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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Tubes Outer Tubes Gully
16 Half Mast

The left most route as you arrive after the scramble down the descent gully. Thankfully stops before the band of choss is encountered. Short and fun warm up.

Set by Matt Tranter, 2018

FA: Matt Tranter, 21 Jan 2018

Sport 5
17 Captain Barnacles

2nd route on the wall as you face the cliff. Great climbing with the exception of one band of choss. Great holds all the way up.

Set by Matt Tranter

FA: Matt Tranter, 17 Sep 2017

Sport 15m, 8
15 The Red Bean

Great easy, pockets, edges, jugs and layaways, best easy route here

FA: Simon Vaughan, 9 Sep 2017

Sport 15m
19 Tumbles

Lovely climbing down low between some positive crimps at the crux, jugs to the anchors, you can think your way through the cruxes

FFA: Simon Vaughan

Set by Simon Vaughan

FA: Simon Vaughan, 6 Jan 2018

Sport 15m
19 Loose Lips Sink Ships

Slightly powerful at the start to great climbing up high

FFA: rick phillips & michelle stewart

FA: Rick Phillips & Michelle Stewart, 8 Sep 2017

Sport 15m, 8
19 Friend or Foe Sport 15m, 8
18 Fashion Tights

Just great climbing

Sport 15m
The Mild West Slash Wall
16 Rock lobster

Right hand side of short wall or furthest left hand side of cave.. Up steeply on mega jugs.

FA: Rick phillips

Sport 10m, 5
19 Dodged a Bullet

Second line of bolts from left hand end.. Steeply up on mostly good holds but you may have to hang around to find them

FA: Rick Phillips & Jason Lammers

Sport 10m, 7
20 Cut Loose Mother Goose

Right hand route in cave. Start under the scoop and work your way up to the crouched position below final headwall. Getting out of the crouched position is always fun for those watching..

FA: Rick Phillips Marty Beare

Sport 10m
The Mild West Kwortzkliff
18 Snitches Get Stitches

Short pumpy overhanging arete.. Great gymnastic moves on really good rock

FA: Rick Phillips

Sport 10m
The Mild West Raptures Wall
24 Squid lips

Either start off the main ledge near the corner "Puffin" or rap as per Tinder Surprise to independent belay anchors.. Small to medium cams at start and then bolts to the top. Crux at mid height.. Highly polished rock will make this climb harder with humidity.

FA: Rick Phillips

Sport 20m
17 Tails of a Salty Dawg

Rap down as per Tinder Surprise.. But as you rap down head to your right about 2 mtrs.. You are looking at Salty Dawg on the wall to your right..

Ridiculously fun jugging through the steepness. Turn the lip and burst out into the sun and climb the orange headwall to the anchors.. Take in the view whilst you belay... Pitch two is the short traverse "2 bolts" to the anchor of Tinder Surprise..

FA: Rick Phillips Kate Sawford

Sport 25m
21 Sleeping Serpent

First three bolts of Dream Weaver then head left over the lip of the roof. Then the crux is on the immaculate orange rock of the head wall.. Wires and small cams protect the easing top section to the anchors..

The name is originated from the Diamond Python i used to rap over daily we became good friends☺

FA: Rick Phillips

Sport 25m
21 Dream Weaver

Start off the main ledge, just before it narrows. Climb steeply through and around the bulges... Take small wires and small to medium cams for the middle..

FA: Rick Phillips, Doug Bell & Aleasha Way

Sport 28m
The Mild West Rainbird Wall
27 Blue Eyed Lizard

The line of bolts up the arching wall left of 'Scurvy'.

FFA: Johan Sylvain & Kyle Dunshire

FA: Glenn Jones

Sport 7
Bayside Flotsam Area
25 Superstylin

Underneath the big cave before you hit 'T-shirt Gully'. Not obvious at first.

Sport 12m
15 Lazy Lobsters

The arête next to Amusement Value. Start up amusement value until small ledge. Step right and continue up the arête passing 4 bolts. Belay bolt at top. The start has some poor rock.

FA: Ivan Valenta / Robert Dun

Sport 10m
18 Playful Penguins

The steep wall between Wobbegong Wobbles and the arête. Up past 3 bolts. There is a belay bolt at the top.

