m Gorges de la Jonte
Jiri Burgr
Sat 4th May 2019
7b Lord of the Thais

3rd pitch was fantastic and the top pitches had spectacular positioning and exposure. (crux beta: RH undercling to get left hand high to good pocket. Then feet up and big move RH to top underside of crack. Then left hand 30cm up over crack to pocket. Then either left up for side pull or right hand far out to big hidden corner edge jug.

- with Dan
1 6a+ 25m
2 7a 28m
3 7a+ 28m
4 7b 27m
5 6b 12m
Sport 120m, 46 Railay
Fri 25th Oct 2019
27 Let Freedom Ring

The quality of rock is not great, we didn't break any holds but you can tell many had came off. You only need 16 draws, a couple of long ones. The long abseil is easier if you clip a couple of carrot plates before clipping the anchor halfway down, after that you have to jump in an out to reach the ledge. 1st pitch is harder than 21, i would say 23 if you are not tall. 2nd pitch is the sand bag has a section with glued holds where we couldn't figure out the move and i reckon is 27, after that the moves are possible but the grade is more likely 26, this pitch is intense and has no rest. 3rd pitch is fun, a bit runout before the anchor. 4th pitch is the best, going trough the roof in the first section is tricky then gets technical till the picture move and then juggy till the end. 5th pitch is easy. 6th pitch next time

- with Salvo Moscato
1 23 lead by Alessandro Zen
2 27 lead by Salvo Moscato
3 22 lead by Alessandro Zen
4 24 lead by Salvo Moscato
5 20 lead by Alessandro Zen
6 25
Sport 130m Blue Mountains Average
Alessandro Zen
Sat 2nd Nov 2019
6c+ Lord of the Thais

First 2 pitches only although I really regret not doing the 3rd! But a little ambitious on the 2nd day climbing in Railay. We'll have to account for more time to get used to the rock/exposure next trip.

- with Tom thecrusher
1 6a+ 25m lead by Caroline
2 6c+ 28m lead by Caroline
Sport 53m, 46 Railay Classic
Sun 19th Jan 2020
7a+ Lord of the Thais

First 3 pitches only.

Wicked exposure and great, non polished rock on pitches 2 and 3. Pulling through the roofs with that much air was something else.

Beautiful views. Well bolted. Just a pain to rap off.

1 6a+ 25m
2 7a 28m
3 7a+ 28m
Sport 81m, 46 Railay
Wed 12th Feb 2020
7a+ Lord of the Thais

So much fun, glad we did this. Ok fist pitch into non polished awesomeness. Pitch 2/3 were both constantly cool, varied climbing, with a hard crux after the joggy roof. Only first 3 pitches. Had many excuses for not doing the 7b - from its gonna storm to it looks hard to clean, but really we were just soft - next time (it did storm once down tho.. with a Chang in hand).

- with Peatey
1 6a+ 25m lead by Peatey
2 7a 28m lead by Matt Langley
3 7a+ 28m lead by Matt Langley
Sport 81m, 46 Railay Classic
Matt Langley
Tue 11th Feb 2020
5.12a Land of the Free

Amazing! Awesome awesome awesome climbing on quality rock on an epic wall, bailed after pitch 6. the grading felt pretty stout, but that might be due to the runout bolting You’ll need a solid mental game or might just as well take a set of cams, there’s plenty of good placements. Very recommendable!

- with Maya Rudloff
1 5.11b 1100ft lead by Kilian L
2 lead by Kilian L
3 5.10a lead by Kilian L
4 5.10c lead by Kilian L
5 5.10d lead by Kilian L
6 5.11b lead by Kilian L
7 5.11b
8 5.11-
9 5.11+
10 5.12a
Sport 340m, 15 El Potrero Chico Mega Classic
Kilian L
Wed 4th Mar 2020
25 Air Malta - with Peter
1 23 30 lead by Peter
2 21 20
3 22 60
4 25 30
5 23 20
6 22 60
Sport 220m Bungonia Gorge
Sun 31st May 2020
25 Air Malta - with Roman
1 23 240m lead by Peter
2 21 lead by Roman
3 22 lead by Peter
4 25 lead by Roman
5 23 lead by Peter
6 22 lead by Roman
Sport 240m Bungonia Gorge Mega Classic
Sat 30th May 2020
25 The Regular Route

What the fuck P3? 1 word panic

- with Lachlan Anderson, Dave Cook, simo
1 25 190m
Sport 190m Blue Mountains Classic
Thu 9th Jul 2020
6b Euforia Inducida (Euforia Inducida P1)
1 6b 15m
Sport 15m, 13 Alto Mijares
Fri 31st Jul 2020
25 Air Malta - with Joshua Norris
1 23 lead by Alessandro Zen
2 22 lead by Joshua Norris
3 21 lead by Alessandro Zen
4 25 lead by Joshua Norris
5 23 lead by Alessandro Zen
6 22 lead by Joshua Norris
Sport 220m Bungonia Gorge Classic
Alessandro Zen
Fri 18th Sep 2020
25 Blue Ruin

