Second Wall

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Access issues inherited from Eyeball

The road leading to the Eyeball does indeed pass through private property, namely the farm that you pass by a kilometre from Hwy 554. The farmers who own this property are devout Seventh Day Adventists, to whom Saturday is the holy day of the week. As a result, the farmers close and lock the gate opposite their house from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. This poses some access problems for your regular run-of-the-mill weekend warrior from Toronto, because it’s next to impossible to make the 6-hour drive from Toronto after work on a Friday and get through the gate before sunset. Source

Ethic inherited from Eyeball


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FA: Randy Kielbasiewicz & Graeme Taylor, 17 Oct 2015

FA: Danylo Darewych & Dan Bandrowski, 17 Oct 2015

1 5.6 28m
2 5.7 45m

FA: Mike Grainger & Danylo Darewych, 20 May 2016

FA: Mike Grainger, Rafael Kolodziejczyk & Graeme Taylor, 26 Sep 2015

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