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A Crag Guide gives an extensive view of all sub areas and climbs at a point in the index. It shows a snapshot of the index heirachy, up to 300 climbs (or areas) on a single web page. It shows selected comments climbers have made on a recently submitted ascent.

At a minor crag level this should be suitable for printing and taking with you on a climbing trip as an adjunct to your guidebook.

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Table of contents

1. Rote Wand 113 routes in Crag

All Sport climbing

Long/Lat: 10.789880, 47.223394

1.1. Märchenwald 33 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Der kleine Prinz {FR} 3c Sport 0m
2 Landmaus {FR} 4a Sport 0m
3 Giftzwerg {FR} 6a+ Sport 0m
4 Projekt SportProject
5 Schneeweißchen {FR} 6a Sport 10m
6 Pinocchio {FR} 6a+ Sport 10m
7 Rosenrot {FR} 4b Sport 10m
8 Meerjungfrau {FR} 5c Sport 0m
9 Ritterburg {FR} 4b Sport 0m
10 Karrerweg {FR} 4a Sport 0m
11 Der Goldene Schuh {FR} 4c Sport 0m
12 Goldenes Dachl {FR} 6a+ Sport 0m
13 Nick Knatterton {FR} 6c Sport 0m
14 Das tapfere Schneiderlein {FR} 6a+ Sport 25m
15 Max {FR} 6b Sport 15m
16 Moritz {FR} 6c Sport 15m
17 Frau Holle {FR} 6b Sport 15m
18 Hänsel & Gretel {FR} 6a+ Sport 15m
19 Aschenputtel {FR} 5c Sport 15m, 2
20 Rapunzel {FR} 6a Sport 15m
21 Eisenhans {FR} 6a Sport 15m
22 Pechmarie {FR} 5c Sport 15m
23 Road Runner {FR} 6a Sport 0m
24 Rumpelstilzchen {FR} 5b Sport 15m
25 Centrale {FR} 6b Sport 0m
26 Goldmarie {FR} 6c+ Sport 15m
27 Der Wolf {FR} 6c Sport 15m
28 Die 7 Geislein {FR} 6c+ Sport 15m
29 Schwarze Katze {FR} 6a+ Sport 0m
30 Hans im Glück {FR} 6a+ Sport 20m
31 Froschkönig {FR} 6b Sport 15m
32 Drosselbart {FR} 5c Sport 40m, 2
33 Glücksdrache {FR} 5c+ Sport 40m, 2

1.2. Tirol 7 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Maultasch {FR} 5b+ Sport 30m
2 Barbarossa {FR} 5a+ Sport 30m
3 Tirolia {FR} 5c Sport 30m
4 Tabu {FR} 6a+ Sport 30m
5 Edelweiss {FR} 5a+ Sport 35m
6 Tanz Bär {FR} 6a+ Sport 30m
7 Karusell {FR} 6b Sport 20m

1.3. El Condor 15 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Seiteneinsteiger {FR} 5c Sport
2 Testlauf {FR} 2 Sport
3 Seitensprung {FR} 5c+ Sport
4 Stolperstein {FR} 6b Sport
5 Hangl di aufi {FR} 5b Sport
6 Projekt SportProject
7 Die Schöne Carmen {FR} 6a+ Sport 30m
8 Angi {FR} 5a+ Sport 25m
9 Morgensonne {FR} 5c Sport 30m
10 Torro {FR} 6a Sport 25m
11 Bubi go home {FR} 6a Sport 30m, 2
12 Schnüffler {FR} 4b Sport 15m
13 Volle Kanne {FR} 6a+ Sport 50m, 2
14 Via Klausimo {FR} 5c Sport 60m, 2
15 Warm up {FR} 4a Sport

1.4. Goldfinger 12 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Yellow {FR} 5c Sport 20m
2 Flouwer {FR} 6a Sport 10m
3 Take it easy {FR} 6a Sport 30m
4 Let it be {FR} 6b Sport 30m
5 Sun and Fun {FR} 6a Sport 30m
6 Josephine {FR} 5c Sport 25m
7 Halfpipe {FR} 5c Sport 25m
8 Goldfinger {FR} 6a Sport 10m
9 Herbertine {FR} 6a Sport 30m
10 Magnet {FR} 6a+ Sport 20m
11 Via Franz {FR} 6a Sport 30m
12 Komet {FR} 6a+ Sport 30m

