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About Mountain Club of Kenya

The Mountain Club of Kenya first started as the Mountain Club of East Africa (Kenya Section) in 1938 but it has been in existence as a separate club since 1949.

We are a community of impassioned climbers and hikers. Our boots have logged countless miles and our climbing shoes are worn with holes: proof of our determination, enthusiasm and love for the outdoors. With these experiences, our members have cultivated a spirit that leads them to shy away from the beaten path, instead opting to forge new frontiers, embrace new challenges, develop our skills, and open new routes. Our adventurous spirit comes with a sense of responsibility and independence, borne out of the wisdom and experience that has been built over countless expeditions. It’s what we do, what we breathe, what makes us feel alive. A member of the Mountain Club of Kenya is an impassioned, independent and responsible participant in the natural world—climbers and hikers who neither need nor desire all the details to be clearly laid before them, but rather are outdoor enthusiasts with an open mind and the skills needed to embrace the unscripted journey before us.

But that’s not all that we do – we not only breathe in the beauty of nature, we also strive to play a part, to nurture the next generation of responsible adventurers, to return the favor —we strive to preserve the serenity and pristine condition of our mountains and natural wonders of Kenya. Our members generously contribute to this meritorious cause through organizing “clean-ups” and supporting organizations bestowed with the responsibility of managing and maintaining these natural assets (e.g. KWS and the Mountain Trust of Kenya). We take care of Kenya’s wildlands because the wilds of Kenya take care of us.

Mountain Club of Kenya

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