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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Charles Creek
14 Where's Wally

Just in case you need that big wall experience - this climb is a complete waste of time. Tucked away where the creek takes a bend 100m L of the main cliff. Solo past the D-shackles, then jump off into the sand below. DBB to avoid such an epic descent. (Edit July 2014: Solo D-Shackle and only a single homemade hanger at the DBB. Walk off possible to the left)

FA: Allison Garrett, Dominic Leadbetter & Kieran Culhane, 1995

Sport 6m, 1
V9 Requiem For A Dream

The line of chalked holds 50m L of the main cliff. Sit Start on the lowest edges, then make a big move up R to gaston and gain a jug before a tricky, slippery top-out. Bring pads and spotters as the landing is quite poor

FA: Ryan Gaskon, 22 Apr

Boulder 4m
11 Tears on My Pillow

The first climb on the L end of the main cliff. Climb prominent crack on the L side of the small arete. Tend R from small ledge halfway up. BB.

FA: Allison Garrett & Steve Thornton, 1995

Trad 8m
12 Alley Cat

L trending crack 1m R of TOMP (just R of arete) to small ledge. Step R, and up to belay as for TOMP

FA: Allison Garrett & Colin Crowe, 1995

Trad 8m
18 Unsuspected

Climb the line of jumbled blocks 2 metres R of TM to a single BR over the top. Beware a loose rock or two, especially toward the top

FA: Krish Seewraj & Jason Geres

Trad 10m
19 Tricky Moments

Large scoop 2m R of AC to block, up to high BR, then straight up past another BR to DBB.

FA: Allison Garrett & Steve Thornton, 1995

Trad 10m
20 Face Value

Start 1m R of TM, directly under FH. Climb though bulge and move up face past 2 BR. Belay as for TM

FA: Allison Garrett & Steve Thornton, 1995

Trad 10m
18 All Chossed Up

Weakness 1m R of FV. Straight up ramp above to BB

FA: Goshen Watts, Steve Thornton & Damian Auton, 1996

Trad 10m
21 Poker Face

Face 1.5m L of useless white FH, past BR, then up to BR on SM. Step R up steep bulge to DBB

FA: Goshen Watts & Steve Thornton, 1996

Trad 10m
21 Smear Madness Direct

A thinner but nicer climb. As for SM, but take line straight up from useless white FH. To get the extra points, don't stray off the line!

FA: Kieran Culhane & Damian Auton, 1994

Trad 10m
18 Smear Madness

R side of main cliff face. Climb starts 1m R of unused white FH. Climb face on the R of 2 FH, clipping them on the way. At chossy finger ledge head L and up past FH, and over bulge to top. DBB

FA: Allison Garrett & Steve Thornton, 1995

Trad 10m
16 Fat Nurse in a Swivel Chair

Starts 1m R of SM at large scar on rock. Delicate moves past 2 BR, horizontal seam, then another BR. Belay as for SM

Unknown 10m
26 Razor Blades

A very thin, slightly overhanging bolted line with Br at start a FH and Br at end .

FA: Mark Rewi, 2007

FFA: Justin Taylor, 2 Jan 2013

Sport 8m, 1
Stegar Road Crags Sports Crag of the Century
?? ***1/4 On-Sight 29?

This Climb is stunning, a very awkward and difficult recessed chimney. Simply (!) climb the left tending chimney with a thought-provoking move right at the top.

FA: Mark Rewi & Krish Seewraj, 2000

Trad 6m
17 Crack Boys Go Mining Trad 6m
20 Lat-Man Variant Trad 6m
13 ***1/4 On-Sight 29? (varient)

For those who want to wuss out of the crux on "*1/4 On-Sight 29?" stay left up the crack.

Trad 6m
8 Hanging on the Monkey Bars

Chimney Boulder problem

FA: FRA: Julia Anders, Stuart Young & Brendan Chan, 2008

Unknown 5m
12 Morning Brandy

Boulder Problem

FA: FRA: Stuart Young, Julia Anders & Brendan Chan, 2008

Unknown 5m
17 Crack in the Playground

More of a short Boulder Problem

FA: FRA: Stuart Young & Brendan Chan, 2008

Trad 5m
Stegar Road Crags Left Wall
24 Solid Rock B4

Super thin climbing up 3 FH's on the small buttress at the left end of the crag.

