max michell

Australia • Boulderer
  • Grade context: AU
  • Ascents: 48
  • Member since: 2018
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Notable ascents

By style By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Boulder Send
35 V10 Fight Club 5 days ago
V10 No Respect 5 days ago
V10 Turbo Guns 21 days ago
9 V7 Great Expectations 7 months ago
Sport Pink point
1 24 Wham Bam Thankyou Maam 7 months ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
10 V10 Turbo Guns 21 days ago
The Balkans
8 V7 Paratroopin 9 months ago
Queanbeyan area
6 V7 Muy Forte
East Killara
5 V5 Simons Dyno about a year ago
V5 Fire From Heaven Blues about a year ago
V5 Can I Get A Witness about a year ago
Black Cave
4 V6 Aquarius 5 weeks ago

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Boulder timeline (ascents)

grade pyramids

Boulder 46 ascents

V10 4
V9 2
V8 3
V7 6
V6 3
V5 15
V4 10
V3 2
V2 1
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Grades: V-Scale

Sport 1 ascent

24 1
  Pink point   Other

Grades: Ewbanks

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