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About IG Klettern Donautal / Zollernalb e.V.

When it became apparent in 1990 that the climbers in Baden-Württemberg would lose a large part of their climbing possibilities due to the expected biotope protection law, about 100 climbers spontaneously joined forces and founded the IG Klettern Donautal / Zollernalb. What happened in the following years exceeded the worst fears: Climbing in the great outdoors was strictly forbidden in Baden-Württemberg, exceptions were allowed by the district administration offices in order not to completely kill the climbing sport. Thus, for the climbers in the Danube valley of about 500 existing rocks, only 23 remained for climbing.

In the meantime our IG has almost 400 members, making it the largest association of climbers in the region.

Our IG is a member of the following organizations:

  • Federal Association IG Climbing
  • AKN (Climbing and Nature Conservation Working Group)
  • Mountain Wilderness

What are we doing?

  • We represent the interests of climbing in the Danube valley and on the Zollernalb.
  • We do everything we can to preserve the Upper Danube Valley climbing area.
  • We try to get free additional climbing possibilities in the Danube valley together with other organisations as well as on our own initiative.
  • IG Klettern has built the entire network of access routes to the cliffs and entrances for you. These routes are an official requirement and therefore a prerequisite for climbing in the Danube valley.
  • The IG Klettern (IG Climbing) has set up every Bühler hook you click here. This is our contribution to safety in Däle.
  • We have a party every year.
  • What else are we doing? Climbing, climbing, climbing together....

The Upper Danube Valley

Even if the authorities have overshot the mark in nature conservation: The Upper Danube Valley is an area with flora and fauna that is particularly worthy of protection (apart from the chamois). As climbers, we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we did not respect the interests of nature conservation in the valley. So you should pay attention to some things so that the ranger doesn't have to blame you:

  • Do not climb on closed rocks and closed routes.
  • Always use the paths laid out by us. Every entrance is accessible.
  • Where you find redirection hooks, you can assume that entering the rock head is forbidden. Don't play the mountaineer who has to be on top of the mountain.
  • Take your trash back with you, even your cigarettes.
  • Leave your ghetto blaster at home and turn off your mobile phone. If this is difficult for you, please go to the gym!

You see, there are not even 10 commandments. We wish you a relaxed climbing in the Däle!

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