Trevor Kettlewell

Australia • Sport climber
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About me

Like to find some more locals to climb with. Please get in touch if you want to go somewhere around Nowra. 'Nowra Cool Kids Climbing Crew' also a good FB option.

Found out about all this great local climbing through my nephew (darylthedude I think on these pages).

Initially just did it to encourage some sporting activity for my son, but eventually got bored with just belaying.

Now he's chucked it in and I've got a new hobby.

Notable ascents

By style By type Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
Sport Top rope
426 22 Amazon Queens Right Hand (flake) Variant 2 years ago
Pink point
38 20 To Death 7 months ago
20 Beavis 8 months ago
20 Bug Itch 8 months ago
15 19 Alien Space Monsters 7 years ago
Red point
190 19 Gun Barrel Highway 7 months ago
19 Vanderholics 7 months ago
19 Messi Dog 4 years ago
24 18 Wasp in the Willows 5 years ago
1 15 Hare Of The Tortoise 8 years ago
Trad Top rope
5 18 Pinocchio's Nose 3 years ago
18 Vox Populi 4 years ago
1 18 Vox Populi 3 years ago
1 14 Over the Yardarm 6 years ago
By area Diff. band Ascents Hardest ascent
784 22 Amazon Queens Right Hand (flake) Variant 2 years ago
New Nowra - Braidwood Road
124 20 Tassi Rabbi 6 years ago
20 Trad Dads Can't Campus 6 years ago
Mount Alexandra
33 20 Iclimb 3 years ago
20 Galvanise 7 years ago
20 Surprise 7 years ago
Point Perpendicular
14 19 Friend or Foe 4 years ago
Blue Mountains
12 19 Powerbra Rangers 4 years ago
19 Little Triggers 6 years ago
19 Quirrell's Quarrell 6 years ago

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