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Recently developed steep conglomerate near Taizhou


Taizhou climbers have bolted up some routes now (2016). April 2017 there were about 12 routes bolted 5.7-5.12. Potential for further development including multi pitch. The rock is excellent by Zhejiang standards - white sedimentary rock, good friction and heavily pocketed. Well bolted and pleasant environment with level base under the main cliff. Faces NW so shade until 2pm.

From Rocklizard: 各位岩友:近期在浙江省临海市发现一片岩壁,比较适合户外运动攀的线路开发,详况如下: 白岩位于浙江省台州临海市与白水洋镇之间白岩下村,岩壁离公路约15分钟的山路,交通:S28临海北下高速,往白水洋镇方向约15分钟的车程。 岩壁面向西北,岩壁长度约100米,最高处高度约80米,有山路到岩壁顶部。能从上面往下开线。岩壁以沉积岩为主,表面风化很轻,基本不用清理,岩壁有一部分为仰角,最大仰角约15度左右,下雨多天后岩壁仍然是干燥的。 基于该岩场可开的线路较丰富,难度较高,为给广大岩友提供较为理想的攀岩场所,台州攀岩爱好者邀请各位高手前来开线,但是因为目前台州内户外攀岩的场所稀缺,已达不到日益发展的攀岩爱好者群体的需要,在各位高手前来开线前我们会预先清理岩壁下的杂草等,同时会针对简单的线路进行开发。 如有意者请关注微信台州峭壁约会和QQ夜奔群(群号36811399)

Recently in Zhejiang found a rock Linhai, more suitable for outdoor sports climbing route development, detailed conditions are as follows: White Rock is located in Linhai City, Zhejiang Province Baishuiyang between town and White rock village, about 15 minutes away from the rock of the mountain roads, traffic: S28 Linhai north at high speed, to Baishuiyang direction of the town about 15 minutes away by car. Rock facing northwest, the wall length of about 100 meters, the highest height of about 80 meters, to the top of the mountain rock. Open line from the top down. In sedimentary rock mainly weathered surface is very light, the basic need to clean up, as a part of the wall elevation, maximum elevation angle of about 15 degrees or so, after many days of rain rock remains dry. Based on this rock field Opening lines richer, more difficult for the majority of climbers to provide an ideal place for rock climbing, climbers Taizhou invite experts to come to the opening line, but because the current Taizhou outdoor rock climbing place within scarcity, climbers reached within a growing community need to master before you start line we will pre-clean up the weeds under the rock, etc., will also be developed for a simple route. If interested, please pay attention to micro-channel QQ Taizhou cliffs dating and Night Flight group (group number 36811399)


narrow track heading S just west of the tunnel exit. Drive carefully up the dirt road to a parking place at the temple. take the righthand footpath to arrive at the cliff in 10 mins.




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