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Austria • Boulderer
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Thu 24 Sep

Thomas Gebetsberger edited some routes and some areas at Aggstein. 605 5 weeks ago

Created 4 areas and 25 routes - full details.

Thomas Gebetsberger ticked 2 routes at Aggstein. • 3328 5 weeks ago

6A Irie Man Boulder

7A Crashpadsurfer BoulderVery Good

Thomas Gebetsberger ticked a route at Höllengebirge. • 3328 5 weeks ago

7A Pussy Driver BoulderVery Good

Mon 24 Aug

Thomas Gebetsberger ticked a route at Höllengebirge. • 3202 9 weeks ago

6C+ Elevation BoulderGood

Thomas Gebetsberger created some routes at Höllengebirge. 105 9 weeks ago

Created the route {FB} 5B Servus.
Created the route {FB} 3C Kika.
Created the route {FB} 6C Seitenblicke.
Created the route {FB} 6B GZSZ.
Created the route {FB} 6C Körbchengröße.
Created the route {FB} 6A 666.
Created the route {FB} 6C+ Elevation.
Sun 23 Aug

Thomas Gebetsberger ticked 2 routes at Höllengebirge. • 3828 9 weeks ago

7C 7a Dynabitt Boulder

6C Haustüren Johnny BoulderGood

Mon 15 Jun

Thomas Gebetsberger added Maltatal to their favorites. • 4 months ago

Tue 19 May

Thomas Gebetsberger added Hoher Stein to their favorites. • 5 months ago