FA: Ivan Valenta / Robert Dun

Sport 10m
22 Desparete

The short arête between Lemon Sorbet and Face De Rat. Good for a photo. Rap down to a 2 carrot bolt belay on foot ledge. Climb the balancy arête passing 3 ring bolts. There is a belay carrot bolt at the top.

FA: Robert Dun / Ivan Valenta

Sport 10m
Bayside Bluebeard Area
21 E=Mc2

Rap to a hanging belay off bolts, comfy harness required... Climb back up on the holds you can see but actually are not there!! Stella position to overcome any exposure problems

FA: Rick Phillips & Will Watkins, 28 Dec 2012

Sport 18m
23 Wallace & Grommet

Rap down the corner to the double rings and traverse right to the orange wall and up some of the best rock at the point

FA: Rick Phillips & Will Watkins, 29 Dec 2012

Sport 18m
26 Sticky Moments
Sport 20m
25 Itchy and Scratchy
Sport 25m
26 Things that go Pop

Straight up from the belay.

FA: Greg James, Adrian Kladnig & Andy, 1992

Sport 25m
25 Emotional Hooligan

Up to the horizontal break, then traverse diagonally right to the arete and up.

FA: Greg James & Adrian Kladnig, 1992

Sport 25m
Bayside Hello Dolly Wall
20 Reach around

Start up Dry Reaching and once you pull the lip trend left, following the fixed hangers.

FA: Rick Phillips & Will Watkins, 2012

Sport 27m
24 Snickers Ahoy

Up to thin, hard finish at top.

FA: Rod Young

Sport 30m
18 Hello Dolly

Follow the ring bolts.

FA: Rod Young & Sue Young, 1998

Sport 30m, 9
Bayside The Deeps Area
21 Ricks route

Lower cliff, rap of hex bolts to small ledge. Up middle of wall following ring bolts

Sport 25m
Bayside Werner Burner Area
21 Whistle Blower

The face left of Blown Horn. Locate the bolts at the top and rap down to the big belay ledge at the start of Hornblower's second pitch. Either clip the first bolt on the way down, or set up a belay in the horizontal break using cams (around size ½-2). Left and up past 4 ring bolts.

FA: Robert Dun / Ivan Valenta

Sport 10m
21 Werner Burner

Ascends the face right of Horn Blown. There is a diagonal crack on the cliff top right of a small bush. This is Horn Blown. Locate 2 carrot bolts at the top and rap down Horn Blown to a ledge. The wall is overhanging so clip a couple of the bolts on the way down to avoid being stranded in space. There is a 2 carrot bolt belay at the ledge. Left and up past 7 ring bolts. The bolts can be supplemented with cams.

FA: Ivan Valenta & Robert Dun

Sport 25m, 7
22 Welcome to the Asylum

Start off ledge and climb steeply up jugs and some realy cool moves. Top out and belay from two carrot bolts.

FA: Will Watkins & Tom Benefer, 16 Dec 2012

Sport 20m, 9
22 Boat People

The bolt line right of Werner Berner. Absail in to the recessed ledge off two carrot bolts clipping the last two draws to get to the ledge. Two ring bolt belay. Climb powerfully on good holds off the ledge onto a pumpy overhanging face. Overcome a couple of tricky sections to finish with the crux passing the last bolt.

FA: Will Watkins & Rick fillips, 2 Dec 2012

Sport 20m, 8
Bayside Gushing Blood Area
21 Bandit Boy

Pleasant bolted wall and arete . Start off the left hand end of the split membranes ledge. Airy and exposed moves up the wall and arete past 6 ring bolts. Belay bolts at top.

FA: Will Watkins & Jake Noblet, 2 Jan 2013

Sport 12m, 6
22 Sandblaster
Sport 12m
20 Bird of Prey

Abseil down to double ring belay. The climbing gets harder as you progress..

FA: Rick Phillips & Will Watkins, 29 Dec 2012

Sport 18m
20 Medusa
Sport 15m
20 Mermaid
Sport 15m
18 Screaming Banshee
Sport 15m
The Lighthouse Superliner Area
20 Seahawk (Top Pitch only)

The top pitch of Seahawk from DBB. Carefully up the brittle undercut start then march up and slightly right through band after band of different rock types. This pitch is quite overhung but juggy most of the way.

FA: Neil Monteith & Matt Brooks, 2013

Sport 35m, 13
23 All Guns Blazing (Top pitch only)

Undercut start to (shock horror) short bolted corner crack. When this ends pick your way up pumpy pocketed headwall until blistering crimpy crux at smooth orange section. Finish up long section of large sandy pockets. Retire. 13 bolts.

