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By style By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Sport Clean
46 7b+ Stau im Rücken about a year ago
7b+ Dumbo about two years ago
Red point
23 7b+ Fix & Foxi 9 months ago
3 7a+ Gumpone about two years ago
Pink point
7 7a+ El siroco me vuelve loco about a year ago
23 7a Symphonie 5 months ago
Top rope
2 7a Octopussy about a year ago
14 7a Quanto crucco sei 4 weeks ago
8 6c+ John Lennon 2 years ago
6c+ Renaissance 2 years ago
6c+ Trust your feet 2 years ago
Second Clean
1 7a L'home del txapo 7 months ago
1 6c Clasicorra bastorra 7 months ago
Deep water solo Flash
1 6a No name 6 4 weeks ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Frankenjura Nord
29 7b+ Dumbo about two years ago
San Vito lo Capo
14 7a+ Stringi il tuo an 29 days ago
7a+ Scusassi 4 weeks ago
7a+ Falling down 5 weeks ago
8 7b+ Die letzte Sau 2 years ago
Valle del Sarca
7 7b Vocheso 2 years ago
Frankenjura Süd
7 7a+/b Rote Liebe 6 months ago

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Sport 127 ascents

7c 1
7b+ 4
7b 6
7a+ 20
7a 24
6c+ 31
6c 23
6b+ 5
6b 7
6a+ 2
5c+ 1
5c 3
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Grades: French

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