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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Pared de Vieja Hosteria
Proyecto 1 SportProject
Proyecto 2 SportProject
7a Bubub Sport 2
6a Rosita Sport 20m
6b Limpia bien pelado Sport 20m
6c+/7a El aereo Sport 20m
6a Fisu Trad 3
6b El enano Sport
6b Teneme Chelo Sport
6c+ Plaquero y yo Top rope
6a Diedrito Trad
6c+ El serrucho

Set: Flavio Manzana Renzacci

6c+ El totem

Set: Flavio Manzana Renzacci

Pared del Diedro Grande
6b+ Fisura

The diehedral at the left end of the wall

6c+ Sandinista

Starts at overhung arete

7a+ The Clash

Starts on wall just right of S

Route to L of Grand Dihedral

2m left of corner

5+ Diedro Grande

The prominent dihedral seen from the national park office. Finishes at piton anchor.

Trad 32m
6c+ A2 Aid fisura

im R of corner up past pitons in seam. Then up thin crack

Aid 34m
6c El Punga

Start up chimner and step lft onto thin face. Technical moves to ledge then more easily up slightly overhanging arete

Sport 15m
7a Gato por Liebre

1m R of EP, up thin face and finger crack.

Sport 15m
7a El engano

2m R again

Sport 15m
7a+ El sucio

1m right , up crack to start. Doesnt look dirty. On same wall as preceding 3 routes

Sport 15m
6a+ Kankeros Profesionales

Up a short face, but mainly climbs R arete before moving left near top.

Sport 12m
6b+ La Mezcla

Starts just left of a short overhung corner. Up thin face to horizontal. Weave way up wall on line of least resistance. Escapable in parts and quite run out.

Sport 15m

About 40m right and up hill are 2 steep routes. This one is no longer a project but not sure of name. Start up gully

7a Mendoza style

The right of the routes starting in gully. ROck looks quite average

6a Vamos negro

Go carefully to first bolt which is about 5m up. Run out slab climbing on average quality rock. Starts around corner and up hill from gully

Sport 15m
6b+ Buen Comienzo

Starts from same stance as VN and goes right up arete. Friable rock detracts from nice moves.

Sport 15m
Los Baños
M. Testa Rica Sport
7b Masocrismo Sport
6b Sin Chapitas hay Rutita Sport
7a Los Indecotables Sport
6c+ Here Riebman Sport
6c Pudel Des Todes Sport
7c Buenos días Messias Sport
6b+ Spreriu Sport 16m, 7
6b Centro Alpino Sport 25m, 12
6a+ El Corazón de Pisculichi Sport 17m
6a Dulce de Latchen Sport 17m, 6
6b+ Dulce de Latchen (Extension) Sport 23m
5+ Heber Ludueña Sport 15m, 6
6c Heber Ludueña (Extension) Sport 25m
6b Dante Sport 40m
5+ Alegría Sport 25m, 7
6b+ Alegría (Extension) Sport 15m
6a+ Ruta 15 Trad 20m
6a Ruta 16 Sport 25m, 11
6b Ruta 17 Sport 25m, 8
6a Ruta 18 Sport 25m, 9
6a+ 42 Sport
6b Dach Matt Sport
6a Ruta 21 Trad 15m
6b+ Indean Sport
7a+ Al que no le guste que no la pruebe Sport
6c Si te subís te pego Sport
6c+ Laja Piculinchis Sport
Paredon de los Condores
{US} FR:6c Unknown1
1 6c
2 6b+
3 6b+
4 6b+
5 ?
Sport 5
6b Across the bridge white pockets
1 6a
2 6b
3 6a
4 5+
5 5

Immediately above the bridge there is a routel that starts on white pockets and goes into a L facing corner and later heads out a large roof. Pitch 1: (6a) Up white wall with multiple large huecos into R leaning corner/ ramp. Climb past first set of anchor bolts to anchors at base of arete. Pitch 2 (crux): Up face and right to arete. Belay on ledge atchain anchor. Pitch 3: (6a) Up arete to open corner, trending left to under roof Pitch 4: (5+) Up the right along ledge. Under right side of roof traverse right to belay Pitch 5: (5) Step left into corner and up to anchor. Rappel from here or continue scrambling up and left to plateau and go left to descent gully

Sport 150m, 5
{US} FR:7a Unknown3 Sport
{US} FR:6c Unknown4 Sport
{US} FR:7a Unknown5 Sport
{US} FR:6c Unknown6
1 6c
2 6b
3 6b
4 6b
5 6a+
Sport 5
{US} FR:7c Unknown7
1 6b+
2 6a
3 6c
4 7c
Sport 4
6a Lo dejamos ahi

Known locally as "the easiest rock climb in El Chalten", at least, it is the easiest multi-pitch. Has been climbed in winter with ice axes and crampons.

