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Mount Crawford Forest is situated in the Northern Mount Lofty Ranges, 1 hours drive from Adelaide, about 7 kilometres from Williamstown.

Access issues

Total Fire Bans & Forest Closures

forest reserves are closed to the public on declared Total Fire Ban days and in areas where forest operations such as harvesting are being undertaken. Visitors should keep clear of logging operations and pay attention to all signage. It is recommended that visitors contact the Forest Ranger before visiting to obtain information.

Camping Notes

Camping is prohibited from 1 December to 31 March. The main access gate to the campgrounds will be closed at 4pm every day during this period.

Campfires & BBQs

Wood fires are prohibited within the forest from 1 November until 30 April each year. Gas fires are permitted during November and April, but not from 1 December until 31 March.

Wood for campfires may be collected from the forest floor only. It is an offence to cut down or damage standing trees or plants. Campfires are restricted to fires places located in campgrounds, picnic areas and at huts. Please conserve wood supplies by keeping fires small.


General Location:

8km south-east of Williamstown. From waypoint, 350m south-east of Forest information Centre on Warren Road, turn south-west onto Tower Road. Follow signage to Rocky Paddock camp ground. 5 minutes walk to the Boulders..

Where to stay


Campers must always use designated areas in the forest and must require a permit from the Mount Crawford Information Centre on Warren Rd. Campers must also be very conscious of lighting fires, there are responsibilities to put camp fires out and for fires to be distant from flammable materials as well as keeping fires to a minimal size.

At your campsite, wood for fires can be collected from the ground, any small pieces may be used but it is an offence to take from standing trees and shrubbery, if in need of more firewood you can obtain a permit. It is also an offence to remove any firewood from the native reserve areas of the forest. One of these areas is next to the Rocky Paddock camp area so exercise caution around where you collect wood.


View historical timeline

Area was established by Seth Fortune and Co.


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