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New Zealand • Sport climber
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About me

I started outdoor climbing in January 2019. My first lead climbing outdoors was in March 2019. Every lead outdoor climb I have ever done is on this profile. I am new to climbing, but very keen

Current Goal


Previous Goals

  • June 2020 Goal was to climb grade 25 - success
  • July 2021 Goal was to climb grade 27 cleanly by the Olympics 2021 - failed
  • 21 April 2022 Goal was to climb two grade 26 routes cleanly - failed


  • 31st January 2021 - Left middle finger flexor tendon on Black Widow at Froggatt
  • 14th May 2021 - Avulsion fractures to right little finger playing soccer Still on the path to recovery after over 8 months!
  • 19 February 2022 - Something popped in my right wrist (another finger flexor tendon attachment?) on Black Widow (again!). Can barely close my hand now. Off to the hand physio again

Approach to personal grades

Because I am new to climbing I almost always take the grade assigned. The exception is if I perceive that there is an easier line to clip the bolts than "was intended". My attitude is that you almost never have the FA with you to tell you which holds are in, so unless explicit in the description, all holds are in. In which case, if an easier line has been ignored, then I will offer a lower grade to reflect the easiest line.

Approach to logging ascent types

(1) Onsight - if I haven't seen anything about the climb that could help me climb it, and I climb it at first asking with no gear pre-placed.

(2) Flash - I know something about the climb, usually because I just watched my partner onsight it. Usually the gear is on, as my partner typically doesn't remove the gear until we are finished climbing the route.

(3) Redpoint - If I didn't onsight or flash, then red point is a clean climb of the route, whether or not the gear is on. The rope might be pre-clipped into the first quickdraw for safety reasons. I don't distinguish between red point and "pink point".

(4) Hangdog - if I climbed to the top of the route, but rested on the rope (either by falling or calling a take). The only other aid I would use and call it a hangdog is pulling myself up the rope a bit after a hang. This means I will have always placed all quickdraws from a clipping stance, and I would have attained the clipping stance by climbing unaided from the last clipped bolt or earlier. If I have to use other aid (like holding a dogbone, or standing in a sling) then I do not count it as a hangdog.

(5) Working - if I wasn't trying to climb the route and was just working the moves. Or if I topped it out, but I needed to use aid other than hanging and pulling up on the rope (see hangdog).

(6) Attempt - I was trying to get to the top, but I failed or retreated.


Notable ascents

By style By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Sport Red point
174 25 Badger 6 weeks ago
25 Jager Bomb 4 months ago
25 The Troll 6 months ago
179 23 Breaking Point 5 weeks ago
23 Rasta's Revolution about a year ago
23 Tequila Sunrise about two years ago
153 22 In the Club about a year ago
22 Greed about a year ago
22 Quake Effect about two years ago
1 22 Carpe Diem 2 years ago
Boulder Flash
43 V5 #10 4 months ago
39 V5 Child's Play 5 weeks ago
V5 Petrol 5 weeks ago
V5 #9 4 months ago
Trad Flash
2 17 The Frenz Experiment 6 months ago
17 Atomic Rooster 6 months ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
142 24 L.A.D 2 years ago
Ti Point
93 25 The Troll 6 months ago
25 Strong Men Also Cry about a year ago
Maungarei Springs
83 25 Dodor 7 months ago
Wharepapa Rock
61 22 Hot Lava about two years ago
22 Technical Data about two years ago
Wye Creek
55 24 Shared Vision 4 months ago

Climber Performance Rating (CPR) Timelines

For help understanding the CPR timeline chart see the CPR timeline explained article.

Sport timeline (ascents)

Boulder timeline (ascents)

Trad timeline (ascents)

grade pyramids

Sport 540 ascents

26 3
25 19
24 29
23 37
22 40
21 52
20 55
19 56
18 87
17 69
16 50
15 25
14 15
13 2
12 1
  Onsight   Flash   Red point   Other

Grades: Ewbanks

Boulder 75 ascents

V5 5
V4 4
V3 12
V2 17
V1 12
V0+ 1
V0 16
VB+ 3
VB 2
VB- 3
  Flash   Send   Other

Grades: V-Scale

Trad 4 ascents

25 1
17 2
13 1
  Flash   Tick   Other

Grades: Ewbanks

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