Wangetti Beach

  • Grade context: AU


Potential development available at the north end of Wangetti Beach, just down from Rex Lookout

Access issues inherited from Captain Cook Highway

Most crags are within public land boundaries, though some do come close to private land, respect this and stay outside private property borders and do your best to avoid upsetting landowners.

Ethic inherited from Captain Cook Highway

Clean up wherever you go, take your rubbish, or any you find out with you. So many of these areas are absolutely pristine and we should all make an effort to keep it that way.

Clean and brush but don't destroy vegetation. Avoid steel wire brushes if possible, a good majority of the rock in Cairns will disintegrate using one of these.

Tick marks - These are ok, but no gross foot long monstrosities left all over the rock, keep them small, and brush them off and your holds when you leave.

Chipping and modifying holds to make it easier for yourself is completely out, either don't do the route, or get stronger.

No squeeze jobs - putting up a line every 30cms along a wall is pointless and creates crowding, if you're on a line and you can put your hands on the route beside it then it's too close.

GEOTAGGING - PLEASE GEOTAG! For any route you create, or know is hard to find add in the Lat and Long in the route details so it shows on the map. Finding routes in the jungle is hard enough without this, with several sectors around being drawn by guesswork and not actually anywhere near the routes they hold. If you are adding in these details take a photo of the route, and then stand at the very base of it using your GPS or phone and record those numbers, don't guess using google satellite!

Don't put route beta in descriptions, for the people who enjoy the attempt of an onsight or a flash it ruins it for them. Keep route descriptions straightforward and let people work it out for themselves.

This area doesn't have any sub-areas or routes yet!

If you are familiar with Wangetti Beach please take the time to add what you know. Thanks!

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