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Uniquely Featured Granite


Shrouded in secret. Alians have long known about the quality of climbs, with the first UFO sightings recorded on the Moonbies dating back as far as the 70's. Till recently the location of this area still remained a secret. It was only for a leaked ASIO document from an ex ASIO agent Fargus Grabber that the location has now come to light.

Access issues inherited from Upper Range

Access is tricky, there is no stopping at all on the north bound lane except at the top. The south bound has a pull off area where its safe to park.


If you have a four wheel rive you can access the area via some of the fire trails. BUT BE WARNED the trails are prone to wash and can be dangerous.They are constantly changing and be particularly careful after storms they are sandy by nature. By foot it is only about 10-15 minute walk in. Both trails in have to be accessed from the south bound lane of the new england highway.



Check out what is happening in Area 51.