Wickerslack Crag

  • Grade context: AU
  • Approach time: 10-15 minutes
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  • Ascents: 547
  • Aka: White Rocks




Good holds, easy angle and a reasonable amount of gear makes for a pleasant top-roping and trad practice area.


A small limestone crag - unusual for the ACT - just outside Queanbeyan and along the river. Unlike some limestone rocks, this crag tends more towards large horizontal breaks than pocketed climbs.

While generally used for top-roping and learning to place gear, there are several more serious climbs, particularly the slab which is growing more polished by the year.

No details of first ascents or proper names have been recorded.

Dries quickly after rain. Good sun for winter mornings and shade for summer evenings.

2018 CCA guide

Access issues inherited from New South Wales and ACT

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Note: approach options 1 and 2 may not be possible from 2018-2020 due to construction of Ellerton Drive extension.

Option 1

Drive through Queanbeyan down Old Cooma Road, past Karabar shops and either turn left and park on Barracks Flat Drive opposite number 79 in front of a cleared area with a gate leading up to the reserve.

From Barracks Flat Drive, walk up to the reserve and then along the dirt track until the path forks, turn right then left soon after (just before you walk under the powerlines - logs about the track) along a better-maintained track, then proceed along past two buildings, up onto the next ridge, then turn left. Follow the track straight down the ridge. Don't turn left off the ridge when you get to the cleared area - keep going straight, following cairns. Look for some jutting rocks, this is the top of the crag.

Option 2

find a spot to park near the intersection of Old Cooma Road and Edwin Land Parkway, at GPS coords -35.3787,149.2371. Be aware cars have been broken into here. Follow dirt tracks through grassland, turn right at the logs just after you walk under the powerlines, then as per Option 1.

8-15 minute walk.

Option 3

Park 1km down Wickerslack Lane at a gate on the left. Go through the gate and follow the firetrail for about 10 minutes. It goes downhill for 5 minutes, then back uphill for 5 more. At the crest of the ridge is an intersection with trails to the left and right. Take the trail to the right, heading straight down the ridge. At the cleared area, don't turn left on the main track - keep heading straight down the ridge until you reach some jutting rocks. This is the top of the cliff. 15 minute walk.

Cliff can be found at GPS coords -35.3818,149.2475

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Grade Route

In many ways shorter than its 13 metres would lead you to believe, this route starts up an easy grade 9 arete, then becomes much steeper, moving out over a rooflet with little to do with your feet for the first move or two but paste them to the limestone and grunt your way up.

If you're feeling exceptionally lazy, you can just walk up the grass slope and completely ignore the arete! Bolt recently moved down so it's below, rather than above the crux. Ringbolt lower-offs. Update 2013-08: Lower bolt has had the hanger stolen, sole bolt is at the crux

In many ways harder than the Roof RH variant, this route involves climbing up the left arete (again, this is not hard climbing and could probably be ignored) then heading right from there and up through the roof. More smearing/oppositional holds required, and a little more skill and strength. This is also harder to protect than the Roof, as the bolt is further out. However, it will take cams, as long as you don't place them where your hands need to be!

As for Climb A, but take a committing step out right into the next crack and then climb up.

Straight up the set of ledges immediately to the left of the roof, until you reach the two bolt belay. Plenty of spots for gear.

Start 1 metre right of The Slab. Head up an easy right-veering crack, finishing at a two-bolt belay. Your pick as to which one!

Bolted slab. 3 bolts + wires or cams to ringbolt anchor. Only use the slab and not adjacent rock features. Starting to become very polished with time, and limestone's not the most fun stuff to slab on in the first place! Expect to slip at least once.

Bit of a contrived variant, this is essentially just a few different moves heading up the left side rather than straight up and paradoxically, if you're reasonably strong, probably the safer way to climb The Slab as there's some good oppositional holds.

A pleasant crack starting 1.5 metres left of The Slab. Nothing particularly hard or dangerous, and good gear.

A pleasant climb up the face with a few ledges and ample opportunity for gear. Start below two diagonal cracks / ledges. Trend right, with the opportunity for a bit of a layback then back left at the top through a rooflet to DBB.

Warning Flora and Fauna: Bee hive

Start 1 metre left of Climb C at the crack. Bridge up past a white patch, then up the slab above to two bolt belay.

Start just left of Climb D. Head up past a nice slabby section, then back right to the two bolt belay shared with Climbs C and D. Poor protection.

Traverse the crag from left to right. Difficulty depends entirely on how far you go, and the height at which you climb.

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