Martina Čufar Potard

Slovenia • Sport climber
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About me

I am Martina Čufar Potard (14.1.1977), I've been climbing for 30 years now! I did 16 years of competition climbing and was a World Champion in difficulty climbing in 2001. But most of all I am a passionate rock climber. Rock is the element to which I am attracted as a magnet . I love every style of rock climbing from bouldering, to sport climbing, trad climbing and multipitch climbing. I did almost 500 routes in 8 grade, and multipitch walls as El Capitan, El Gigante…) I am Slovenian, but I live in Chamonix (F) since 2010. It’s because I met one nice french guy Nico in the middle of the El Capitan wall, to who I am married now and we have two little (getting big fast) boys Tommy and Paco. Being a climbing mom changed my life quite a lot, but still I try to climb as much as possible. I managed to do my second 8c after being mom for the 2nd time…

I also love to share my passion with others, in the climbing camps for adults and kids. My other passion which became a work now is massaging.

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Notable ascents

By style By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Sport Red point
190 8c Vizija 14 years ago
111 8a+ Déversé Satanique 14 years ago
8a+ Paideia 14 years ago
8a+ Onan der Masturbator 15 years ago
26 8a Alt Urgell 10 years ago
8a Pepino Pilotino 12 years ago
8a Angelica 13 years ago
Trad Red point
2 5.13a The Phoenix 12 years ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
27 10+ Midlife crisis 13 years ago
10+ Nicht loslassen können 15 years ago
10+ Merkl Rinne 15 years ago
20 8b Rock me baby 13 years ago
20 8a Angelica 13 years ago
8a Super Priapos 13 years ago
8a Daniboy 16 years ago
Mišja Peč
15 8c Vizija 14 years ago
14 8a Les Caprices d'Anatole 4 years ago

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Sport 322 ascents

8c 1
8b+ 13
8b 20
8a+ 34
8a 94
7c+ 61
7c 84
7b+ 12
7b 1
7a+ 1
7a 1
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Grades: French

Trad 2 ascents

7c+ 1
7a+ 1
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Grades: French

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