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Rating Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Difficulty Date
2348 points
Trad 19 Hadrian Direct Finish

Probably should have took an extra cam (I had 2 reds and a gold) but fun lil number. Hard to not step on the block out right!

Trad 12m Werribee Gorge Sat 28th May 2022
2227 points
21 White Noise

Bloody mega classic this one!

- with Lorraine Cheung
Mixed trad 30m, 14 Bruny Island Mega Classic Wed 13th Jan 2021
2016 points
Trad 21 White Noise

Repeat so Matthew Follent could lead this classic! Great time, apart from we took a single rope and got it stuck trying to pull it! Luckily gsmizz and Will Gregson showed up at just the right time to help us out!

- with Matthew Follent
Mixed trad 30m, 14 Bruny Island Classic Mon 18th Apr 2022
2011 points
Trad 17 Conscientious Pontius

Might have done this before? Either way I doubt I fell off. Squeezed a couple of jams outta it’ worth a go.

Trad 13m Werribee Gorge Sat 28th May 2022
1913 points
Trad 18 Jihad

Forgot to log this at the time, pretty exposed (read "bloody terryifying").

- with James Renshaw
Trad 30m Cape Raoul Good Wed 1st Jan 2020
1633 points
Trad 22 Blunt instrument/Burning spear P2 Link-Up

Forgot to log this at the time but from memory pinged off above the flake and took a proper whip for the first time ever on gear, screamed like a girl, very embarrassing, good times.

- with James Renshaw
Mixed trad 35m, 8 Fortescue Bay Very Good Wed 1st Jan 2020
1531 points
17 Dirge Trad 85m Arapiles Good Sun 7th Oct 2018
1490 points
Trad 14 D Minor

Great lil' expdition for Tanya's first outing. Great gear throughout with a couple of classy moves through the buges at the top.

- with Tanya Margarita
Trad 35m Arapiles Very Good Thu 17th Mar 2022
1327 points
Trad 13 Muldoon

Getting around the bulge seemed a bit spicy initially (espcially as there's not really any pro after the piton!) but was actually fine, basically a wondery gym climb after that!

- with Tanya Margarita
Trad 42m Arapiles Good Fri 18th Mar 2022
1300 points
16 Sealevel Traverse

It took my phone and my shorts, maybe it's type 3 fun?

- with James Renshaw
Trad 600m Freycinet National Park Don't Bother Fri 22nd Jan 2021
1263 points
Trad 18 Rain Of Terror

Forgot to log this at the time, James lead this, I lead Jihad, not sure which was more terrifying!

- with James Renshaw
Trad 30m Cape Raoul Average Wed 1st Jan 2020
1020 points
Trad 10 Eskimo Nell

Fun jaunt with Lou Man for his first “proper” trad leads. We were pretty efficient till the last pitch where I managed to create an 40m knot in the rope that required about 0.5km of rope pulling which added about 45minutes to the excursion, definitely the crux! Rapped down in the dark for the epic!

- with Lou Man
Trad 130m Arapiles Very Good Mon 14th Mar 2022
948 points
Trad 12 Apline

Bloody brilliant!

- with Dan Cornish
Trad 70m Freycinet National Park Classic Wed 1st Jan 2020
857 points
Trad 8 Diapason

Bit of a faff fest, probably my own fault, built the first anchor in a bit of an awkward position, got a nut stuck on the second anchor then had to find our way down in the dark. At least I took the headlamps! 🤷‍♀️

- with Tanya Margarita
Trad 55m Arapiles Average Thu 17th Mar 2022
812 points
12 Bard Trad 120m Arapiles Very Good Sat 6th Oct 2018
352 points
14 Lamplighter Trad 78m Arapiles Very Good Tue 10th Oct 2017

Showing all 16 ascents.