Homogenized Huskisson homosapian and the homosexual formally known as Graham Hill

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An impressive steep wall with heaps of quality jugs and excellent endurance climbing for the mindless thug. There are also some nice beginner leads as well. Location: Access is down the second descent gully you come to from the lookout, about 100m further on from Bill James Testimonial Gully. If you are walking down an easy gully you have the right one, the crag is on the left at the bottom of the gully (walk south back towards the lookout). Routes described left to right facing the wall.

Access issues inherited from Tianjara Falls

BOLTING IS BANNED to the left (south) of the lookout and 100m right of the lookout as this is National Park land. Please avoid climbing on the cliff directly under the lookout, not only will you probably get a rock or beer bottle thrown at you from the tourists, you'll also attract unwanted attention from the authorities! Do not build new rock cairns - apparently there is an $11,000 fine if you do.


Access is down the second descent gully you come to from the lookout, about 100m further on from 'Bill James Testimonial Gully'. If you are walking down an easy gully you have the right one, the crag is on the left at the bottom of the gully (walk south back towards the lookout). Routes described left to right facing the wall.

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Ethic inherited from Illawarra

Lots of bolts in this region. Most development has been done after the 1980s.

Some content has been provided under license from: © Australian Climbing Association Queensland (Creative Commons, Attribution, Share-Alike 2.5 AU)


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First climb u come to as you walk down the access gully. A little thinner and trickier than the other Rogers.

FA: Jason Lammers, 7 Oct 2017

Up the dark crimpy slab. Really awesome !! Best of the 3 routes on the dark slab.

FA: Dirty "roger" Dude, 2009

Route right of RBI.

FA: Veronique Hill

Climb just left of BW

FA: Veronique Hill

Step off block and follow steepening slab.

FA: rick phillips

Start on the lower level 3m right of BW. Heave from pocket onto ledge then take the left line of bolts up the steep wall, onto the slab and on to anchors.

FA: Rick Phillips, 2000

FA: Rick Phillips, 2009

Same start as Trad Dads Cant Campus, followed with lay back crux to gain the tops and on to easy ground to anchors.

FA: Rick Phillips, 2009

Start: Just right of GJCJ, then techo traverse right in tiny pebbles to awesome pumpy head wall. Shared last couple of boles and lower off with GJCJ

FA: V.Hill, 2009

FA: V. Hill, 2009

Jug hauling interupted by the burly break move.

Start: Between Trad Dads start and 'Dodecahedron' from the boulder.

FA: Graeme Hill

Up Dodecahedron for 3 bolts, move left around the shield and up the pumpy wall.

Set by Jason Lammers

FA: Jason Lammers, 6 Sep 2015

The left trending finish to Dave Fern. A real pumper!

FA: rick phillips

A great jug haul. Originally climbed on trad gear and the carrots now full of rings.

Start: At the initials DFA. Shares first three bolts with 'Dodecahedron'.

FA: Hill

A right diagonal used to block those new routers that may sneak another line in. Large jugs are what every guy dreams of and this route has lots.

Start: Same Start as Dave Fern

FA: Hill

Done in the days of the carrot bolt and mixed gear. When you knew how to place a good runner and dyno into a finger lock. Now of course its full of rings, and if you thought the run out was pants wetting then I placed a couple more bolts just for you.

Start: Under the obvious overlap to the right of DH.

FA: Hill

Originally done on the old bolts alone, with a few rope stretching falls. Rings added later by Hill who dismally failed at trying to repeat the route. Name courtesy of Ben Ten.

Start: Under orange wall that leads up into the cave with two rings for lower off. Shares the first 2 bolts with CC, then steps across left to gain pockets and bouldery moves. 5th bolt is tricky to clip with a great move up to cave.

FA: S. Bullen

A great climb with the crux down low, that should get more ascents.

Start: Right of orange stripe that leads to cave.

FA: G Hill, 2003

Start a few meters right of Custard Cannon. Up the black blunt arete and continue up the slab to anchors.

FA: G Hill, 2009

The next 3 routes start up on the block

Scramble up the block and belay here. Start on right side of cave and up.

FA: Jason Lammers, 6 Jun 2015

Set by Jason Lammers, 6 Jun 2015

The obvious diagonal crack feature. Good gear and snappy holds will make this a popular trad route.

FA: Graeme Hill Russel Chunder, 1977

The right route on the block

FA: Jason Lammers, 6 Jun 2015

Set by Jason Lammers, 6 Jun 2015

Back to ground level

The classic route from the 70s. Put up by the pioneers of the area. Just because they don't have a line of stainless drilled up em doesn't mean they're not climbs!

