Ivan Contamina

Spain • Sport climber
  • Grade context: FR
  • Ascents: 16
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Mon 28 Sep

Ivan Contamina onsighted a route and climbed 2 other routes at Jérica. • 2522 24 days ago

Tue 15 Sep

Ivan Contamina logged 3 ascents from the past at Montanejos. • 2515 5 weeks ago

6c Maldoror Sport 30m — Sat 29th Aug 2020Good

6a+ Draco Sport 16m, 5 — Sat 29th Aug 2020Very Good

6b Ke No Hi Kap Sport — Sat 29th Aug 2020Average

Ivan Contamina logged 4 ascents from the past at Alto Mijares. • 2955 5 weeks ago

6c Celtis australis Sport 15m, 7 — Sat 15th Aug 2020Good

6b Trueno Sport 20m, 9 — Sat 15th Aug 2020

6a+ Sancho Panza Sport 21m, 9 — Sun 16th Aug 2020Very Good

6c+ Luchar contra Molinos de Viento Sport 24m, 13 — Sun 16th Aug 2020Good

Ivan Contamina flashed 2 routes and climbed 4 other routes at Gestalgar. • 2548 5 weeks ago

5 Murte Sport 6m

6b La Barraca Zorras Sport 8mAverage

6a La Senda Cantalar Sport 12mVery Good

6a La Senda Cantalar Sport 12mVery Good

6a+ Lerchundi Bandolero Sport 14m

6c La lengua de las mariposas Sport 12mGood