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A great rainy day option if you have ticked everything under 25 at Bowens Ck. Sits in the north western rain shadow of the Blueys. If its pouring rain and foggy in Blackheath - its still probably clear out here. It is a bit of a drive, but the road is mostly good and there is only a 5 min walk from car to crag.

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From Mt 'Victoria' - head along the Darling Causeway to Bell, then turn left onto the Bell's Line of Road (towards Lithgow) and continue to Zig Zag Railway turn-off on right.

Reset your odometer at the old railway crossing.

Head out along Newnes Forest Road past Clarence Hardwoods and follow main dirt road for 9kms to T-intersection, and turn right. At 11kms, past camping ground, follow the Glow-worm Tunnel Rd.

At 24.7km you should reach the Galah Mountain Fire Trial and soon after you'll see a Gardens of Stone National Parks sign.

Eventually just past the 27km mark (or 3km from the Gardens of Stone Park sign) you will find an obvious fire-trail on left heading uphill. If you drive past a walking track on your right with a sign to Dean's Siding you've gone about 900m too far. If you get to the tunnel you have definitely gone too far.

Head down the fire-trail for 500m and park here beside an old car width trail heading right (Rock Cairn). Head down this old road for 500m until you see a pile of sticks just before a clearing (Large yellow ant mound). There is a small cairn on the left here heading towards the Rain Cave. Follow footpad until it makes it way down steep gully (Rock Cairns). Follow cliff line left until arriving at the Rain Cave.

If you continue down the main fire trail past the "Rain Cave parking" for another 300m (4WD needed) you can park and make your way to a big Pagoda on the edge of the Wolgan Valley. Head right for the Main Cliff and Judas Wall and left for the Descent Slot area.

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Where to stay

There is great camping about 300m down the Galah Mountain fire trail on the right. Alternatively, camp at the Rain Cave car park.

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Ethic inherited from Wolgan Valley

National Park.

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