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A woody style overhung bouldering wall. Lots of eliminate boulder problems.

Access issues

Park where Grevillea splits into Gum grove. Walk West along Viaduct Creek 5-10 minutes.


Take out everything you bring in. Leave no rubbish. Don't vandalise the rock or surrounds. If you use the mats roll them back up and put them back where you found them! Keep noise to a minimum.


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Grade Route

Furthest lefthand line of the cave.

Start on sharp finger jug on left side of crag in alcove (little cave to your left). Move LH to gaston black edge in hanging wall to your left, then bust a hug span move (gaston) to the good orange sidepull of The Enforcer (using it at a gaston). Move LH to crossly undercling in the black, then finish on the Enforcer finish jug.

Start right of 'The Press' in the corner on a white jug. Gaston a smaller jug to then move into 'The Enforcer' finish.

Climbs as for the enforcer. The second move left hand grabs a pinch instead of the sloper. Then continue as for The Enforcer

Start as for The Enforcer then boost left through the cave moving into Green Lipped Muscle. Finish as for GLM.

FA: @

Classic 4-mover. Start off underclings then go LH to a sloper with thumb catch, RH to 'the slot' then big move to sidepull and finish on the flat top jug.

Easier version of The Enforcer. Stand start matching the undercling of that route, then do its crux move, then reach LH to a pinch below the Enforcer sloper, then RH to a small 'jug' and LH to the Enforcer sidepull. Finish as for that.

Low start (sit) to The Enforcer off a breadloaf pinch/undercling.

Eliminate. Start matching low underclings right of Enforcer start (crouched start) - up into undercling of BSM, RH to the slot hold, LH to sloper beneath Enforcer jug, then RH to high fin jug. Unrepeated after about 5 years.

Start as for 'Broken Slot Machine' but go LH straight to the good black undercling, then RH to 'the bulb' undercling - and press and rotate for all your worth until you can hit (LH) the Enforcer sloper. Finish as for that problem.

Start as for BSM. Head left via a knee bar and an undercling and make a big move to join The Enforcer at its good left hand side pull. Finish as for this.

Sit start. RH sloper in middle of crag - LH sidepull. Move left into underclings and up to the slot (LH). Big move RH to lip sloper-pinch, then a series of pinches to finish on the Enforcer jug (finish of Simon's Traverse)..

Sit start as for BSM. Up to BSM underclings then up right via big span moves to finish as for Wolf Howl Extension.

Swingers Club to its 3rd move then into Craigs Kryptonite.

Twosome into Snatch.

Start as for BSM but head up right into Wolf Howl (joining it at its good L-hander) and finish as for that problem.

Start as for 'BSM' but gain the crimp high and right under the roof let with the RH. Hit the sloper above LH then the sloper of Craig's Kryptonite with your RH. Match this and boost out to the 'Wolf Howl' finish jug.

Swingers Club into Subliminal Message

Backdoor Swingers into the finish of Sublime Line

Starts on the good left hand undercling and the left hand sloper. Up to high than pinch of howling then left hand to crimp. Right to slot then big move to the finishing jug of wolf howl.

THE classic line. Sit start with two sidepulls right of BSM start. Move LH to 'the perfect pinch' then straight up via 'the perfect edge'. Big last move diagonally right for a semi-blind jug.

Climbs exactly the same as Wolf Howl apart from using the RH edge under the roof on the right to launch for the finishing hold.

Extension to Wolf Howl moving into Simon's Traverse but then going straight up the headwall via a very unlikely pinch-sloper (LH) to finish on the jug above the right-facing sidepulls.

Wolf Howl to 2nd to last hold then right to jug of Heel Right, left to Sublime pinch and right to finish (shared with Rampage).

Wolf Howl to 2nd to last hold then right to jug of Heel Right then left to the 'wafer' sidepull, right to the Rampage arete hold and left to top.

