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Rating Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Difficulty Date
4502 points
Sport 9b Erebor Sport Valle del Sarca Classic Tue 11th Jan 2022
Such a cool route from Stefano Ghisolfi! Fell from the very top once because the good heel hook broke but luckily found some new (bit harder but not grade changing) beta and send the next go. Took me two 2 day trips to Arco, first one with horrible conditions though. Might come back for the Lonely Mountain which is basically the same route with four different moves and also just as hard in my opinion, let's see. I like to come to Arco so why not

4492 points
Sport 9b 9b+ King Capella Sport 15m Siurana Very Good Thu 9th Dec 2021
2nd repetition after Will Bosi (FA) and Alex Megos. It took me 4 days of work. Such a cool route, definitely my style, a very bouldery crimpy route! Since it‘s so sharp the skin management was almost the biggest challenge for me. It went down too quick to agree on 9b+ so I think hard 9b could be more appropriate 🤔 Uncut phone footage following soon! Video:

4409 points
9b+ Perfecto Mundo Sport 26m, 15 Margalef Classic Sat 9th Nov 2019
3rd ascent. Turned into a mental battle after falling four times after the crux. Did it on my 11th climbing day. So psyched!!

4353 points
Sport 9a+ La Furia de Jabalí Sport Siurana Good Sun 12th Dec 2021
3rd ascent after Will and Alex. 3rd try and right after flashing Jungle Speed, such a sick day! Really my style and with Alex‘s new beta I‘d grade this one 9a+ as well especially since I graded La Capella 9a+ and I think they are similarly hard. But who knows, this is my suggestion 😉

4352 points
Sport 9a+ 9b La Capella Sport 15m Siurana Classic Thu 9th Dec 2021
Just 2 hours after King Capella, such a sick day! One day I had to give King Capella a break because of my skin, so I briefly checked this one out. Because I loved the style so much I could do it very fast on the same day as King Capella then. Thanks to Alex Megos for sharing his great beta with me. Really didn’t feel like a 9b to me, so gotta go with 9a+ on this one.. Video:

4289 points
Sport 8c+ 8c+/9a Jungle Speed Sport 15m Siurana Average Sun 12th Dec 2021
Yes! Probably my hardest flash so far, at least I really struggled and had to fight 😅 8c+/9a, hard to grade after the flash since I definitely didn’t climb it optimally.. Thanks for the beta and support Alfons 🙏

4239 points
Sport 9a Sprengstoff Sport 18m Walgau Classic Wed 9th Mar 2022
4th ascent, 2nd try. Such an amazing route and a great day with Adam and Babsy 💪🏻

4214 points
Sport 9a Last Night Sport 15m Siurana Average Wed 15th Dec 2021
2nd ascent after Will. I now fulfilled the ultimate task to do all the hard routes in this sector in my 9 climbing day of the trip, so psyched 😄 This one was hard for me, had to find new beta since I couldn’t do the move Will did. If you like the style it‘s probably similarly hard as Jungle Speed though 🤔 Check my video of King Capella and la Capella here:

4195 points
9a 9a+ Es Pontàs Deep water solo 20m Cala Santanyí Mega Classic Fri 15th Oct 2021
It took me many tries to finally stick the dyno but once I did I could send! Such an amazing line! Definitely harder than Alasha for me but less scary..

4193 points
9a Alasha Deep water solo 20m Port de Soller Mega Classic Sat 9th Oct 2021
1st repetition What a vision of a climb. Thanks for finding and establishing this perfect route Chris Sharma Grading in dws is difficult and weird, I will post more about what I think soon.

4167 points
9b Neanderthal Sport 40m Santa Linya Classic Fri 28th Dec 2018
2nd ascent after Chris Sharma! Such a king line! 117 moves through the whole cave. It took a while to find out all the beta and at first I thought it will take forever to be able to send it but I made quite quick progress and was able to send it on my 6th climbing day! First time I stuck the crux dyno (3/4 up the route) I kept my mental game and reached the top. Super psyched!! You can divide the route into 3 parts: 1st part a 45 move 7b+ up to a no hand rest (lying down on a ledge) 2nd part is the hardest part 15 powerful moves to a knee bar rest then 10 hard moves to the crux dyno followed by 12 more powerful moves on underclings to a saving rest 3rd part is a 15 move 8a+ish roof, powerful and the part where you are most nervous but should not fall anymore

4158 points
8c+ Lichtjahre Sport 25m Wilder Kaiser Classic Sun 4th Oct 2020
After a relaxed breakfast at my girlfriend’s parents place, we drove to Schleierwasserfall and I warmed up with a 7c route. My buddy Mischa Piccolruaz tried the route Lichtjahre and so I was able to watch him closely and get a good impression of the route.

