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About me

Tall, dark and handsome when its pitch black! I might not be the best climber in the world but I try to have as much fun as I can. I Love my part time job hanging off rocks with clients around the planet and with my alter ego as a wind turbine blade tech, all these ropes and knotts I've got to try BDSM at somepoint! (bucket list) together with giving back to climbing by adding new routes to various sports climbing crags in Mallorca, Costa B, Croatia and Kalymnos. Location Newcastle upon Tyne

Best Climbing Experience Surviving this long.

Favourite Climbing-Related Discussion Topic Beer and Pizza, sometimes Pizza and Beer, occaisionally wine rears its ugly head and adds to the general confusion and carnage. Sipouro in Kalymnos, sweet Mary mother of God never ever again!

Interests Outside Climbing Drink Drugs and greasy undercuts! Also my numerous clutch of children who are now coming on cragging trips with Dad, great!!!!! Update as of 16/6/12 baby Sophia joins her 5 brothers Callum, Tom, James, Jonathan & Euan I can forsee the purchase of a pink chalk bag! and thats just for me!!!

About My Photography Dave Bailey isn't worried! In fact David Bailey is pissing himself laughing!

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