Start on slopers left of Wolf Howl, make a hard move right to the Wolf Howl intermediate sidepull, then blast to the good left hander of that problem. Gear up and make a big dyno to the last hold of the same line.

Probably the best line here. Wolf Howl then trend left across hanging pinches to finish as for 'The Enforcer'.

Blast Off start (2 moves) into Subliminal Message. Hardest V4 at PR.

Start as for Sublime Line and when at the edge head right into jug and big move to jug on right hand side.

Start as for WH but move LH into the vertical pocket and then up via big moves to a hanging block pinch. Dyno to the finish of Rampage (the shelf out right).

Wolf Howl to 4th move then RH to sloper, LH to slot, RH to sidepull, LH intermediate edge, LH again to top jug.

HRWAHT into Craig's Kryptonite then an extension finish to the top of the cliff!

Start on low jug (as for Heel Right/Left) but with feet on back wall under roof. Make a big move LH to sidepull, then move right heel into heel-toe lock. Move RH to 'bad' sloper, then go again RH to 'the shelf'. LH to the flat edge, then RH to the arete hold, then bust to the top.

Classic sloper problem. Eliminate.

Rampage without the good first sidepull - but instead 1st move to small slopey crimp.

Rampage to past its crux (4th move) then left to undercling/sidepull and drop RH to HRWAHT edge. Dyno out left into Wolf Howl and finish as for Craigs Kryptonite. 5/6?

Sit start under low roof on right side of crag (shared start with Rampage/Heel Right problems). Make a big move to the good jug (shelf) RH then pick up the sidepull out left and pull in on a right heel to gain the 'closed' edge under the roof (RH). Dyno out left into Wolf Howl to its good L-hander, then do the last big move of that problem.

Same as Heel Right, but intead of starting with a Right Heel/toe lock in, start with both feet on back wall way under the roof, then move into a left heel and climb all of the same holds of Heel Right.

Start matching horizontal at base of roof on right side of crag. Move RH to sloper (intermediate) then RH again to good shelf. Move LH to flat edge under rooflet, then RH to good jug on the arete. LH to big jug under the roof, then RH to top.

aka Heel Right no heel. A 3-move problem, possibly harder than Howl Wolf.

First 2 moves of HRNH then cross to flat jug just left of your LH and bust to the good sidepull of Howl Wolf. Finish up Craig's Kryptonite. 8 moves.

Sloper problem starting on furthest RH sloper (sit start using the heel hook footer of the original Heel Right) then gaston LH the 'bad' sloper of that problem, RH to the shelf, match, then bust RH straight up to the arete jug/rail, and LH to small edge in headwall. RH to top.

Sit start as for Heel Right. Move RH to 'spike' jug, then LH to the shelf. Match, then RH to the jug above the Rampage arete hold, then top.

Same as Spiked Drink, but after LH on the Sublime Line pinch, move RH to small jug just right of Howl Wolf finish, then LH to jug above Howl Wolf.

Sit start as for Heel Right/Rampage etc. Move RH to 'spike' jug, then LH to the shelf, RH to the Rampage arete hold, then cut left to the Sublime Line pinch and move RH to top (same finish as Rampage).

Start as for Full Heel Right then traverse left all the way past Wolf Howl and Broken Slot Machine into The Enforcer. Finish up this.

Links Dirty Harry into Striker.

Links Reverso into Craig's Kryptonite.

Low traverse left to right starting as for Paul's Warm Up and traversing through the starts of Enforcer, BSM, Wolf Howl and Rampage and finishing up Full Heel Right.

Links Reverso into Rampage.

7/8. A very demanding link. Links Reverso into Simon's Traverse.

Eliminate. Starts as for The Press then moves into the slot of BSM (RH) then its undercling (LH) and into Baseline (the start of BSM). Grab the Wolf Howl pinch with the RH then gain the good L-hander on this problem to dyno out right to the jug under the roof (above the CK edge). Finish up the jugs on the right arete.


Check out what is happening in Paul's Roof.