Ascents by Jacob Henwood having trad-cpr

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Rating Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
1403 points
17 Sweet Dreams Variant #2

Climbed the last pitch in the rain. It wasn't as bad as we thought it might be.

- with Ryan Cooper
1 14 20m lead by Jacob Henwood
2 10 20m lead by Ryan Cooper
3 13 28m lead by Jacob Henwood
4 13 25m lead by Jacob Henwood
5 17 25m lead by Ryan Cooper
Mixed trad 120m, 12 Blue Mountains Mega Classic Sun 13th Sep 2020
1250 points
12 Groovy

The vertical fern garden is well groomed, and though not helpful is definitely a nice change from all the bare rock. Take a keen gardener.

- with Ryan Cooper
Trad 30m Blue Mountains Good Sun 30th Aug 2020
1031 points
13 Charity

If you're mantling into a dust bowl, you've gone too far. Take doubles of 3 and 4 or you'll be bumping like dodge-ems.

- with Ryan Cooper
Trad 14m Blue Mountains Good Sat 29th Feb 2020
1031 points
13 14 Joseph (Joseph P1)

Ants nest at the first anchor.

- with Ryan Cooper, p
1 13 24m
Trad 24m Blue Mountains Very Good Sat 29th Feb 2020
736 points
13 Honey Dip

This little hidden gem is a chaos emerald. Loved every moment.

- with Ryan Cooper
Mixed trad 30m, 1 Blue Mountains Classic Sun 30th Aug 2020
561 points
8 Faith

There's suddenly no gear to place. Not a great first trad.

- with Ryan Cooper
1 8 15m
Trad 15m Blue Mountains Good Sat 29th Feb 2020
350 points
9 Rickapoodle

Pretty easy to go off piste, if you've done some gardening and ended up out over Deceptor you've made some mistakes.

- with Ryan Cooper
Trad 30m Blue Mountains Good Sun 30th Aug 2020

Showing all 7 ascents.