Martina Demmel

Germany • Sport climber
  • Grade context: UK
  • Ascents: 1575
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About me

Actually, I used to do skiraces my whole life until I was 15. Then, a good friend convinced me to come with her to the climbing group in our little village. I immediately fall in love with it especcially with the mix of eleganc, power and the mental side. Being outdoors was what I always loved so I'm simply only climbing on rocks and therefor, I really enjoy travelling with good friends and seeing new places

Notable ascents

By style By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Sport Red point
416 9a Joe Cita about a year ago
1038 8b+ Humildes pa casa about a year ago
116 8a+ Sueurs Froides 2 years ago
8a+ Baumkrone 2 years ago
Trad Red point
1 9 Geisterbahn 2 years ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Frankenjura Nord
350 8c Mastermind about two years ago
8c Klondike Cat 2 years ago
8c Father and Son 2 years ago
212 8c VQ (Vaginal Qual) about a year ago
8c QL about two years ago
8c Formiert=Voi miad about two years ago
140 8c Dures Limites about two years ago
138 8c Mundo Soñado about two years ago
8c Primer Asalto about two years ago
132 8b+ Renegiode 2 years ago
8b+ Dogma 2 years ago
8b+ El Món de Sofía 2 years ago

Climber Performance Rating (CPR) Timelines

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Sport timeline (ascents)

Trad timeline (ascents)

grade pyramids

Sport 1541 ascents

9a 1
8c+ 2
8c 19
8b+ 24
8b 52
8a+ 48
8a 121
7c+ 134
7c 153
7b+ 185
7b 100
7a+ 156
7a 175
6c+ 116
6c 79
6b+ 26
6b 56
6a+ 52
6a 29
5c+ 2
  Onsight   Flash   Red point   Other

Grades: French

Trad 2 ascents

9 1
7 1
  Onsight   Red point   Other

Grades: UIAA

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