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1710 points
23 The Stolen Generation

Caution! I pulled a good part of a ledge off this soon after the crux and took a large whipper. Three large blocks and lots of small rocks rained down on my belayer who just managed to jump hard and swing with my whipper up and out of the way. Could have been a bad accident. And had anyone else been below at the time it very likely would have. Helmets would not have helped against those blocks.

I don't agree with the description about this route or this crag generally that there are a few small rocks that will clear up with more activity. There is a whole band of rotten rock on this wall that will keep shearing off. It is not a matter of kicking off a few loose rocks to find hard rock underneath. The holds have formed as sharp side pulls and flakes because that is how the rock here is fracturing. This is not your average Grampians rock.

Sport 39m, 18 Australia Don't Bother rudi
Sat 31st Mar 2018

Showing all 1 ascent.