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The location is approximate - never been there. See this thread for the topo

Machine translation from Rocklizard:

Zhejiang Quzhou new floor gray rock field, all-weather rock field in east China, after the early development, there are already 14 sport climbing routes. Which has been given the first ascent and difficulty level of the line a total of eight 5.10-5.11. The remainder did not try to climb a new route. Rock specific location: Du Jiatian village (north) above the town of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province . The exact name of the field of rock called two holes, navigation can be queried. Transportation: starting from Hangzhou to drive around the rock below nearly three hours, the new king hang Quzhou Expressway to the direction of the next Hangtou hole high speed, a high-speed port and turn left along the S305 Provincial Highway upward direction of the town square, pass over town, city, town above the right-hand turn onto the bridge immortal line to Cave Du Jiatian direction of opening 20 minutes to see the rock, along the way are lime quarry. Accommodation: The rock where Du Jiatian village has a farm, there is a Xianfeng Industrial guesthouse, there are nearly 20 rooms, nice accommodation, standard room: 100 yuan \ single 80 yuan, the yard can also camp. Reservation Tel: 13,616,708,354 leaves. In addition the hotel can eat, very affordable, 10 yuan per capita for breakfast, lunch and dinner can own a la carte, per capita 30 is good, but need to call in advance. Food contact: 13,575,661,148 (boss, surnamed Deng)

浙江衢州灰坪新岩场,华东地区的全天候岩场,经过前期的开发,目前已经有14条运动攀线路。其中已经首攀并定难度的5.10-5.11级别线路共8条。其余为未试攀的新线路。 岩壁具体位置:浙江省衢州市(北面)上方镇 杜家田村。岩场的准确名字叫两头洞,导航可以查询。 交通情况:从杭州市区出发开车到岩壁下面近3小时左右,杭新景高速往衢州方向,航头口子下高速,出了高速口后左转,沿S305省道往上方镇方向,穿过上方镇城区,上方镇大桥右手转弯走上仙线往仙洞杜家田方向开20分钟就能看到岩壁,沿途都是石灰矿场。 住宿情况:岩壁所在的杜家田村有个农家,还有个仙峰实业宾馆 ,宾馆有近20个房间,住宿条件不错,标准间:100元\单人间80元,院子也可以扎营。订房联系电话:13616708354 叶。另外宾馆可以吃饭,很实惠,早饭人均10元,中餐,晚餐可以自己点菜,人均30就很好了,不过需要提前打电话。吃饭联系: 13575661148 (老板娘,姓邓)

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