I was psyched to give it a go as well and after Mischa convinced me I should even try to flash it, I warmed up at the fingerboard and went through the route mentally before I attempted it. The route went really well, I loved the style and I felt on top of my game so I could flash it pretty solidly.

It always takes two, though, to achieve a flash: someone who does the work and checks out the route and then is able to talk you through. It was Mischa who gave me such great support, thanks buddy!

Lichtjahre is located in the grey sector of the Schleierwasserfall, where the routes are slightly shorter (about 20m), it's one of the best routes of the crag and I can only recommend it

Right next to it there are a couple routes that I already knew, as for example Mercy Street which is pretty similar in style so I knew what to expect. A lot of sharp holds and quite difficult from the start. Some bouldery sections with long and powerful moves but good holds. Closer to the end you need to keep it together as it’s all about endurance.

One of the trickier parts was where a big foot hold had broken away a few months ago. Many say the route got a lot harder since then. Even before it was a hard 8c, so it’s absolutely fair for Alex Megos to say it’s an 8c+ now. After flashing something it's always hard to grade it but I think 8c+ could be right, although it didn't feel much harder than Mercy Street for me, so one could argue it's still 8c, we will see what other people will say

Due to my biceps tendon injury I had to adapt my training. Rock climbing proved great for my recovery, so I climbed a lot recently, improved my endurance and that’s why I feel super comfortable on the rocks these days. Psyche for more!

4152 points
Sport 8c+ Illusjonisten — 2 attempts Sport Flatanger Good Suggested grade 8c+ Thu 15th Sep 2022
Project big was wet again so I had to try something else finally. Tried this fun bouldery route a bit 6 years ago, 2nd try this trip. Maybe not the proudest line but definitely fun to climb!

4097 points
9a 9a+ Neuron Sport Achleiten Very Good Sun 22nd Nov 2020
2nd Ascent after Roland Hemetzberger. shares the crux of 'The Void' but climbs a harder start into it. Since you have such an amazing knee bar in the middle it doesn't make it much harder though, in my opinion.

4097 points
9a The Void Sport 35m Achleiten Very Good Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Really struggled with the crux move at the top at first but with good skin it went down first try today. Really hard to grade since it's mostly about this one single move, could be 9a could be easier for someone who loves pockets I don't know. 2nd Ascent after Roli I think..

4095 points
8c Cinque Uve Sport Narango Wed 14th Oct 2020
Could be 8b+, hard to grade after an onsight but felt really soft compared to the other 8c‘s

4086 points
9a Omen Nomen Sport 30m Valle del Sarca Very Good Sat 17th Oct 2020
Checked it out a cuple of weeks ago and send it 2nd go today, somehow felt much stronger even in the sun. Psyched!

4085 points
9a 9a/a+ Beginning Sport Valle del Sarca Good Fri 16th Oct 2020
Cool connection of St. Anger and Zauberfee basically connecting both hard parts making it 8c+ into 8c+ with a crazy feet first knee bar rest in between. Had some trouble with wet holds but somehow pulled through. Definitely a hard 9a maybe 9a/9a+ is fair not sure.

4084 points
9a Thunder Ribes Sport Valle del Sarca Average Mon 12th Oct 2020
2nd Go after checking it out once 2 weeks ago. Hard to grade since it‘s just a really long climb with many rests and no crazy crux. Could be 8c+ I think or at least 8c+/9a 🤔

4083 points
9a Fugu Sport 25m Wilder Kaiser Very Good Fri 9th Oct 2020
3rd ascent of this cool line in the upper sector. Took me 4 tries to send it. Thanks for the good times Guido!