1.5. Alpine 21 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Projekt SportProject
2 Rodeo {FR} 6a+ Sport 35m, 2
3 Starlight {FR} 6b Sport 20m
4 Skylights {FR} 6a Sport 25m
5 Siggis Variante {FR} 6a Sport 15m
6 Hotline {FR} 7a Sport 15m
7 Online {FR} 6a+ Sport 15m
8 Highway {FR} 6c Sport 15m
9 Grillway {FR} 6b Sport 30m, 2
10 Wintersturm {FR} 6b Sport 85m, 4
11 Gelbgold {FR} 6b+ Sport 40m, 2
12 Via Monica {FR} 4a Sport 0m
13 Goldengate {FR} 6b Sport 70m, 3
14 Alpenliebe {FR} 6b Sport 60m, 2
15 Zwei Phasen {FR} 6c Sport 30m
16 Drei Phasen {FR} 6c+ Sport 35m
17 Sonnenstich {FR} 6c Sport 30m
18 Flotter Dreier {FR} 6c Sport 60m, 2
19 Alpina {FR} 5b Sport 30m
20 77 Sunset {FR} 6c+ Sport 85m, 3
21 Scharfe Lippe {FR} 6b Sport 50m, 2

1.6. Panorama 21 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Panorama Kante {FR} 6a+ Sport 30m
2 Var. Quo Vadis {FR} 6a+ Sport 30m
3 Fit for Fun {FR} 6a Sport 30m
4 Cool Diamond {FR} 6c Sport 25m
5 Stone Love {FR} 6a+ Sport 20m
6 Black Beauty {FR} 6a+ Sport 20m
7 Via-Nova 2005 {FR} 6b Sport 55m, 3
8 Prinz von Bel Air {FR} 6a+ Sport 20m
9 Blonder Engel {FR} 6a Sport 15m
10 Steinfloh {FR} 5a+ Sport 20m
11 Blondes Gift {FR} 6c+ Sport 15m
12 Panorama {FR} 6a Sport 15m
13 Ultimative {FR} 5c Sport 30m
14 Ausstiegsdach {FR} 6c Sport 5m
15 Stein Design {FR} 6a+ Sport 15m
16 Kathedrale {FR} 6c Sport 15m
17 Gilli on Tour {FR} 6c Sport 15m
18 Silenzio {FR} 6b Sport 30m
19 Memory Chr. Rimml {FR} 7a Sport 25m
20 Weg nach oben {FR} 6a+ Sport 30m
21 Jenseits von Eden {FR} 6c+ Sport 30m