From the wooden bridge walk south towards the old orange bridge/flying fox thing. Take first small branch trail you come to, just before the orange flying fox, the track leads to a massive boulder field from significant rockfall, the climb starts just up and right from the debris field.

The climb is recognisable by the large smooth slab comprising the top third which has a right trending diagonal crack with a belay cave half-way.

Apparently no harder than 6a.

To descend, from the final anchor, walk north along the ledge for a few metres to a rap station. It would be awkward to abseil from the final anchor and hit the previous belay due to the diagonal nature of that pitch.

Set: Alberto Del Castillo, Oscar Pandolfi & Marcelo Pagani

Sport 150m, 4, 7
6b A la torre

Directly opposite Hosteria Vertical Lodge. From wooden bridge, walk south ~100m past the old orange bridge structure, then a bit further and head up hill. All belays have rings for abseiling. Rock quality is poor in spots but no worse than any other route on this wall.

6 pitches:

  1. 25m, 5 bolts, Straight up easy slabs

  2. 25m, 5 bolts, Trending left around bulge

  3. 30m, 8 bolts, Easy scramble up and right past 2 or 3 bolts and scree, climb short face (3rd bolt on face hidden), then trend left to sloping ledge and belay.

  4. 30m, 12 bolts, Straight up steep wall, 1st bolt heads left but easier ground right, then right-facing corner and awkward mantle on to sloping ledge, followed by another right-facing corner and mantle.

  5. 15m, 5 bolts, Ridiculous horizontal traverse.

  6. Crux, 20m, 8 bolts, Straight up, then up steep wall with pockets.

Descent Options:

  1. Walk-off. Still need rope to climb above final anchor, then walk left ~200m to walk-down gully.

  2. Abseil, very awkward to hit 4th belay on abseil due to the horizontal traverse. Then abseil ~53m to 2nd belay and ~40m to ground.

  3. Alternatively, abseil to 5th belay, then ~50m to 1m dirt ledge where you can carefully walk across to 2nd belay. ~40m to the ground from 2nd belay.

Set: Juan Manuel Raselli & Roberto Treu

Sport 150m, 6, 33
{US} FR:6a+ A la torre - Direct finish

As for previous route, but heads straight up from the fifth belay for a moderate slab pitch with some poxy rock up high.

Sport 150m, 5, 12
6b+ Chinchillon Anaranjado
1 6a+
2 6b
3 6b+
4 5+
5 6b+

Climbs the prominent white tower opposite Hosteria Vertical Lodge, about ~200m south of the wooden bridge. (it looks like a coke bottle)

Set: Manuel Quiroga & Chalten Mountain Guides, 2009

Sport 120m, 5
{US} FR:7b Unknown12
1 7b
2 7a
3 6a
4 6a+
5 6b
Sport 5
Unknown13 Sport 5
6a+ Juani & Pedro
  1. 6a

  2. 5+

  3. 6a+

  4. 5

Sport 120m, 4
{US} FR:7a Ahi Vamos
1 6b
2 7a
3 6a+
4 6a
5 6b+
Sport 5
La Nueva Escuelita
4+ Slab left of main wall 1

16m up and left of fence post, diagonal staircase up and right past 6 bolts to shared lower-off.

Awkward to abseil and clean the route as it wanders ~8m sideways, easiest for 2nd to top-rope and clean.

Sport 22m, 6
5 Slab left of main wall 2

Start 8m up and left from fence post at left end of main wall. 7 bolts to shared lower-off, crux is bolt 6 - 7.

Sport 22m, 7
top rope problem 1

Just to the left of the fence posts at overhung corner, only anchor bolts for TR

Top rope 18m
6a Main Wall Bolted 1

Start at fence post at left end of main wall. Up past 10 bolts. Crux is getting past the 9th bolt. Previously "Top Rope Problem 2".