4081 points
9a Bio-logiko Sport Narango Good Thu 1st Oct 2020
4060 points
9b Stoking the Fire Sport Santa Linya Classic Fri 5th Jan 2018
3rd ascent after Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra

4059 points
8c+ 8c+/9a Victimes del Futur Sport 25m, 10 Margalef Good Sun 10th Nov 2019
My hardest flash so far! People call it 9a since two things broke in the crux but could very well still be 8c+, hard to tell with just one try on it. Love the bouldery style!

4037 points
Sport 8c+ 9a Black Power Sport 25m Wilder Kaiser Classic Thu 3rd Nov 2022
8c+/9a Such a good one, very cool boulder problem at the lip!

4035 points
9a Walk the Line Sport 22m Monkey Island Classic Fri 1st May 2020

4034 points
9a Weiße Rose Sport 25m Wilder Kaiser Mega Classic Tue 28th Apr 2020
3rd Ascent. Opened by Alex Huber in 1994 (when I was 3 years old). Psyched to climb such a fantastic and legendary route!

4019 points
9a+ 9b El Bon Combat Sport 25m La Cova de l'Ocell Mega Classic Sat 1st Dec 2018
One of the best routes I‘ve done, such unique rock features! It has it all: big moves, technical moves and a perfect finish slap to a sloper. Fantastic FA by Chris in 2015, he always finds the lines, respect!!

4013 points
8c Goldrausch Sport Secret Crag Mega Classic Wed 7th Oct 2020
Wow such an amazing one!! thanks for the beta and showing us this line Heiko!!

3982 points
9a 9a/a+ Gancho Perfecto Sport Margalef Classic Sat 9th Nov 2019
What a day! Quickly checked the moves after sending Perfecto Mundo and did it right after before it got dark. Such a cool route!

3963 points
8b+ 8c Terra Piatta Sport Valle del Sarca Classic Fri 16th Oct 2020
Sick day! First sending Beginning in Eremo then onsighting this and doing another 8b+/8c first go

3949 points
8c+ Tunnelblick Sport 30m Achleiten Classic Sun 8th Nov 2020
2nd Go, might be on the soft side. What a line though!!

3948 points
8c+ Mantra Sport Achleiten Classic Sat 7th Nov 2020
I think this was the first ascent after a big hold broke, it‘s an amazing power endurance route and now even more so. Think it is quite a bit harder now, maybe 8c/8c+ before and harder 8c+ now. Loved this climb!!

3943 points
8c+ Il Frutto del Diavolo Sport 30m Bus de Vela Very Good Tue 20th Oct 2020
3rd Go. cool line but had to clean most of the holds again, doesn't seem to get much traffic

3941 points
8c+ Zauberfee Sport 20m Valle del Sarca Good Tue 13th Oct 2020
3937 points
8c+ 9a Pure Dreaming Sport 30m Valle del Sarca Average Tue 29th Sep 2020
2nd Go, 8c+ is more appropriate than 9a in my opinion

3921 points
9a+ Catxasa Sport Santa Linya Good Tue 9th Jan 2018
a lot of sika but climbs well! soft for 9a+ I think

3897 points
8c+ Road to the Source Sport Zillergrund Classic Thu 21st May 2020
Alfons grabbed the 2nd ascent and I shortly followed with the 3rd. Awesome line!

3896 points
8c+ Gambit Sport 35m Wilder Kaiser Classic Sun 17th May 2020
Such a good one! 3rd Go.

3891 points
9a La Novena Enmienda Sport 50m Santa Linya Very Good Thu 10th Jan 2019
3887 points
Sport 8c Wanderlust Sport Nösslach Classic Fri 21st Oct 2022
First Ascent. Thanks a lot to Heiko Wilhelm for bolting and showing me this amazing line. Might be high end 8c but probably not hard enough for 8c+, time will tell

3838 points
9b La Planta de Shiva - with Jakob Schubert Sport 45m Villanueva del Rosario Jan 2016
3808 points
9a+ Pachamama Sport 50m Oliana Jan 2017
3799 points
9a+ Joe Mama Sport Oliana Dec 2016
3795 points
8c 8c+ Natural Present Sport Narango Good Wed 14th Oct 2020
8c/8c+. 2nd Go, fell high up on my onsight..