1.7. Versteckt 4 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Projekt 1 SportProject 15m
2 Versteckt {FR} 6a Sport 15m
3 Rote Haare {FR} 6a+ Sport 15m
4 Bock on the Rock {FR} 6a Sport 15m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
2 Testlauf Sport 1.3. El Condor
3c Der kleine Prinz Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
4a Karrerweg Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
Landmaus Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
Warm up Sport 1.3. El Condor
Via Monica Sport 0m 1.5. Alpine
4b Ritterburg Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
Rosenrot Sport 10m 1.1. Märchenwald
Schnüffler Sport 15m 1.3. El Condor
4c Der Goldene Schuh Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
5a+ Barbarossa Sport 30m 1.2. Tirol
Edelweiss Sport 35m 1.2. Tirol
Angi Sport 25m 1.3. El Condor
Steinfloh Sport 20m 1.6. Panorama
5b Rumpelstilzchen Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Hangl di aufi Sport 1.3. El Condor
Alpina Sport 30m 1.5. Alpine
5b+ Maultasch Sport 30m 1.2. Tirol
5c Aschenputtel Sport 15m, 2 1.1. Märchenwald
Drosselbart Sport 40m, 2 1.1. Märchenwald
Meerjungfrau Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
Pechmarie Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Tirolia Sport 30m 1.2. Tirol
Morgensonne Sport 30m 1.3. El Condor
Seiteneinsteiger Sport 1.3. El Condor
Via Klausimo Sport 60m, 2 1.3. El Condor
Halfpipe Sport 25m 1.4. Goldfinger
Josephine Sport 25m 1.4. Goldfinger
Yellow Sport 20m 1.4. Goldfinger
Ultimative Sport 30m 1.6. Panorama
5c+ Glücksdrache Sport 40m, 2 1.1. Märchenwald
Seitensprung Sport 1.3. El Condor
6a Eisenhans Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Rapunzel Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Road Runner Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
Schneeweißchen Sport 10m 1.1. Märchenwald
Bubi go home Sport 30m, 2 1.3. El Condor
Torro Sport 25m 1.3. El Condor
Flouwer Sport 10m 1.4. Goldfinger
Goldfinger Sport 10m 1.4. Goldfinger
Herbertine Sport 30m 1.4. Goldfinger
Sun and Fun Sport 30m 1.4. Goldfinger
Take it easy Sport 30m 1.4. Goldfinger
Via Franz Sport 30m 1.4. Goldfinger
Siggis Variante Sport 15m 1.5. Alpine
Skylights Sport 25m 1.5. Alpine
Blonder Engel Sport 15m 1.6. Panorama
Fit for Fun Sport 30m 1.6. Panorama
Panorama Sport 15m 1.6. Panorama
Bock on the Rock Sport 15m 1.7. Versteckt
Versteckt Sport 15m 1.7. Versteckt
6a+ Das tapfere Schneiderlein Sport 25m 1.1. Märchenwald
Giftzwerg Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
Goldenes Dachl Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
Hans im Glück Sport 20m 1.1. Märchenwald
Hänsel & Gretel Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Pinocchio Sport 10m 1.1. Märchenwald
Schwarze Katze Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
Tabu Sport 30m 1.2. Tirol
Tanz Bär Sport 30m 1.2. Tirol
Die Schöne Carmen Sport 30m 1.3. El Condor
Volle Kanne Sport 50m, 2 1.3. El Condor
Komet Sport 30m 1.4. Goldfinger
Magnet Sport 20m 1.4. Goldfinger
Online Sport 15m 1.5. Alpine
Rodeo Sport 35m, 2 1.5. Alpine
Black Beauty Sport 20m 1.6. Panorama
Panorama Kante Sport 30m 1.6. Panorama
Prinz von Bel Air Sport 20m 1.6. Panorama
Stein Design Sport 15m 1.6. Panorama
Stone Love Sport 20m 1.6. Panorama
Var. Quo Vadis Sport 30m 1.6. Panorama
Weg nach oben Sport 30m 1.6. Panorama
Rote Haare Sport 15m 1.7. Versteckt
6b Centrale Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
Frau Holle Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Froschkönig Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Max Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Karusell Sport 20m 1.2. Tirol
Stolperstein Sport 1.3. El Condor
Let it be Sport 30m 1.4. Goldfinger
Alpenliebe Sport 60m, 2 1.5. Alpine
Goldengate Sport 70m, 3 1.5. Alpine
Grillway Sport 30m, 2 1.5. Alpine
Scharfe Lippe Sport 50m, 2 1.5. Alpine
Starlight Sport 20m 1.5. Alpine
Wintersturm Sport 85m, 4 1.5. Alpine
Silenzio Sport 30m 1.6. Panorama
Via-Nova 2005 Sport 55m, 3 1.6. Panorama
6b+ Gelbgold Sport 40m, 2 1.5. Alpine
6c Der Wolf Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Moritz Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Nick Knatterton Sport 0m 1.1. Märchenwald
Flotter Dreier Sport 60m, 2 1.5. Alpine
Highway Sport 15m 1.5. Alpine
Sonnenstich Sport 30m 1.5. Alpine
Zwei Phasen Sport 30m 1.5. Alpine
Ausstiegsdach Sport 5m 1.6. Panorama
Cool Diamond Sport 25m 1.6. Panorama
Gilli on Tour Sport 15m 1.6. Panorama
Kathedrale Sport 15m 1.6. Panorama
6c+ Die 7 Geislein Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
Goldmarie Sport 15m 1.1. Märchenwald
77 Sunset Sport 85m, 3 1.5. Alpine
Drei Phasen Sport 35m 1.5. Alpine
Blondes Gift Sport 15m 1.6. Panorama
Jenseits von Eden Sport 30m 1.6. Panorama
7a Hotline Sport 15m 1.5. Alpine
Memory Chr. Rimml Sport 25m 1.6. Panorama
? Projekt SportProject 1.1. Märchenwald
Projekt SportProject 1.3. El Condor
Projekt SportProject 1.5. Alpine
Projekt 1 SportProject 15m 1.7. Versteckt