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Switzerland • Sport climber
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About me

Born in Delémont, a small town in the north-west Switzerland, I was introduced into climbing around 9. It was not only a sport like the others, I found a passion, fell in love with this sport and quiet the others sports I used to do for climbing. I first started with indoor climbing. I loved to train and have fun with my friends climbers and fight hard in competitions. But more than this, this is a sport that I practice for myself, a sport where you need to know yourself very well for overpassing your limits. At 14, I joined the Swiss team, started with international competitions and regulary reached the podium in European junior cups. In 2009 I won the Youth World Championnship. Training for the comps and studying for school didnt’ let me so much time for climbing outdoor but I spent each free day on rock (mostly sport climbing routes) in Switzerland and Europe. In parralel, I studied law in University and had my master in 2016. In between, my boyfriend and I took 7 months off just for rockclimbing and traveling. I really like competitions. Trying to be the best on a route in front of the public is very exciting but the feelings on rock is incomparable. I like the creativity, the aestheticism of the moves. There is no opponent ; the challenge is to push further your own limit. Rockclimbing also developped another passion : traveling ! That’s why we took 7 months in 2014-2015 for a trip around the world for climbing in Asia, USA and Africa and another 4 months with our van in 2016-2017 between France and Spain. Those rockclimbing trips let me improve a lot my climbing. Training in the gym is an important part of my training but it is more important not to loose the passion. I’m not a professional climber so all the time I spend climbing, it’s because I love it !

Now I’m still psyched for competitons but also for rock climbing!

My best results in competitions

European youth cups

  • 3 rd general classment 2010
  • 1 st general classment 2011

World youth championnship

  • 2 nd World Youth Championnship 2008
  • 1 st World Youth Championnship 2009

Elite World cups

  • 13 th World cup, Briançon 2011
  • 24 th World Championnship, Arco 2011
  • 15 th World cup, Stavanger 2015
  • 20 th European Championnship, Campitello Di Fassa 2017
  • 11 th World cup, Villars 2017
  • 10 th World cup, Briançon 2017
  • 13 th World cup, Arco 2017

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Notable ascents

By style By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Sport Red point
101 9a Jungfraumarathon 3 years ago
9a La Cabane au Canada 5 years ago
1 8c Jusqu´au bout du monde 2 years ago
19 8a+ Via Del Fran 5 years ago
8a+ The Madness 8 years ago
8a+ Pushin' Up Daisies 8 years ago
6 8a+ Les corbeaux aux trousses 10 months ago
8a+ Mon dieu 6 years ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Red River Gorge
10 8c+ Southern Smoke 8 years ago
阳朔 Yangshuo
9 8c 中国攀岩 China Climb 8 years ago
Basler Jura
8 8c Jusqu´au bout du monde 2 years ago
8c So-Ya-Hé 3 years ago
6 8a+ Via Del Fran 5 years ago
Smith Rock State Park
6 8a+ Rude Boys 8 years ago

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Sport 126 ascents

9a 2
8c+ 7
8c 12
8b+ 18
8b 23
8a+ 22
8a 24
7c+ 8
7c 7
7a+ 1
6a+ 1
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Grades: French

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