3795 points
8c Mr. Teroldego Sport Narango Wed 14th Oct 2020
3795 points
8b Sprungbrettl Sport 15m Zillergrund Classic Thu 21st May 2020
crazy fight, not the easiest one to onsight :'D

3782 points
9a Mercenaris del Passat Sport 35m Santa Linya Fri 12th Jan 2018
broke the top hold when I was going to clip the chains, so some would say not an actual ascent.. Would be the 2nd ascent after chris took out the sika holds I think. hard for 9a..

3766 points
8b Rocketman Sport 20m Achleiten Classic Fri 6th Nov 2020
Thanks to misha for the perfect beta! Pretty hard for 8b

3744 points
8c Mercy Street Sport 25m Wilder Kaiser Very Good Tue 28th Apr 2020
'Retro Flash' which means I briefly tried it a few years ago and climbed it 1st go now (not remembering anything). Thanks for the beta Misha! Fun route!!

3735 points
9a+ Kangaroo's Limb Sport Flatanger May 2016
3729 points
8c+ Synergieeffekt - with Michael Piccolruaz Sport Scheabichl Mega Classic Sat 10th Nov 2018
A fantastic line with perfect compression climbing and amazing holds.

3728 points
9b Fight or Flight Sport 35m Oliana Very Good Wed 31st Dec 2014
First 9b, such an amazing birthday present!

3723 points
8c+ Juturna Sport 25m Nassereith Good Sat 20th Oct 2018
3713 points
8a+ Fine di un'Epoca Sport 32m Valle del Sarca Good Sat 17th Oct 2020
3708 points
8a+ La Principessa di Cioccolato Sport 27m Valle del Sarca Classic Wed 30th Sep 2020
3680 points
9a+ Companion of Change Sport 25m Ginzling Nov 2015
3665 points
8b+ 8c Scoglio de Capri Sport 30m Bus de Vela Very Good Wed 21st Oct 2020
2nd Go. Messed up the starting boulder which is pretty reachy, 8b+/8c but probably more 8b+

3663 points
8b+ Zero Tolleranza Sport Valle del Sarca Very Good Fri 16th Oct 2020
Cool new start into Riflessi del Rosso, definitely the harder brother so 8b+/8c should be appropriate. It was basically a flash but I did Riflessi a couple years ago.

3653 points
8c+ Tres Satélites - with Jakob Schubert Sport Otiñar Mar 2016
3647 points
8b Phlem Loskot and one smoking Mono Deep water solo Cova del Diablo Very Good Sun 10th Oct 2021
Flash. 8a+/8b

3647 points
8b If You Keep Your Face In The Sunshine, You Will Not See The Shadow Deep water solo Cova del Diablo Classic Sun 10th Oct 2021
Flash. Such a good one!

3641 points
9a Kraftplatzl Sport Berglsteiner See Oct 2016

3638 points
8c+ Santa Linya Extension Sport Santa Linya Good Thu 11th Jan 2018
3610 points
8c+ Juturna Sport 25m Nassereith Good Tue 10th Oct 2017
3608 points
9a+ 9a/a+ Thor's Hammer Sport Flatanger Aug 2015
3605 points
8c Nordic Flower Sport Flatanger May 2016
3601 points
8c 8c+ La Ultima Ola Sport 20m Santa Linya Very Good Thu 10th Jan 2019
3590 points
8a Er Bus Sport 25m Bus de Vela Very Good Tue 20th Oct 2020
bouldery and hard to onsight haha

3590 points
8a Viaggi Stellari...nel Porno Sport 28m Valle del Sarca Very Good Sat 17th Oct 2020
3589 points
8a The Walking Death Sport Narango Wed 14th Oct 2020
3568 points
8c Sex after Climb - with Jakob Schubert Sport Otiñar Jan 2016
3545 points
8b Ehrentotzen Sport 25m Achleiten Classic Thu 5th Nov 2020
3544 points
8b 8c+ Orca Sport 25m Wilder Kaiser Very Good Mon 2nd Nov 2020
Originally the route was graded 8c+ by first ascentionist Alex Huber but the right hand hold he used on the crux move is basically gone and Adam Ondra found a new beta using a left hand tiny crimp to do the second ascent. I found a way better solution using a good side pull just left of Adam‘s crimp which lets me go directly to the finishing jug. Since this route is pretty much easy except this only move, the whole thing is much easier with my beta now, probably around 8b 😅 It climbs very nicely this way though so I definitely recommend it to people (>170cm) 😉

