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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Climber Date
Sun 19th May 2013 - Australia
South Australia Flinders Ranges Rawnsley Bluff The Dark Side South East Upper Tier Star Destroyer Buttress
17 Umami

Scary block at the top, but otherwise a good route.

- with Jack Mattinson
Trad 28m Rawnsley Bluff Good
Sun 19th May 2013
25 Light Sabre

Stunning route - wanders a bit, but amazingly consistent.

- with Jack Mattinson
Trad 28m Rawnsley Bluff Classic
Sun 19th May 2013
24 The Precambrian Shuffle

Very thin traverse - would make an interesting lead..

Trad 25m Rawnsley Bluff Very Good
Mon 20th May 2013

Showing all 3 ascents.