FA: Neil Monteith & Matt Brooks, 2013

Sport 36m, 13
22 Captagon

A long pumper on pockets. A touch overhung. It's the ringbolted route squeezed between Destroyer and Voyager, but starting much lower on tiny 'ledge' with ring bolts.

Set by Neil Monteith, 26 Oct 2014

FA: @nmonteith & ben lane, 19 Mar 2016

Sport 28m, 11
The Lighthouse Red Riding Hood Area
23 Big Bad Wolf

Starts under the line of rings 3m left of "When the Levee Breaks". Hard crux and will be desperate if you are a little short.

FA: Will Watkins, 26 Oct 2012

Sport 20m
18 Hooray for Hippies

Best to rap off carrots for Sieze The Day access, and stop on good size ledge (enough for 3) belay off two rings, start looks intimidating but its fairly easy crux at mid height and the very top

FA: Rick, Paul, Gilles, Big G & Jonesy, 21 Oct 2012

Sport 28m
23 Sieze The Day

Rap off carrots, clipping some bolts on way down otherwise your stranded in space. Belay off double rings at small stance..Climbs switches on at halfway mark, if you don't like mono's you won't like this

FA: Rick Phillips & Paul Devine, 21 Oct 2012

Sport 28m
The Lighthouse Liquid Insanity Area
24 Mister Bean

Clip first bolt of FL, then make way to arete passing another bolt. Follow arete passing 8 more bolts with one hidden around the left. Apparently grade 26 if you don't use the holds on the left of arete (but given one of the bolts is around there... .

FA: Greg James, 1992

Sport 30m, 10
22 Grandmas ta Flash

Ring bolts a couple of metres right of Neptune.

FFA: Mike

Sport 15m
23 Unorthodox Liasons

Climb direct up the wall to the left of the arete past 5 ring bolts. Challenging moves low down leads to pleasant upper section.

FA: Will Watkins & Rick fatty fillips, 10 Nov 2012

Sport 15m, 5
22 Fight or Flight

Line of carrot bolts to the right of Liquid Daze. Great moves on great rock. Starts off the vegitated block ledge.

FA: R.Dunn & Matt Scoles, 2006

Sport 15m
22 Just Technical
Sport 15m
22 We Are Amphibious

Ring-bolted arete with awesome pockets.

FA: Neil Monteith & Chris Trengove, 2007

Sport 10m
The Lighthouse Rex Hunt's Area
21 Rex Hunt's Love Child

A super classic - and probably the best route around this grade on the sea cliffs. Do it!

Start: Abseil in from carrot and cams for backup. Start on the left hand side of the wall below the rings. Take some trad gear as well to supplement the bolts if you are not confident at the grade. That said, hanging around to place gear might mean you miss the tick! Falls are safe from the crux.

Warning: As of 4/1/18, the fixed hanger at the anchor is loose and needs replacing.

FA: Paul Greenland, 1992

Sport 30m, 10
23 Two Minute Hate

Short punchy face. This is NOT a three star route. Maybe one star.

Sport 12m, 5
26 Kalani

Rap in off ring and carrot. Down to double ring belay. Moderate move past 1st ring and punchy crux near top. Enjoy

FA: Tim Booth, 20 May 2018

Sport 13m, 8
27 Rani

Abseil off double rings to ledge. Double ring belay. Pre clip 1st ring as little spicy move down low. Cruise to mid height for punchy crux then go for ze sumeet

FA: Tim Booth, 11 Jun 2018

Sport 10m, 8
24 Wifey's cookin one

Rap in off double rings to double rings at ledge. Up then punchy second half with a big chuck to a pocket to finish

FA: Tim Booth, 12 Nov 2017

Sport 10m, 8
The Lighthouse Peristalsis Area
(Ivan's Project)

Bolted seam.

(Zac's Project)

2m R.

28 High Society

Impressive steep arete, overhung on both sides. Bolts still good as at 2020. Fantastic easier climbing to a stout final section.

FA: Zac Vertress, 2006

Sport 25m
The Lighthouse Lighthouse Lower Whalesong Buttress
20 Repulse

The face left of Whalesong with squillions of carrots - that are very hard to spot from below. Start on the left side of blunt arete at the foot of the buttress. Although generally the rock is excellent on this route, there are many large detached flakes that should have been removed with a hammer by the first ascent team. Be warned - get your belayer to wear a helmet. Don't believe the print guide topo - there is NO lower-off anchor at the top of this climb - just two carrots. You will need to finish up Superliner to get off.

