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A small but worthwhile outcrop located at the tip of Callan Point that holds some of the best bouldering in the area. The grassy landing and full afternoon sun makes the small overhang an excellent place to enjoy a couple of hours outdoors

The crag gets sun from late morning til sunset and is protected from the wind on the bay. Feel free to tape your fingers up before attacking the problems as the rock's rough and can take chunks out of your fingers if you're not careful!

Whatever you do don't let this deter you from this crag, the problems are well worth the effort!

Climbs are described from left to right facing the boulder.


The crag is best approached from Waterfront Drive.


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A young climbing princess from the Czech Republic going by the name of Radka was found by the developer at the crag one sunny summer afternoon. With chalk on her hands, a smile on her face and her glass climbing shoes on, young Radka was enjoying what the crag had on offer. The pumped Czech princess mentioned that the crag was like a wonderful and mystical margin. The developer didn't understand what she meant, and only partially because of her accent. As the Czech princess chalked up and bouldered on she continued her fairy tale by saying there was a well defined boarder, in her magical eyes, between the water and the rock. After standing there scratching his head in wonder and planting some beans he just bought from a man on the side of the road, the developer decided that an AKA had been born for Callan Point. And just like all good Czech fairy tales, everybody chalked up, climbed on and lived happily ever after. The End.

Crag developed by Brendon Flanagan in 2012 as a lead up to the great bouldering boom!

Chalk up, climb on and live the dream!


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Grade Route

Start low on the arête with your left and right hand in the obvious pockets. Make your way up the arête and exit to the right.

Set by Brendon Flanagan, 16 Sep 2012

FA: Brendon Flanagan, 16 Sep 2012

Start as for Did It, follow lip right, finishing as for Sky Rockets.

FA: dwebster, Feb 2018

Start at the lowest point on the left hand side of the overhang and make your way up and to the left. Traverse left and finish by completing Did It. Extremely pumpy!

Set by Brendon Flanagan, 2012

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 2013

Start as for Exit Stage Left. Move left, but without using the large ledge. Top out around the corner, still not using the ledge.

Start at the lowest point on the left hand side of the overhang and make your way up and to the left. Make your way up to the second tier with a dyno and top out on the third tier to be king of the world.

Set by Brendon Flanagan, 16 Sep 2012

FA: Brendon Flanagan, 16 Sep 2012

A Sassy problem working the nose

Sit start at common spot under left side of the overhang.

Move up to the dominant ledge and then power up the rounded arete directly above you.

Once your hands hit the top, top out via the right side of the arete.

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 29 Jul 2014

Start at the lowest point on the the left hand side of the overhang and make your way up and to the right. Finish by dynoing to the reachy slopper at the top.

Set by Brendon Flanagan, Oct 2012

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 31 Jul 2014

Sit Start in the right section of the overhang with both hands on a ledge around head high when you enter.

After placing your feet on the rock in front use the assortment of holds in the roof to head out of cave, slightly to the right.

Using the sharp feature about 2m off the ground top out

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 29 Jul 2014

A super fun sustained roof lined with good holds

Sit start at the same common area at the left of the overhang. Pull on and follow the line of holds out to the right most part. At the solid letter box stay right to top out on the right most part of the arete

A good pump with a rewarding finish

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 31 Jul 2014

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 31 Jul 2014

Start the same as Sky Rockets. Traverse towards the right. When you reach the letter box hold on the nose topout using the slight ledge on the left and a small crimper straight above. Stay clear of the V3 - Afternoon delight on your left.

FA: Niko Eltarenko, 18 Mar 2015

Awesome roof moves finished with a demanding top out - enough so to deserve its own problem

Sit start same as Sky Rockets, follow the roof holds but at dominant letter box head straight up using the rounded arete

All face holds to the right and left of the letter box are out

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 31 Jul 2014

FA: dwebster, Feb 2018

A quick, easy climb on the boulder to the left of Did It. Start with your left and right hands on either side of the arete, make your way up and top out on the flat ledge. Like a posh wank, it isn't that difficult, but fun for practice.

Place preferred part of one foot on a small ledge high in the middle of the boulder. Execute a one leg stand-up, then a second to the top. No resting hands, arms or other body parts against the rock!

FA: Graham Dowden, 19 Jan 2017


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