Sport 10m
23 Spooked Mixed 10m, 2
25 Git Face Trad 12m
25 One for the Girls Sport 25m, 4
23 The Fight to be Free Trad 12m
24 Come On Face! Trad 13m
24 The Mr T Variant Trad 14m
23 Winds of Change

The easier of Paul's new sport climbs, just L of Shades of Blue

FA: Paul Deacon

Sport 12m
19 Shades of Blue Trad 12m
20 Shades of Blue-Ginger Tips Connection Trad 12m
12 Morning Sky Trad 10m
Stegar Road Crags The Quarry Wall
15 Scrap Metal

L most climb on wall. Not really worth the effort. One BR.

FA: Kieran Culhane, 1995

Sport 10m, 1
21 Lord of the D-Shackles

Originally protected by 4 ugly D-Shackles; now chopped, the line can be easily protected. Start 5m right of SM on the steep straight crack behind a tree. Up 2m to a ledge then up steeply past technical jamming, unexpected holds can be found when the going gets really tough. Yes it really is a 21 and no more clues than that. SSB, back it up! (Edit July 2014: No SBB, trad anchor or topout.)

FA: Kieran Culhane, 1995

Trad 12m
22 Bad Trip out of Alice Trad 14m
23 Crazy Sexy Cool Trad 14m
20 Who the Fuck is Alice

Can be top roped from DBB. Left trending crack, layback to the awkward mantle onto the ledge, then continue on easier ground to a second left trending crack.

FA: Kieran Culhane, Jo Isgro & Nick Isgro, 1995

Trad 13m
16 Who the Fuck is Alice (Variant)

Variant start (13) avoid corner, and ascends ramp to the R, to join the line.

FA: Kieran Culhane, Jo Isgro & Nick Isgro, 1995

Trad 13m
20 WTFIA Direct

Start as for WTFIA up the left trending crack to good protection and awkward moves up onto the ledge. Move up the ramp to the left below the shield, then as per Crazy Sexy Cool over the bulge via suss flake and borderline protection trending slightly right to the top

Set by unknown

FA: unknown

FFA: Simon Duke, 26 Mar 2017

Trad 14m
18 Hyerba Burger

Ends at FHB. Good crack climbing. Ramp 5m R of WFA to L leading diagonal crack (next crack R of WFA).

FA: Kieran Culhane, Jo Isgro & Nick Isgro, 1995

Trad 14m
25 On Seas of Desire

Start as for HB, then step left at the first FH, then then up past 2 more FH's, veering right to finish. Lower off from same BR's as Superstring

Sport 12m, 3
24 Super Desire Sport 15m, 4
24 Superstring

Start 3m L of First Temptation. Up wall BR, FH, then R along diagonal rooflet 2FH, DBB.

FA: Goshen Watts, 1996

Sport 15m, 4
22 - 24 First Temptation

Wonderfully sustained. Start at two shallow cracks in the center of the wall, with a BR at arms stretch. Good climbing past 3 FH to finish up large crack. DBB

FA: Kieran Culhane, 1995

Sport 15m, 6
19 - 21 Left Foot Screaming

Up the L tending crack R of FT. Up to bolt, then smear like a demon through the crux. Continue up line to DBB.

FA: Damian Auton & Kieran Culhane, 1995

Mixed 15m, 3
14 Neil's First Lead

Neil had balls - I like that! ;-) Offwidth leading to diagonal ramp about 5m R of LFS. DBB.

FA: Neil Melan, 1996

Trad 15m
18 Carpe Petra Trad 7m
14 Eat Your Green Trad 6m
15 Unfinished Business Trad 9m
Stegar Road Crags Flaky Wall
17 Head(less) Hangover Trad 9m
17 Head(less) Hangover (Variant)
Unknown 9m
16 Ride of the Valkyries Trad 8m
17 Wedge Tailed Direct Trad 8m
Stegar Road Crags Horseyard Crag
14 Nowhere Left to Turn
Trad 12m
18 Any Takers
Trad 17m
18 Tangent Line
Trad 22m
14 Double Scoop Flake

Starts below a scoop just right of flake block, thin moves.Up to and through the scoop, exiting left.

Trad 22m
15 Insomnia

Fingery start up the right trending flake with adequate feet to the first ledge, then straight up with more fun up a crack with large triangular flake on the right. Continue until out. Plenty of good spots for placing gear and a good boulder above if you'd prefer to top rope.