FA: Robert Dunn & Werner Steyer, 2004

Sport 30m, 12
The Lighthouse Lighthouse Lower Atmosfear Wall
25 Seahawk
1 25 37m
2 25 12m
3 20 35m

Big, steep and on excellent rock for most of the way. The lower pitches start at sea level and feature amazing orange smooth rock. The upper easy pitch is a great single pitch in its own right with a variety of rock types (from smooth, to pocketed to slightly chossy). You can link pitch 1 & 2 together for one massive 50m pitch (as was done on the first ascent).

  1. 37m (25) Start up All Guns Blazing for four bolts then take the left line up the steep imposing wall. Crank endlessly to tiny ledge and double ring belay. You can link this with next pitch if you have the guns and draws.

  2. 12m (25) Bouldery moves up and right on delicious smooth rock to more major ledge.

  3. 35m (20) Carefully up the brittle undercut start then march up and slightly right through band after band of different rock types. This pitch is quite overhung but juggy most of the way.

FA: Matt Brooks (p 1, 2) & Neil Monteith (p3), 4 May 2013

Sport 84m, 3, 14
24 All Guns Blazing
1 23 36m
2 24 14m
3 23 36m

Multipitch sport route straight up the guts of the biggest and steepest section of Point Perp. Very sustained climbing on immaculate rock. The first pitch especially is an absolute stunner. It's 90m direct to sea level via free hanging abseil - a 100m rope, or two 50m tied together makes rap access easy (knot change required if using two 50m). Otherwise - fix a 50m rap rope and clip into bolts on the way down to the belay ledge at end of pitch 1. Then use a 70m rope doubled to make it to sea level. Don't attempt the lower pitches if the surf is up!

  1. 36m (23) Unrelenting pumper. Starts from sea level at left end of massive steep wall - starting off rock platform. Easy start up jugs to meet right end of rooflet at 10m. Now plow direct up the overhung wall above on mostly big jugs. They won't feel like jugs by the time you finish though! Finish with a spicy runout to small ledge on the left (bring a single bolt plate for this belay). Alternativly continue into 2nd pitch (50m pitch!) 10+ bolts in this pitch.

  2. 14m (24) A bouldery little number. Out right from the ledge and over tricky bulge (random FHs) and rightwards on great glossy rock to next ledge and bolt belay. 4 bolts.

  3. 36m (23) Undercut start to (shock horror) short bolted corner crack. When this ends pick your way up pumpy pocketed headwall until blistering crimpy crux at smooth orange section. Finish up long section of large sandy pockets. Retire. 13 bolts.

Set by Neil Monteith

FA: Neil Monteith (p1, 3) & Matt Brooks (p2), 25 Apr 2013

Sport 86m, 3
20 Wedding Party

Easier variant to Seahawk's second pitch. From belay ledge climb right clipping first two bolts of Seahawk, then keep traversin right and up white polished wall past two expansion bolts to ledge. Climbed on Neil's wedding day!

FA: Neil Monteith & Jono 'Bestman' Schmidt, 31 Aug 2013

Sport 15m, 4
24 Atmosfear

Continous steep climbing on mostly big holds. Currently the right most line of bolts on the lower wall. Easy start up jugs then the angle starts to steepen and the holds get smaller. Keep fighting through a pumpy section to jugs. Finish up superb polished rock heading slightly left to double rings on ledge below top pitch of All Guns Blazing.

FA: Neil Monteith & Matt Brooks, 4 May 2013

Sport 50m, 18
Seaside Windjammer Wall
22 Hot to Trot

Line of bolts left of the Montezuma corner, gaining in difficulty the higher you go. Stemming into Montezuma near the top is considered 'off-route'. Some climbers have complained that the middle bolts on this route are perilously close to Midnight Lightning.

FA: Rick Phillips & John Lattanzio, 1 Dec 2012

Sport 23m, 11
24 Sunset Boulevard

Shady, steep, all bolts and great face moves. Don't confuse this with Vertical Romance. Start up the corner as for Montezuma, then follow the rings on the right wall and through a small roof up high.