P2 crux was fiesty! Managed to do the crux 2nd go then onsight to the anchors, the top half of p2 was some damn amazing climbing! worth it just for that section. The 23 was a monster crimper pitch.. Felt it's tricky to onsight in the crux section cos of a hard to spot hold, a great 45m crimp fest. (p3 tops out at lunch ledge, can do exposed crawl to rap area-stashed lunch)

- with Peter
1 22 40m
2 25 40m
3 21 30m
4 18 30m
5 23 45m
6 10 10m
Sport 200m Blue Mountains
Tue 6th Oct 2020
25 Neon God

Only first pitch

1 22 25m
2 25 25m
Sport 50m Mount Wellington
Ludek Sykora
Mon 28th Dec 2020
25 Neon God

It's a great route, onsighted the first pitch where the crux it's at the bottom and sent the second pitch in my second attempt.

- with Victor Pillac
1 22 25m lead by Victor Rodriguez
2 25 25m
Sport 50m Mount Wellington Mega Classic
Victor Rodriguez
Mon 28th Dec 2020
25 Neon God
1 22 25m
2 25 25m
Sport 50m Mount Wellington Classic
Kieran Norwood
Sat 30th Jan 2021
22 Neon God (Neon God P1)
1 22 25m
Sport 25m Mount Wellington
Hunter Cole
Mon 22nd Feb 2021
25 The Regular Route

Needs more traffic and some cleaning. Probably the recent big rain washed out dirt from the top. We even had some mud action on P3. And P4 we climbed in waterfall. Luckily P2 was clean and mega. Excellent bolting! Glad I insisted on leading it which made me forget about the rest. Although, thanks to conditions it was more adventurous and that is always a good thing!

- with James
1 23 20m lead by James
2 25 30m lead by Martin Cankov
3 24 20m lead by James
4 21 20m lead by Martin Cankov
5 24 30m lead by James
6 22 30m lead by Martin Cankov
7 23 40m lead by James
Sport 190m Blue Mountains Very Good
Martin Cankov
Mon 26th Apr 2021
25 Air Malta

First time in the gorge. Got too excited to climb the crux pitch and hardly waited after the 60m pitch 3 . Results as expected.

- with Ben Schaeffer
1 23 30m
2 21 20m
3 22 60m
4 25 30m
5 23 20m
6 22 60m
Sport 220m Bungonia Gorge Mega Classic
Nathan Webb
Oct 2019
17 Thunderstruck - with felixthecat
1 17 20m lead by felixthecat
Sport 20m, 17 Blue Mountains
Ozzy-Bananna Lukas
Mon 3rd May 2021
5.11b 蓝冰川 Blue Glacier
1 5.10b 520m
2 5.10b
3 5.9
4 5.8
5 5.11b
6 5.10b
7 5.11b
Sport 520m, 14 大峪 Dayu Classic
wenpei he 小文
Tue 19th Nov 2019
6c+ A0 Die Männer vom Memmental (Die Manner von Memmental)
1 6b+ A0 180m
2 6c+
Sport 180m, 17 Melchtal
Luke Franzke
Sat 9th Jun 2018
7a+ In the Moon

1st 2 pitches

1 6a 20m
2 6a+ 15m
3 7a+ 32m
Sport 67m Gjipe
Tue 11th Sep 2018
6b Chi trova un’ amica (Chi trova un’ amica P1)
1 6b 70m
Sport 70m Russo
Silvan Biffiger
Sun 13th Jan 2019
7a+ Teufelskralle
1 5c+ 75m
2 6a+
3 7a+
4 5c
Sport 75m, 30 Alpstein
Luke Franzke
Sat 17th Aug 2019
5c Επαμεινώνδας (Επαμεινώνδας P1) - with Nikos Ef., Χρήστος Μ.
1 5c 15m lead by gtsern
Sport 15m Tarsos
Sat 14th Sep 2019
5c L'ultimo dei candalliani (L'ultimo dei candalliani P1)
1 5c 20m
Sport 20m Ii Pilastro Di Setriana Very Good
Max Kaltenbrunner
Mon 6th Jan 2020
5c Super Gau
1 5c 17m
Sport 17m Maltatal Classic
Martin Unger
Sun 7th Jun 2020
5c Super Gau - with Annie
1 5c 17m
2 5c 20m
3 5c 15m
Sport 52m Maltatal
Sat 25th Jul 2020
7a+ Alte Route
1 6b 20m
2 6c+ 20m
3 7a+ 20m
Sport 60m Berglsteiner See
Robert A.
Tue 8th Sep 2020
7a+ Que leche que tengo
1 6b 24m
2 7a+ 10m
Sport 34m El Chorro
Milan Salaš
Tue 26th Jan 2021
7a+ Seco y Pedro
1 6b 30m
2 6c+ 26m
3 7a+ 29m
Sport 85m El Chorro
Milan Salaš
Mon 25th Jan 2021
7a+ I sempre verdi
1 6b 20m
2 7a+ 10m
Sport 30m Brontallo
Alec Stripe
Sat 20th Feb 2021
6a Şairlerin Sultanı - with Andrii Bil, Yura Monastyrskyy
1 6a 20m lead by Alfred Ditch
Sport 20m, 16 Geyikbayırı
Alfred Ditch
Sun 7th Mar 2021
24 Yesterday's Groove

