Guthega Quarry

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A former quarry site from the construction of Guthega and other Snowy hydro projects.


Accessible granite climbing within seconds of leaving the car, a nice place for a summer climb since its cooler than everywhere else in the country.

!-There are many loose rocks due to this being a blasted quarry-!,

I have removed many, however there are always going to be more especially as the area experiences freeze thaw cycles. Area stays icy into spring and is pretty much only for summer/autumn.

Potentially a dry tooling crag in Australia.

Access issues

Top rope soloed for most of the climbs; there is 20mm galvanized chains wrapped around a large rock at the top for rappelling and anchoring. Please inspect for worthiness after snow.


Easily seen from Guthega road up to the village and highly visible to on-lookers. About 15km after the turn off to Guthega village or 5km before you reach the ski lifts. Just before the switchback at perisher creek.

Where to stay

Numerous campgrounds nearby.

Water can be obtained from perisher creek with boiling or filtration.


Currently seeking assistance from Local council, Perisher and NPWS as to if this area can be bolted as it is not a natural cliff face and holds potential as a summertime attraction for the area. For now it is Trad and top rope. dry tooling is permitted as the area is not natural cliff or soft stone so could well be used as an area for this niche pursuit.


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Spotted the cliffline on numerous trips and figured someone should develop this crag.


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