Sport 30m, 10
25 Vertical Romance

Ignore the print guidebook's zero star rating - this is a great route with good bolts and deserves a lot more ascents. Shady all day, overhanging, all bolts and crazy cool moves. The line of ringbolts that starts up the flake line 5m left of the arete of Turning Of The Tide.

FA: Duncan Hunter

Sport 30m, 11
23 Beef in Cider

The arête direct, starting on left side (just right of Vertical Romance). 5 U-bolts, optional 2&3 camalot, one U-bolt and then join into last three carrot bolts of Turning of the Tide. Pumpy! Use long runners on the carrots to avoid ropedrag.

FA: @nmonteith, 18 Apr 2016

Sport 30m, 9
26 Halfway House Extension

The one bolt extension to Not All There. Thin and techy.

Sport 22m, 7
21 Blowing In The Wind

The leftmost of a trio of easier sport routes in the center of Windjammer Wall which puts about 4 retrobolts and a loweroff anchor onto The Sublime and the Ridiculous.

FA: Rick Phillips & Will Watkins, 19 Nov 2012

Sport 20m, 10
26 Settle Down Damo

Two bolt extension of Blowing In The Wind to the top. Have fun with it!

FA: Tim Booth, Mar 2014

Sport 30m, 2
22 Shooting The Breeze

The middle of the trio. Fantastic climb; very technical and pumpy, save some gas for the top. Ringbolts.

FA: Rick Phillips & Will Watkins, 17 Nov 2012

Sport 23m, 10
26 Shooting The Breeze Extension

Some nice holds on this one following the attractive seam. Up and R from the anchors past two more ringbolts and a cam.

Sport 25m, 2
19 Drunk And Disorderly

The right of the trio. Steeper than it looks with a deceptive crux near the top. Three carrots up a slab to start, then a couple of FH's, then ringbolts. A royal sampler.

FA: Gareth Downey & Rick Phillips

Sport 20m
28 Unleash ya Willy

4 bolts above DAD. Superb rock and thin technical climbing. Some of the best rock on the wall with small edges and pockets. Dedication to the vision of Will creating the line. With his Name and climbing hold company Unleashed : )

Set by will

FFA: Tim Booth

FA: Tim Booth, 2 Jul 2018

Sport 25m, 4
22 PaddleRock

Climb between drunk and disorderly and feeding frenzy, tuff move at 3rd bolt then make your way up to double rings. Last 6 meters is an open project. Enjoy:)

FA: Tim Booth, 10 Nov 2017

Sport 25m, 12
24 The Omen

Great sport climbing on lovely orange rock. This is the ringbolted line right of Hungry Eyes. If you stay where the bolts are and don't sneak off right where it is easier then you don't share any climbing with Permissability. Either way the last few metres are the crux! To get the full tick, climb past the double bolt anchors for one more move to the large pocket and back-jump to the anchors.

FFA: Matt Brooks, 2013

Set by Simon Vaughan, 2013

Sport 22m, 13
27 Da Omen

The one bolt extension of The Omen to enable the link into the top of Permissability. Super small pockets, just like 80s French limestone!

Set by Matt Brooks

FFA: Matt Brooks, 14 Apr 2013

Sport 30m
25 I Have A Dream

Start 3m L of Walk The Plank. Hard start with awkward second clip - care! Steel yourself for the top moves on the rounded flake. If Martin Luther King could dream I guess we all can...


Set by Rick Phillips, 2012

FFA: Will Watkins, 21 Dec 2012

Sport 20m, 8
23 Happy Go Lucky

Start 3m L of the Man Overboard corner under the line of fixed hangers. Routefinding skills required at second bolt (!) Sustained climbing on fiddly, often sharp little holds finishing at lower-off 4m below the clifftop. Has been linked into the top flake of Walk The Plank to top out.

FA: Rick Phillips & Seb Sakowicz, 5 Oct 2012

Sport 22m, 10
Seaside The Poop Deck
26 The Doo Doo Rock

Follow Nice orange rock with long moves between pockets. Spicy move at top.

FA: Tim Booth, Mar 2014

Sport 15m
26 Tattood Beat Messiah

Line of rings up wall to the left of the diagonal crack. Follow the reddish streaks via some big funky moves to a last move crux.

FA: WillWatkins, 9 Mar 2013

Sport 15m, 6
No Dispatch Notice

Project - Jake Noblett. Drilled holes but no bolts yet.

