Staša Gejo

Serbia • Sport climber
  • Grade context: UK
  • Ascents: 411
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  • Member since: 2017
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About me

I started climbing from an early age. I come from a climbing family, so it was kinda in my genes to start doing the same. I was always surrounded by climbing gear and rocks, it was all my natural playground. When I was around 5, we built a house in a climbing area called Jelašnica and we still live here. I climbed most of the routes here and here I learned how to climb. I did my first 8b here as well, when I was only 12. I also competed from an early age, specialized in bouldering, but currently hunting the Olympic format. However, I somehow prefer lead climbing outdoors. I have always combined competition and outdoor climbing. Rocks give me inner peace, bring new refreshing energy to me. My current best lead is 8b+ and best boulder is 8A. Hopefully I will shift these levels soon!

Notable ascents

By style By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Sport Tick
12 8b+ Gedžo i Džandža Rockstars 2 years ago
Red point
177 8b+ Butnskala 3 years ago
8b+ Memento 4 years ago
40 7c+ Dream team 5 years ago
147 7c+ Maligna 2 years ago
2 7c Hugo 3 years ago
Boulder Send
20 7C Schneebrett 6 years ago
1 6A La Marie Rose 3 years ago
Trad Red point
3 8- Rock 'n' Roll 13 years ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Jelasnicka Klisura
124 8b Maemi 7 years ago
8b Future Land 10 years ago
41 8b+ Butnskala 3 years ago
8b+ Memento 4 years ago
Mišja Peč
35 8b Mrtvaški ples 2 years ago
8b Lahko noč, Irena 3 years ago
27 8a+ La Cara Que No Miente 3 years ago
19 8b+ Gedžo i Džandža Rockstars 2 years ago

Climber Performance Rating (CPR) Timelines

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Sport timeline (ascents)

Boulder timeline (ascents)

Trad timeline (ascents)

grade pyramids

Sport 369 ascents

8b+ 4
8b 11
8a+ 14
8a 25
7c+ 21
7c 27
7b+ 31
7b 28
7a+ 30
7a 41
6c+ 37
6c 27
6b+ 22
6b 15
6a+ 16
6a 10
5c+ 2
5b 2
  Onsight   Flash   Red point   Tick   Other

Grades: French

Boulder 12 ascents

7C 1
7B+ 1
7B 4
7A+ 2
7A 2
6C+ 1
6A 1
  Flash   Send   Other

Grades: Fontainebleau

Trad 3 ascents

8- 1
7 1
7- 1
  Red point   Other

Grades: UIAA

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