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Did you know that you can create an account to record, track and share your climbing ascents? Thousands of climbers are already doing this.

Access issues inherited from Willyabrup

Access is through private property firebreak/trail. Please don't litter. There is a long drop toilet in the National Park with an amazing view. National Park so no fires no camping and no dogs. Please ensure all litter is removed and climbers are seen to be doing the right thing.


Walk north along the coastal track. Just before the staircase you can turn left on a sandy track to access the cliff top or continue down towards the creek to access the base of the cliff (just turn left at the cape to cape track sign post). You can also access it from the bottom of the Main Crag along a track at sea level but it takes longer 10 mins or more - the sea level path is overgrown, vague and winding.

Ethic inherited from Willyabrup

The local climbing association has published some Ethics\Guidelines which apply.


Check out what is happening in Northern Crag.