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The valley of the Wollindilly River provides a stimulating environment for those who prefer to climb without being able to belay off the bumper-bar of their car. With the crags situated on the crests of the ridges of rather steep and well vegetated valley sides, the silver glow of the river below, with only a handful of buildings in sight, a great feeling of mountain wilderness is experienced.


Two major crags, Perpendicular Rock and Lanagan's Falls, are located at Goodmans Ford, a crossing of the Wollondilly River. From Sydney, take the Hume Highway south to Mittagong. Pass through the township on the old highway till the Wombeyan Caves Road (on your right) is reached. [That was 1998, might have changed] Turn onto this and follow it for 45 kilometres to the Wollondilly River. The road is not completely sealed and is narrow and windy as it descends into the river valley.

Where to stay

There is a commercial campground just down the hill. More basic camping can be had on the river bank south of the bridge. The farmer/owner charges for such camping. A great view of Perpendicular Rock can be had from this area.


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Copied verbatim from Harry Luxford's 1998 guide "Hot Rock, Climbs on Granitic Rock Around Sydney" (with permission). Additional information from "An Interim Guide to Rockclimbs at The Wollondilly (1984)" also by Harry.

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