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Getting to the cliff now involves walking in along the gorge rim from the car-park at Yellow Wall. Instead of turning down the descent gully for Yellow Wall keep walking along the gorge rim for approximately 2 kilometers, Pineapple rough is the first large buttress after Yellow Wall. Access to the climbs is from the northern descent gully. Routes start at the bottom of the descent gully and are described from left to right.


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Grade Route

Start: At the left hand end of the bluff to the left of the northern descent gully.

Up corner into off-width, past loose block then through vines to ledge.

Abseil off or scramble to top.

FA: Al Stephens & G. Francis, 1979

Start: 15m right of 'Cleaver'.

Up flared chimney, then scramble over blocks (10m), right onto large sloping ledge and up to top.

FA: G. Francis & Al Stephens, 1979

Start: At the bottom of the descent gully at the left end of the cliff. Scramble up to ledge left of big chimney with tree.

  1. 20m Up crack corner to, traverse right to chimney, up this to ledge and tree belay.

  2. 20m From tree scramble right up cracked wall to obvious crack. Up crack to top.

FA: John Lattanzio & Richard Curtis (alt leads), 1991

Start: about 30m right of the northern descent gully, two chimneys intersect at right angles.

Up chimney intersection, then up the thin crack, traverse right across slabs to tree.

Abseil off or scramble to top.

FA: G. Francis & Al Stephens, 1979

Start: Horizontal recess some meters right of 'Intersection'.

  1. 30m Traverse rightwards out of recess to below corner. Awkwardly up into comer and up to roof, exit left up crack to slab. Traverse left around arete to good ledge.

  2. 10m Traverse left to off-width. Up this to scrubby ledge.

  3. 30m Climb up through tree, step left then up to ledge on arete. Up trending left to jams below bulging wall. Traverse left until it is possible to climb a corner which leads to a large flake. Up this to top.

FA: Richard Curtis, John Lattanzio & C. Halligan, 1991

A short line on good sharp rock.

Start: Left of a large 'Bomb Bay' chimney, left of 'All for Perks'.

  1. 9m Up onto ledge, traverse left then up under roof and traverse back right, move up the crack to a large sloping ledge.

  2. 7m (crux ) Move to the right of the ledge, swing around and up an open corner. Exit left at top to a large tree.

Abseil off.

FA: Al Stephens & R. Clarke, 1980

Start: About 30m left of 'Inception'.

  1. 20m Up corner then left to small chimney and up onto ledge.

  2. 35m Bridge and jam up crack to top.

FA: J. Friend & G. Francis, 1978

Start: Right of 'All for Perks' on small cliff below main nose of cliff.

Follow leftward leaning crack to to large ledge/terrace.

Start: Layback corner just to the right of the lowest part of the cliff.

Up crack, right onto ledge then up onto wall. Left into off-width and up to large ledge.

Scramble off to left.

FA: J. Friend & G. Francis, 1978


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