Pearl Bay Climbing

  • Grade context: AU
  • Approach time: 2 minutes
  • Ascents: 8


This cliff line has seen better days. The protection has rusted away to blobs of steel which wouldn't hold a bolt plate let alone a fall.

Walking along the base of the cliff, and with eagle eyes on the look out, you can spot the few remaining rusted bolts that are still hanging from the rock. The best advice is to keep on walking and enjoy the bouldering.

Access issues inherited from New South Wales and ACT

If you have benefited from climbing infrastructure in NSW, please consider making a donation towards maintenance costs. The Sydney Rockclimbing Club Rebolting Fund finances the replacement of old bolts on existing climbs and the maintenance of other hardware such as fixed ropes and anchors. The SRC purchases hardware, such as bolts and glue, and distributes them to volunteer rebolters across the state of New South Wales. For more information, including donation details, visit


Making your way down Fig Tree Walk you'll come across a wooden bridge on your right hand side just before the beach. Follow this path along the base of the cliff line to discover (if you can) The Pearl Bay Climbs. You can descend from this path from above The Overhanging Boulder. Good luck identifying which rusted bolts belong to which climbs.

Ethic inherited from North Shore

Respecting the enviroment and keeping crags clean will maintain a healthy and important relationship between the climbing community, local councils and National Parks. Carry out what you take in and enjoy what the North Shore has to offer.

If you come across an area that is being developed or you think could be under development, please show all due respect to the developers and do not climb the projects listed on


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Grade Route

Behind the dinghies in the jungle. Up gritty, grey rock, BR, BB.

FA: Julian McGee, Alex McGee & early 1990s

Initialled, further down track. Up past BR on orange rock.

FA: Julian McGee, Alex McGee & Early 1990s

Left of LF is a hard overhanging seam with 2 BRs, as yet unclimbed (1991).

The next 3 routes are on a wall above a paint-splattered slab near the end of the track.

Initialled. R at BR, up past another BRand bulge to tree belay.

FA: Julian McGee, Alex Hill & Early 1990s

Initialled start, L of HIE. Up and dyno to BR with fixed hanger. Mantle, move left then up and right (2 BRs one with fixed hanger) to tree.

FA: Julian McGee & Early 1990s

Juggy wall (2 BRs).

FA: Julian McGee, Alex McGee & Early 1990s

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