Super awesome route. Just like some classic rad trad but with a squillion bolts. First pitch is really fun and quite sustained but probably not 23, i think 22 is fair. I thought pitch two is even better again, being fairly moderate till about half way where it gradually gains intensity until the very end. Here the crux was made quite tricky as the entire upper section of the face was problematically saturated and almost none of the face holds were at all useable. Hence i channelled my inner trad dad and power stemmed the corner direct to glory. Not sure of the grade here; the moves would certainly be pretty gnarly for a 23 but i dont really onsight 24 and it was pretty much only the one hard sequence coming out of a good rest, so maybe it isn't too bad. The last pitch was also really cool with the traverse being awesome and super out there. I found the crux quite difficult to read and subsequently fell off After it was figured though out the moves were fine. Definitely deserving more attention! Get on it!!

- with Pat
1 22 30m lead by Pat
2 24 40m lead by Will Vidler
3 24 30m lead by Pat
Sport 100m Blue Mountains Classic
Will Vidler
Thu 5th Apr 2018
7a+ The Travel of Argonauts (The Travel of Argonauts Linkup) - with Tonia Machaira
1 6a+ 35 lead by Dinos
2 5a 35 lead by Tonia Machaira
3 6b 40 lead by Dinos
4 6b+ 40 lead by Dinos
5 5c+ 40 lead by Tonia Machaira
6 6a 35 lead by Dinos
7 5a 35 lead by Tonia Machaira
8 1a 20 lead by Dinos
9 lead by Dinos
10 4a 50 lead by Dinos
11 5a 50 lead by Tonia Machaira
12 6a 40 lead by Dinos
13 7a+ 35 lead by Dinos
14 6a 35 lead by Dinos
15 6a+ 35 lead by Dinos
16 6a+ 30 lead by Dinos
17 5b 35 lead by Tonia Machaira
18 3a 25 lead by Dinos
Sport 620m Varasova
Fri 20th Apr 2018
8+ Fourno
1 7
2 8+
Sport 24m Rhodes
Davide Roverso
Fri 10th Aug 2018
24 Guillotine
1 22 20m
2 24 28m
Sport 48m, 23 Blue Mountains Classic
Josiah Hess
Mon 26th Nov 2018
24 The Iron Throne

Is worth doing the route for the last pitch, really nice and pumpy. The rest is ok but the rock quality is not the best.

- with Elisa
1 16 14m lead by Alessandro Zen
2 23 32m lead by Alessandro Zen
3 21 30m lead by Alessandro Zen
4 24 37m lead by Alessandro Zen
Sport 110m Blue Mountains Good
Alessandro Zen
Sun 3rd Mar 2019
24 Yesterday's Groove

TOP climbing, really nice corner with some tricky moves in pitch two and amazing traverse and overhang in pitch three. One of my best climb in Blue Mountains.

1 22 40m lead by Lukas Hnc
2 23 30m
3 24 30m
Sport 100m Blue Mountains Mega Classic
Lukas Hnc
Tue 19th Feb 2019
24 The Iron Throne

Great climb, pitch 2 is probably tricky at the grade. Pitch 4 is great. Got all the moves but too pumpy for me to link them all.

1 16 14m
2 23 32m
3 22 30m
4 24 37m
Sport 110m Blue Mountains Very Good
hugh sutherland
Sat 20th Apr 2019
24 Yesterday's Groove

Nice climb definitely worth do it

- with Alessandro Zen
1 22 100m lead by Salvo Moscato
2 24 lead by Alessandro Zen
3 24 lead by Salvo Moscato
Sport 100m Blue Mountains Very Good
Salvo Moscato
Fri 26th Apr 2019
24 Weaselburger
1 24 200m
Sport 200m Blue Mountains Classic
Anzhela Malysheva
Mon 3rd Jun 2019
24 Yesterday's Groove

A bit less techy corner climbing than expected but a really good climb nonetheless. Some nice exploding choss holds to keep things lively.

- with Gee Rad
1 22 35m
2 23 40m
3 24 30m
Sport 110m Blue Mountains Classic
Andrew Serack
Sat 14th Sep 2019

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