3522 points
8c+ 9a Joe Cita Sport Oliana Good Fri 23rd Dec 2016
3522 points
8a+ 8b Hupolup Kempf Deep water solo Cala Sa Nau Tue 12th Oct 2021
Flash. One of the best in Mallorca!!

3521 points
8a+ Loskot and Two Smoking Barrels Deep water solo Cova del Diablo Sun 10th Oct 2021
1st go, did the left (harder) exit first. Such a fun jump!

3519 points
8a+ The Weather Man Deep water solo Cala Sa Nau Mon 4th Oct 2021

3500 points
8b June Afternoon Sport Nösslach Classic Tue 9th Jun 2020
2nd Ascent. In memory of my friend Hansjörg Auer

3497 points
8c+ Ganesha - with Jakob Schubert Sport Elefantenwand Oct 2016
3497 points
8c+ 9a Kein Licht, kein Schatten - with Jakob Schubert Sport 15m Elefantenwand Oct 2016
3483 points
9a 8c+ to 9a Grantiger Bauer Sport Saustein Oct 2015
3465 points
8c Passport 2 Honesty Sport 20m Niederthai Classic Sat 14th Oct 2017
3433 points
8c+ 8c+/9a Fuck the Police - with Jakob Schubert Sport Otiñar Mar 2016
3420 points
8a+ Baumkrone Sport Scheabichl Sat 10th Nov 2018
3419 points
8a+ Leninakan Sport 25m Achleiten Very Good Fri 6th Nov 2020
3396 points
8c+ Cavemen's Playgound Sport 20m Istarske Toplice Nov 2015

3368 points
8c+ Muy Verdes Sport Flatanger Aug 2015
3368 points
8c+ Odin's Eye Sport Flatanger Aug 2015
3332 points
8b+ Linke Generation Sport 17m Monkey Island Very Good Fri 13th Oct 2017
3328 points
8a+ Irak Attack Sport 18m Santa Linya Very Good Mon 8th Jan 2018

3326 points
7c L'uomo Inutile Sport 27m Valle del Sarca Classic Wed 2nd Sep 2020
3271 points
7c+ 8a In the Night, Every Cat is Black Deep water solo Cova del Diablo Sun 10th Oct 2021
On sight

3250 points
8c 8c+ All in, I'm out Sport 15m Kompanj Sun 1st Nov 2015
3229 points
9a 9a/a+ Open Your Mind Direct (Direct open your mind) Sport 40m Santa Linya Very Good Thu 3rd Jan 2013
back home after tomorrow.. was an amazing spain trip again, back to training mode now...

3228 points
9a Fuck the System Sport 30m Santa Linya Very Good Wed 2nd Jan 2013
3rd Go this trip. two 9a's in a day, great start of the year!!

3227 points
9a Selecció Natural Left Extension Sport Santa Linya Classic Fri 28th Dec 2012
FA of the new little extention which gives this nice line the obvious end. Solid 9a like this I think..

3226 points
9a Ciudad de Dios Sport 25m Santa Linya Very Good Mon 24th Dec 2012
2nd day in Spain, feels great to be here! Merry Christmas!!

3183 points
9a+ Papichulo Sport 45m Oliana Classic Wed 27th Apr 2011
YEAAH! huge relief, 50m... mentally very hard! tried in december for 3 days, 2 days this year. 11 tries in total! in my last try, before leavin oliana!

3181 points
9a 8c+ to 9a Analogica Natural Sport 40m Santa Linya Classic Wed 2nd Jan 2013
3rd Go, but I knew the 2nd part already..(Seleccio Natural). Again with the new little extension, SA after Magnus of this version of the route,easy 9a like that we think... future will tell though..

3157 points
7c+ Davora Hombres Sport Santa Linya Thu 4th Jan 2018

Showing 1 - 100 out of 257 ascents.