Set: Leonardo Viamonte

Sport 22m, 10
6a Main Wall Bolted 2

3m right of fence post (at left end of main wall), starting at a triangular ledge at head height. Up past 9 bolts to lower-offs.

Set: Manuel Quiroga & Leonardo Viamonte

Sport 22m, 9
6a+ Main Wall Bolted 3

Start 6m right of fence post (at left end of main wall), just right of low roof at wide crack/chimney. Chimney up to 2nd bolt, crux through overlap to 3rd bolt, then more easily to anchors. Middle-third is sandy with broken rock.

Sport 22m, 9
6a Main Wall Bolted 4

8m right of fence post (at left end of main wall). Start at dihedral, up and out to 2nd bolt on face, easy slabbing until finish above scoop (protected by 9th bolt).

Sport 20m, 9
6a Main Wall Bolted 5

Diagonal right crack and ramp. Start 5m right of "Main Wall Bolted 4" past bush and crack/groove. Crux is between first 2 bolts with side clings either side. Awkward to clean the route as it wanders ~6m right to shared lower-offs.

Set: Roberto Treu

Sport 15m, 6
6b Main Wall Bolted 6

Start at seam into right leaning flake. Option to lower-off at ~9m, or continue to shared lower-offs 2 bolts higher. 2m of dirt erosion at cliff base has made the start harder and put the first bolt about 5m above the ground with tricky moves.

Set: Roberto Treu

Sport 12m, 6
6a+ Main Wall Bolted 7

At far right of main wall, up slightly overhung hand and finger crack, then left-ish to shared lower-offs.Probably harder start now given the 2m of dirt erosion at cliff base. First bolt is ~5m up. Black Diamond 0.5 or 0.75 cam useful to protect the heinous start.

Set: Roberto Treu

Sport 13m, 5
4 Slab right of main wall 1

Starts just to right of main wall up on 1m dirt ledge. Start up right facing corner past 2 bolts on left wall, then transition to right face past 2 bolts to shared lower-off.

Sport 15m, 4
4+ Slab right of main wall 2

Right of main wall up on 1m dirt ledge. Climb the middle of slab past 6 bolts. Scramble 4m to large ledge and first bolt (redundant) at knee height, then nice side cling moves from bolt 2 to 3. Easy to top.

Sport 16m, 6
La Burbuja Upper Terrace
7b 33ojos

the uppermost route, starting at prominent overlaps

Sport 20m
7a+ corner start

start at corner, heading up and into overhanging crack

6b+ Huecos

The left most route on the ledge with multiple white huecoes. Up and trend left past enuous block to steep juggy finish

Sport 25m, 12
6b Pocketed ladder

1m right, up pockets through 2 bulges to finish up pocketed groove

Sport 25m
7a white wall

1m right at diagonal ramp to start, comes close to pocketed ladder and hard to stay out of this. Finishes up arete and shares anchors with route to right.

Sport 25m
7a Undercling and groove

same start as route to left but heads right at about 5th bolt to tricky move through bulge and then a groove before back to shared anchors

Sport 25m
La Burbuja Middle Terrace
5 POcketed slab 1

the left route on white slab at top of middle terrace. Finish at shared anchors at base of upper terrace.

Sport 10m, 5
5+ Pocketed slab 2

1m right on pocketed slab wall to shared anchors

Sport 10m, 5
6b Right of the pocket slab

Climb delicate in the lower part with a cruxy move after the terrace

Sport 21m
7a+ Orange corner

Up grungy corner to traverse across hanging slab the up pockets to overhanging black rock and pump it out to anchors

Sport 20m, 10
6b+ La Burbuja

Crag classic- up steep pocketed arete

Sport 23m, 10
6b+ Right of La Burbuja

Shorter and a bit more power demanding than La Burbuja

Sport 20m
7b Bolted hand crack

Up white wall into overhanging hand crack then hardish moves on wall above

Sport 20m
Overhanging black route

1m to right of handcrack up overhanging wall on small looking holds

La Burbuja Lower Terrace
6+ Red slabs

The uphill route on the lower terrace through overlapping reddish slabs

Sport 15m
6+ Redslab right

2m right and downhill, longer and more sustained

Sport 17m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 206 routes.

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