Trad 20m
17 Invertebrate Moron

Early crux will have you leaning back. Protect it well as it looks easier than it actually is. Fine once you've got the sequence worked out but until then can make you feel like a moron. Much easier and enjoyable climbing once beyond the crux.

Trad 20m
20 Control Freak

Climb up the bulge between IM and Dreamtime towards and then following the thin crack. Keep moving through the early crux and enjoy a warm down after this as you continue up much easier rock. A bold lead due to sparse/non-existent protection early.

Trad 20m
22 Dreamtime
Trad 25m
22 Glitter & Gold
Trad 22m
10 Tunnel Vision

L facing crack and cnr in the middle of the crag. Good beginners lead with heaps of pro. 18m

Trad 18m
17 Python

A couple of metres right of TV and very worthwhile with a thoughtful start to gain the first ledge. Pick your line over the small roof and continue for an enjoyable sustained climb.

Trad 22m
14 Crazy Hazy Summer Days
Trad 22m
18 Head(less) Test

A great face climb perfect for the grade. Starting a few metres left of Butterfly Lost, climb towards the small dish with slight overhang and then continue up the rib through another slight overhang (somewhat of a second crux) and just keep on going through easier climbing above. Protection thin with ground falls possible if falling from the top of the second overhang.

Trad 22m
14 Butterfly Lost

Look for the 'V' formation. Head towards it and then keep going more or less directly up.

Trad 25m
17 Direct Abuse
Trad 27m
17 Unnamed
Trad 25m
13 Life's Worth Cancer

A great trad route for beginners with plenty of options for placing gear and good rests between nicely exposed moves.

Trad 20m
17 Perfect Ending

As named, a delightful ending to LWC by taking a few steps left once on the final ledge of LWC and then up through the rightward trending scoop

Trad 5m
13 Perfect Winter Sunday
Trad 18m
10 Never Again
Trad 19m
15 Mixed Emotions
Trad 18m
18 Old Man of the Crags

Heading up the short wall right of Mixed Emotions this is a steep climb that doesn't give you much rest, while there is good gear, finding and placing it will seep your strength away. Start up the right tending crack in the middle of the wall, after the crack continue up the blocky section to finish at the right hand end of the top of the wall. A harder direct finish awaits through the middle of the wall, which was simply too hard for this old fella on the day.

FA: Krish Seewraj & Warwick Beever, 2005

Unknown 10m
Stegar Road Crags Country & Western Wall
13 Slim Dusty Trad 9m
14 Leroy the Line Dancing Legend

Lovely right leaning double diagonal cracks on the L side of the terrace.

FA: Sam Latz & Goshen Watts, 2000

Trad 8m
15/16 Smilin' Coyote

Starts about 4m R of BSB. Climb weakness then veer L and straight up wall to an easy finish. An alternate finish (CC,same grade) is to climb the line direct, taking care of loose rock.

FA: Goshen Watts & Sam Latz, 2000

Trad 7m
14 Pick Pocket Trad 7m
16 Skippy Trad 7m
10 Contrived Trad 7m
10 54m To Go Trad 6m
8 Hit and Run Trad 6m
20 Buffalo Soldiers

Excellent steep finger crack, starts at R end of wall, just at the chimney descent. Short and strenuous crack leads to easier climbing.

FA: Goshen Watts & Sam Latz, 2000

Trad 8m
16 Rude Awakening Trad 8m
14 Boot Scootin' Beryl

Straight up almost vertical crack line approx 4m R of LLDL.

FA: Sam Latz & Goshen Watts, 2000

Trad 7m
Stegar Road Crags Pyramid Wall
17 Jugs Galore Trad 13m
21 Make Mine Volleys Trad 13m
18 Hotfoot Trad 14m
14 Jamming with my Friends Trad 12m
19 Secret Pleasures Trad 12m
Stegar Road Crags Flight Path Crag
17 Emergency Landing Trad 10m
18 UFO (Unpredictable Flying 'olds) Trad 11m
20 1st Class Passengers Only Trad 11m
14 Landing Gear Trad 11m
14 Aerophobia Trad 11m
Stegar Road Crags Sandbag Wall
19 Pure Delight Trad 8m
10 Test Run Trad 8m
12 Absent Friends Trad 12m
Wallaby Crag
19 Deception Trad 10m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 134 routes.