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Access issues inherited from Rawnsley Bluff

Located in Flinders Ranges National Park.


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Most of the climb descriptions for moonlight buttress were originally penned by Col Reece, and taken from the Moonlight Buttress guide by Col Reece.

Some content has been provided under license from: © Cameron Roy (CC BY-SA 3.0 AU)


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Grade Route

2m L of AFBPS. Corner, chimney, wiggle around the roof. Nice.

FA: Mark Barnett, Shane Mitchell & Colin Reece, 1997

Climb the wall 2m L of Tas. Penetrate a weakness at the overhang to finish in a thin crack.

FA: Mark Barnett & Shane Mitchell, 1997

The shallow corner and crack 3m L of Moonlet to a bushy ledge at 12m. Finish up the L face.

FA: Paul Badenoch, 1998

Up the vague crackline 2m L of SOL, passing just L of the roof at 4m, to a triangular summit block

FA: Paul Badenoch & Sonja Klebe, 1998

Up the broken crackline 1m L of the chimney, passing R of a V-shaped roof, to finish on the face just R of the arête. Use the block on the R for a cam placement only, or ignore it completely and place an RP a little higher (Michael Hartman and Colin Reece may have climbed a route near here in 1997).

FA: Paul Badenoch, 1998

Face between arete L of TRDNEIAL and the chimney.

FA: Paul Badenoch, Luke Adams & Pierre Ebbinghaus, 2008

10m L of KTBATHWD. Climb through the roof, place a cam, move up, place another, then layback up and L to the arête. Grab a jug and run it out to to the top.

FA: Mark Witham & Rob Lamp

9m L of Re- entry. The arête between the black chimney and the weathered scoop, tending R at the top.

FA: Rob Lamp & Mark Witham

Easy access route. Scramble the joint crack come chimney. There is a bushy ledge 5m below the top.

L of LTUAE. Fun with fists. Take two or three #4 cams. If not, two 10cm tubes and some RPs.

FA: Colin Reece & Mike Rosato

7m L of OB, around the arête. Sensational climbing. Diagonal crack and flake to a ledge then the thin crack.

FA: Colin Reece & Mark Barnett

The corner.

FA: Brett Sedunary, Colin Reece & Paul Badenoch , 1999

A mixture of mandatory jamming and face climbing on lovely red rock.

Takes the obvious right-leaning crackline behind the tree stump, near the left-hand end of Red Dwarf wall.

Climb the crack, then climb straight to the gaps between the blocks at the top. Same finish as Echo Base.

FA: Garth Wimbush (TR), 17 Sep 2012

FFA: Garth Wimbush & 2nd Adam Clay, 30 Sep 2012

Starts directly in front of the big block at the base of the wall, 2m R of Armstrong's obvious crackline. Follow the left leaning line, finishing out through the slot at the top.

FA: Adam Clay, 30 Sep 2012

FFA: Adam Clay & 2nd Garth Wimbush, 29 Mar 2013

Direct line 2m L of Red Dwarf, just R of center of red wall. Finish L of block.

FA: Tim Macartney-Snape & Michael Hillan

Direct line on red wall 3m L of EOTH. Finish to the L of the summit block.

FA: Michael Hillan & Tim Macartney-Snape, 2008

The fourth, wider crack.

FA: unknown

The third crack, straight and clean.

FA: Colin Reece

The second crack. Steep for 5m then easier.

FA: Mark Witham & Rob Lamp

The corner 4m L of GS, then around the roof formed by the 'magic' perched block. Continue up the crack.

FA: Nick Wigg & Colin Reece

Begin as for GS, but continue through the overhang. Step L around a suspicious boulder and finish up the crack.

FA: Colin Reece, Paul Badenoch & Brett Sedunary , 1999

Up the crack L of the arête for 3m, then around the arête and climb the face near the thin crack. Hard to place wires and cams. Double ropes.

FA: Colin Reece & Nick Wigg

The arête with one brief detour onto the R face. Two small loose blocks at half height.

FA: Paul Badenoch, 1998

Takes the superb wall L of BM. Place nuts as side runners at 5m. Begin in a niche at ground level and head straight up to the crux. Finish in the crack.

FA: Colin Reece, Michael Hartman & Mark Witham

The big corner.

FA: Sonja Klebe & Paul Badenoch, 1998

Straight up the clean finger crack 2m R of the big corner.

FA: Nick Wigg & Colin Reece

A plumb line incorporating the corner of ANAT.

FA: Mark Witham & Rob Lamp

Begin 3m L of WDB. Ledge, corner, ledge, jamb crack.

FA: Rob Lamp & Mark Witham

Up the small corner 1m L of LM, then through a small overhang to an easy angled crack.

FA: Mike Rosato & Colin Reece

Start 2m L of SO. R onto wall, then attack the overhang at the convenient crack. Saunter on.

FA: Colin Reece & Mike Rosato

Begin 3m L of the arête. Up for 3m, then R to a desperate weakness leading to a ledge. Wander over the back and climb a relatively easy corner.

FA: Colin Reece

The L crack on the scrappy wall L of the debris.

FA: Colin Reece

The wall 2m L of Jupiter to a ledge at 4m. Ignore the (surprisingly tricky) steps on the L and continue up the crack. Small wires and cams.

FA: Paul Badenoch & Michael Hillan, 11 Apr 2009

An offwidth struggle 3m L of Artemis. Big cams, tubes to 15cm.

FA: Colin Reece & Nick Wigg

Fist crack and wider 4m L of Kanyaka. Big hexes, #4 cams, tubes to 15cm.

FA: Colin Reece & Shane Smeets

The chimney crack with brief difficulties 5m L of DIS. Tubes / big hexes, cams.

FA: Paul Badenoch, 1998

The clean corner crack 2m L of FL.

FA: Colin Reece & Nick Wigg

The hand crack 7m L of the shattered flake. Through the bulge and on.

FA: Colin Reece & Greg Nicholls

The corner/chimney, the R wall of which is the 10m-high shattered flake. Finish straight up.

FA: Paul Badenoch & Vicki Kavanagh, 7 Jun 2014

The chimney 15m L of MS. Tubes protect the first 12m. Some loose rock.

FA: Colin Reece & Greg Nicholls

The chimney 2m L of GCTMT.

FA: Sonja Klebe & Paul Badenoch, 1998

The finger crack L of LT. Through a bulge then on to easier ground past a bush.

FA: Colin Reece & Shane Smeets

Begin 8m L of LO and 4m R of GCTMT. A bulgy start leads to a short R facing corner and a rest on a ledge.

FA: Colin Reece & Paul Badenoch, 1999

At R end of crag. Up to roof at 5m, move L with difficulty, weave up interesting wall.

FA: Tim Macartney-Snape, Michael Hillan, Luke Adams & Paul Badenoch, 2008

The boulder 15m R of the R end of Moonlight Buttress.

FA: Michael Hillan & Luke Adams, 6 Jun 2009


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