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Sat 17 Oct

Jake Berg flashed 2 routes at Point Clare and mentioned Don Marko and Pat Torley. • 2153 4 days ago

18 Line of silver Sport 12mGood

Great climb. Crux low and the wall. Not overly tough. Stairway to heaven after crux. — with Don Marko,Pat Torley

15 Master Window Sport 12m, 5Good

Easy. Fun little climb. — with Don Marko,Pat Torley

Sat 3 Oct

Jake Berg flashed a route at Point Clare. • discuss 18 days ago

16 Mr Window Sport 12m, 5Good

Good climb. — with Pat Torley,Don Marko

Don Marko started this discussion 18 days ago.

Nice! 🙌

Jake Berg replied 18 days ago.

Was a bunch of fun!

Don Marko ticked a route at Point Clare and mentioned Jake Berg. • 1473 18 days ago

16 Mr Window Sport 12m, 5Very Good

Fun little climb. — with Jake Berg,Pat

Mon 14 Sep

Michael Grant flashed a route at West Gosford. • discuss 5 weeks ago

15 Building Bridges Sport 9m, 4Good

Definitely not a 19, huge juggy moves, gigantic footholds, easy clips, loads of spots to rest.

Don Marko started this discussion 5 weeks ago.

Yo man, how'd you get out there? Can't figure out where to park & go. TIA, Mark.

Michael Grant replied 5 weeks ago.

Ah, this is accessed by going up near the top of the road, there is a green wire fence with barbed wire on top, hop that(one part of the fence is easy to go through) and proceed through the vacant lot, hopping the fence on the other side. Then straight up the winding path.

There might be an easier way, but all the businesses in the area seem to block the simplest access.

Don Marko replied 5 weeks ago.

Sweet man, thanks. I saw a hole in a fence on a vacant block and thought that might be a way in... Cheers for the info 🙂

Michael Grant replied 5 weeks ago.

No worries mate, hopefully you can get up there. Routes definitely need a brush though so prepare for a lot of rapping... Doesn't seem like it gets all that much traffic.