SportProject 15m, 5
25 Wide Awakening

The line of ringbolts starting up large R-facing flake. Good moderate climbing through solid rock to the sandy finale which will have you cursing.

FA: Jake Noblett, 9 Mar 2013

Sport 22m, 6
24 The Throne

Starts 3m right of the crack. This climb is basically two boulder problems divided by a sit down rest in the middle. Ideal for strong climbers with no endurance.

FA: Jake Noblett, 27 Apr 2013

Sport 20m, 8
23 I Once Was A Cyborg

Climb the chossy rooflet to good solid rock for the rest of the climb. Nice sustained climbing past plenty of bolts. Respect the small pebbles as you pass them as they will help you out.

FA: Jake Noblett, 3 Mar 2013

Sport 22m, 8
20 Drifting Ashore

As for previous route but break right at 2nd bolt and climb past another 5-6 bolts on cool rock to an awesome, spicy finish on the arete.

FA: Jake Noblett, 3 Mar 2013

Sport 22m, 8
Seaside Heavy Weather - Bon Voyage
25 Zodiac Mindwarp

Start off the corner ledge as for Terra Nullius. Clip first carrot of this and traverse the breaks past two ring bolts. Continue straight up through fantastic climbing and rock to a crux past the last bolt.

FA: Will Watkins, 24 Mar 2013

Sport 20m, 7
Shellfish Area Popeye Wall
20 Popeye

FFA: 2011

Sport 25m, 9
Thunder Head Roy's Wall
Orangina (Neil's Project)

Small burly pitch on superb orange rock below the belay for East Coast Choppers (ie starts on the vegetated ledge). Left trending line on pumpy slimps. Grade 25?

SportProject 10m, 5
Thunder Head Fisho's Descent Area
23 The Get Down

Mini route on steep pocketed wall with ringbolts. Belay off single FH under roof. Two bouldery sections down low then pumper pockets to finish. Double U bolts on top ledge for belay and rap-in.

FA: @nmonteith & adam demmert, 17 Sep 2016

Sport 10m, 4
22 Limber Up

Rap from double BRs on small ledge to semi-hanging belay off single ringbolt (back it up with rap rope or clip 2nd bolt with long sling). Start with 5m of easy slab to diabolical roof move then easy jugs and finally a short compact section of pumpy steep pockets just left of easy crack.

FA: @nmonteith, 22 May 2016

Sport 18m, 7
18 Escapee

The easiest bolted escape route from the Fisho ledge. Climb first bolt of Walking on Sunshine, then mantle up onto small ledge on the left. Walk along it (clip bolt with long sling) then up long grey bolted wall which is surprisingly steep and pumpy. Att the top finish left of the last bolt. Belay off double RB on the 2nd ledge above the topout.

FA: @nmonteith, Rick Phillips & Jason Lammers, 22 May 2016

Sport 25m, 8
22 Rocky Horror Picture Show

Walk south thru cave to belay off two carrots. Straight up and slightly right thru the stepped roofs... The crux isn't the steep stuff

FA: Rick Phillips & will

Set by Rick

Sport 25m, 10
19 Walking on Sunshine

Like nothing else at the Point - a classic steep well bolted adventure. The finish is an exhilarating steep across onto the giant overhung proboscis visible from kilometers away. To access walk south under cave to edge of cliff & belay off two carrots (bring bolt plates). Undercut start then after first bolt trend right, pull thru the steep stuff then keep going right stepping over the void to finish.

FA: Rick Phillips & Aleasha Way

Set by Rick Phillips

Sport 25m, 10
22 Footloose and Fancy Free

Start in the middle of wall. Stick clip first bolt in ceiling and batman up to it. Super airy excursion leftwards to the arete and then up to double rings at top

FA: Rick Phillips, May 2016

Sport 12m
The Unicorn Route - Bundy Project

Start in the cave and climb thru the ceiling, pull on to the exposed head wall.

Set by Jason Lammers, 14 May 2016

SportProject 12m

project. Start up New power generation and at the 3rd ring bolt head straight up to anchors past another ring bolt.

Set by will

24 New power generation

Jump or pull up for jug in roof. Pull up and left on amazing jugs and edges. Two big moves up before heading right to pull the lip/arete and up to lower offs

Set by will

FA: will watkins, 8 May 2016

Sport 12m, 6

Showing 1 - 100 out of 124 routes.