Southern Peninsula Ocean Coast

  • Grade context: AU
  • Approach time: 5mins
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Below the collapsing cliffs and along the ocean beaches of Rye, Blairgowrie and Sorrento. This is by by no definition a worthwhile bouldering venue. At low tide there are numerous accessible caves and blocs of varying degrees of snapiness from very snappy to extremely snappy. Expect one or two moves at most. However, a closer inspection reveals the odd patch of rock that might last long enough for you to pull past it! Awful, ankle destroying landings predominate. Adventurous, rock starved spirits prevail.

Access issues

Watch tide and swell carefully. Many drownings have occured along this coast. It is not a safe place by any stretch of the imagination.


Multiple approaches.


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Explored relentlessly in desperation by Karl Bromelow since 2007. Probably before by others.

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