Start: Obvious big black slab around the corner right of 'Snacky Cakes'

FA: Bill James & Co.

Start 3m left of Little Miss Sunshine at the RB

FA: Simon Vaughan, 28 Dec 2018

Ascend the face between LMS and the brushy gully. Start at LMS and move slightly right, then straight up. Stay left of the alcove near the LMS anchors. Top out and belay on slung blocks or other gear.

Apologies to G Hill for the name, I don't know what it should be called.

Start: 1 meter left of Little Miss Sunshine

FA: Graeme Hill & Russel Chunder

FFA: 1977

Start 5m right of the major corner/chimney feature and the obvious black slab. Climb the slab through a couple of overlaps to the anchors. A safe beginners lead.

FFA: Graeme Hill & R. Chunder, 1977

FA: Rick Phillips, 2009

Start right of LMS. up thru breaks to top out eventually

FA: R Chudleigh & Graeme Hill, 1977

Start at the obvious diagonal crack on the right end of the LMS slab. There is a very faint '18' painted/chipped into the rock at the start. Climb up 7 meters follow the seam as it diagonals left. Top out, belay on large cams under blocks.

FA: G Hill, 2000

Start 1 metre left of first bolt and up, nice grey rock up high

FA: Hugh Vaughan, 21 Jan 2019

Start8 mtrs right of HDC, off the big block which you get to from around the back. Hard moves off the ground for the grade, easing off at top.

FA: Rick Phillips, 2009

The rock in the first 5 meters is so good I had to stick another route up it. More sustained than it looks.

Start as for 'Groovy Tuesday' then traverse left to the next line of bolts to anchors.

FA: G Hill, 2009

Climbed originally on the carrots and trad gear. Now Full of great rings.

Start: Orange wall at bulgy cracked overlap. Look for the old carrot bolts.

  1. 18m (22) technical start leads to a pumpy middle section

  2. 8m (12) From the ledge you can top out if you like...

FA: RIck Phillips & Graeme Hill

Thru the flakes, up nice headwall.

Start: Under obvious flakes

FA: Jason Lammers, 2009

Just inside the slot three metres left of Shut The Gate at the corner. Up through the conglomerate band and the small overhang above it to the slab and the next small overhang Follow the line of bolts up the slab to the lower off.

FFA: V.Hill, 25 Mar 2011

FA: V.Hill, 25 Mar 2011

Great junk of orange rock to start and an easy slab finish. A direct start to Rita. Possibly a little gay at 24 but at least as hard as STG.

Start: Two meters right of 'Mouche Pique' at the orange undercut under diagonal thin crack.

FA: G Hill, 25 Mar 2011

Takes advantage of all the orange rock it can. Others would swear at another contrived piece of shit from Hill but who cares. Boulderers do it all the time.

Start: Same start as shut the gate.

FA: V Hill, 2000

Easy lower moves, stop suddenly to a crimpy layback pump fest

FA: Rick Phillips, 2009

You can top out from this climb, belay at rap anchor and walk around ledge (with care). Originally a trad gear lead with a start from the right and a grade of 16. Add the bolts and it gets harder? Starts a few meters left of the obvious corner crack, about 20 right of Groovy Tuesday. Climb past the conglomerate band and flake to the corner, surmount this then climb the slab above to the belay/ lower off.

FA: Rick Phillips, 2009

Useless 2 bolt right hand variant start to 'The Horse Has Bolted'

The direct line up the wall then up the leaning corner. Keep going to the rap chains at the very top.

Hard crimpy start on the grey wall two meters right of THHB Direct. First few of bolts are shared with 'Whistling For Dinner'

FA: V Hill, 2011

There are 2 random bolts on the left side of the arete. These are not part of any route. Ignore them !

A nice little wall that deserved a taste of steel. The orange rock in the cave is great and the moves up the right side of the arete just fine. Ignore the two bolts on the left side of the arête they're just a waste of stainless.

Start: Same two bolt wall start as JVVES to the ledge.

FA: G Hill, 25 Mar 2011

The pick of the bunch. Goes up the sanest chunk of orange rock, in the most direct manner. Once around the roof the slab is easy.

Start: On the easy orange wall two meters right of the other route and just left of the cave.

FA: G Hill, 19 Mar 2011

A really great way to use the rock as a resource to its best. It shares the same start and the same lower offs but all the rest of the route is completely different enough to want to climb it.

Start: Same start as the previous route just left of the cave.

FA: G Hill, 25 Mar 2011


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