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Showing all 11 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Town Cliffs Mermaid's
VB Eel Zeal

Straight up on the jugs until the ledge below the bushes

Boulder 5m
Honeymoon Bay (bouldering)
V2 Surfs up dude
V1 Better than Mexico
Wilsons Beach
V0 Cast me a line

One of the first line's along the rocks past the beach. Sit start on honeycomb to top out.

Boulder 2m
V1 Rebel With A Clause

Around the corner from Cast me a line

Boulder 2m
V0 I'm Sorry, Wilson!
Boulder 2m
V0 Volleyball Bromance

Continue around the arete, onto the front side and up from there

Boulder 2m
V0 Armistice
Boulder 2m
V1 Wood's Row

Probably the pick of the roofs. Follow the honeycomb around, topping out to the right

Boulder 3m
V0- 14 Pts of Contact
Boulder 2m
VB Orb Weaver
Boulder 2m

Showing all 11 routes.

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